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When I print 2 matrix it always try to multiply them. How to force just to show?

I have checked many Maple pages and I found nowhere the answer to this question.

EQ:= s^2-4*s+1=3;

I need to print the following statement:

The Equation Is: EQ

I need the equation to appear where EQ is.

Thank you guys!

I appreciate it.






>kekuncirahsia:=proc(n) local c,d,r,sum; c:=n; while (c>9) do sum:=0; d:=c; while (d>9) do r:=irem(d,10); sum:=sum+r; d:=iquo(d,10);od; c:=sum+d;print(c);od;end;





Hi, anyone know how i need to write my command to get this >> kekuncirahsiafinal:=3

I just want it to print the last digit..

Thank you~=]]

I want to plot a function given different value combinations of parameters. I used the following code and it doesn't work. Could anybody please help?

Hi, I'm having trouble with print doing strange things:




print(The solution `to` a^x = b (`mod ` p) is x = 1323)

                              1601 The solution to (1235^x) = 751 mod is x = 1323

Why has the 1601 gone to the beginning, and how do I make it go to the correct place?

Also is it possible to remove the brackets from around 1235^x?

And is it possible to make the brackets (that I have put in) go around the `mod` p?


If I do: print(The solution `to` a^x = b (`mod ` ,p) is x = 1323)

I get:  The solution to (1235^x) = 751 (mod, 1601) is x = 1323

So is there a way to just remove the comma on the output?


example1 := Matrix([[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], [6, 7, 8]]);

testproc := proc (A) print(whattype(A)) end proc;


The whattype() calls output:

proc() ... end proc

I don't understand why what is a Matrix type outside the procedure seems to change into this unrelated type? This is really bizarre. I feel like it may be something outside my code? Thank you.

Hi all

I have this repetition with for:

for i from 1 to 10000 do x[i]:=sqrt(i); print(i); end do:

I want to know at the same time when the repetition is working, the value of i where the calculation is. Not at the last time of the calculation of all the repititions.

Example: when i=1, I want to see 1, when i=600, I want to see 600 at the same time of execution the repetition and not the last of the repetition  

Thank you




I am working on a Windows machine. In older Maple versions, decreasing the font size for the screen display (via zoom factor) also decreased the font size for the printout. But now the printout comes with a pretty large font size and does not change when using the zoom factor. It practically makes no sense anymore to print. How can I decrease the fonts for the printout to my liking?



I have double indexed functiions f[j,k] of one variable and double indexed coefficients a[j,k].

I want my print do look like a[1,1]f11+a[1,2]f12 that is, the values of a[j,k] should appear beside the functions' names, like

7f11+2f12-3f21 etc.

Thank yopu for any help


why the output for this program just only "print BChange" not a matrix?



local i,j,k,t,S1,S2,l,C,sols,eqns,BChange;

C:=matrix(n,n); BChange:=matrix(n,n); eqns:={};

for i to n-1 do

  for j from i+1 to n do

    for l to n do




    end do

  end do

end do;




for i to t do

  for j to n do

    for k to n do


    end do;

  end do;

end do;

print (BChange)

end proc:


> A1 := array(sparse, 1 .. 2, 1 .. 2, 1 .. 2, [(1, 1, 2) = 1]):
> Der(A1, 2);
                                                                   print BChange


Can someone please advice me on this?




this module looks at the numbers in the list and reports "true" if they are nonnegint (whole numbers).  is there a way to make the printout go across the page instead of down?

thanks in advance!


To begin with my code is:




for i from 1 by 1 to 100 do


end do


for i from 1 by 1 to 100 do


  from j from 1 by 1 to 1000 do


  end do

end do


My goal is to produce as an output in the software's screen the values of 1000 bootstrap means for each of 100 original samples in order to export the results to Excel. Based on my basic knowledge of programming I thought that I can do that through the use of the vectors. Unfortunately though when I trigger the operation the software seems to be evaluating (with the homonymous indication in the bottom left corner of the screen) it for an indefinite period of time, obliging me to stop it at some point. However, let me point out that when I do the same process for i and j 4 and 10 for example then I have results, therefore presumably my code is correct. I know that I can do the same operation in Excel and I have already created a respective macro, however I wanted to use Maple in order to take advantage of its fast operation of calculations, which is pointless in case that I have to wait more time for the results than I have already waited to be eventually produced.

Any thought and idea would be appreciated, thank you very much in advance!

for i from 0 to 3 do print("rawData[", i, "] = new double[] { ", hello(i+1), ",", data[i+1], "};") end do

wrong format after copy to notepad from the maple 15

do not know why it insert a empty line, and make "};" in another line

and there is unexpected " 


wrong format example:

"rawData[", 0, "] = new double[] { ", 73.25, ",", 0.1510425143,

"rawData[", 1, "] = new double[] { ", 73.15, ",", 0.3974080269,

"rawData[", 2, "] = new double[] { ", 72.85, ",", 0.4661517269,

"rawData[", 3, "] = new double[] { ", 73.25, ",", 0.3974080269,


expected format:
rawData[0] = new double[] { 25.0, 20.0 };
rawData[1] = new double[] { 27.0, 34.0 };

Let's say I have something like


p1:=((a+b+c)*t + (a^2 + b^2)*t^3)*(c^3a^b + a*b)*t^2 + (1/(b^2 + a^3)) + b + 1/c^7)*t^7 = 0;


or something complicated like that.


Would it be possible to print the polynomail up to say order 3?


I want to be able to print


collect(expand(p1),t) up to order 3 and see the resulting coefficients

When I print a Table with graphs in it, the graphs are compressed vertically to an extreme extent. There has to be some compression from the screen, of course, since I have a wide-screen (although the actual worksheet does not use the whole screen width because of the palette and the fact that I don't use full-screen mode. However, the vertical compression  (that is, in a direction where there is plenty of room on the page) is many times more than the horizontal compression. In order to get the printed graph to look normal, I have to stretch the screen graph vertically an extreme amount, which, of course, looks horribly distorted on the screen.

Also when printing a graph as part of a Table, the graph area is clipped so that the title and legend do not print.

I thought that the Table struction would be a good way to display related graphs. But this behavior is making the use of Tables tedious and much less satisfactory because of the missing titles and legends.

None of these things happen when I print a graph in a regular execution group outside a Table structure.

Has anybody else had this problem, and have you found a way to avoid the compression and get the legends?

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