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Solve equation ...

September 15 2014 brian bovril 414

Why can't maple 15 solve this eqn. [n= 10]



What is the command to get a sequence of the first twenty prime numbers

Find the product of the square root of all prime numbers less than 100.
Hint: The function isprime determines the primality of an integer.

I've been given a question:

Let pn denote the nth prime number. Then p1 = 2, p2 = 3, p3 = 5, p4 = 7, p5 = 11, . . . .

It is known that the infinite sum 1/p1 + 1/p2 + 1/p3 + · · · + 1/pn + · · · = infinity.

Find the smallest positive integer N so that 1/p1 + 1/p2 +1/p3 + · · · + 1/pN−1 + 1/pN > e. [Hint : ithprime(n) generates the nth prime number.]

How do I start off?

Many thanks!

I dont know what to do any further...

I have some function containing HeunG as a function

it is of the following form

f(k)=argument(functions containing HeunG) - ln(2)*k

now plotting this works...

But when differentiating with respect to k and then plotting it gives me the following message:

Warning, expecting only range variable k in expression (I*((1/2)^(1/2*I*k))^2*HeunG(3,-9/2+3/4*I*k-3/4*k^2,-1+1/2*I*k,-1/2+1/2*I*k,1/2,1+I*k,1/2...


I have enjoyed Maple computer algebra system as a platform for some work on prime constellations.  A summary of my work is here -

At the bottom of the page are 3 relevant files and the filenames start with "A constellation"  Two of those files are .mw files.  The code searches the integers for solutions, and it works fine, but after about half a day, it consistantly crashes.  I...

Hi. Can anyone help me with getting all the prime numbers from 1 to 2000 in maple with "from 1 by 1 to 2000 do" and maybe use "if"? How do i make this?

I'd like to take the output of ifactor(n::posint), the prime factorization of n, and index the terms of the product to a list. ie: ifactor(256)=2^8 so [2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2]. or 135 -> (3^3)(5)->[3,3,3,5].
Any suggestions? 

How do I uninstall everything associated with Maple Prime?  I don't know how I got it and don't want it!  I don't know what it does and don't need it.  Operating with new iMac running OS 10.7.4.  It's 3:36 AM and I've been trying to eliminate it fot the last several hours!!  Help now please before I go nuts!!

Charles Stiles

Hi, does anyone know how I go about getting the y''(x) derivative notation to render properly in Maple TA without the primes being unreadably small? Ideally I'd like to author the question in LaTeX.


Many thanks in advance.

I am working over F_p, where p is prime. When p = 2, the number of 2x2x2 arrays (aka hypermatrices or tensors) over this field is 2^(2*2*2) = 256. Of those 256 arrays, I only want the symmetric ones: that is, if x_{ijk} is the ijk-th element of the array X, then x_{ijk} = x_{ikj} = x_{jik} = x_{jki} = x_{kij} = x_{kji}. Is there a quick loop that does this? 

Hi Mapleprimes,

The nextprime(n) function will give the next prime, given n.

Suppose I want the 8th next prime so how can I find the 8 th next prime quickly?

I guess I could find the ones in between, but maybee there is a better way.

n  nextprime(n,8)

2          23

3          29

5          31

Write a procedure, primesum, whose input is a positive integer n and whose output is the sum of all primes p such that p is less than or equal to n. You may use th built-in procedure isprime.

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