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  Suppose I have a probability distribution function f(x). I would like to generate points in a 

(1) given interval, can be up to infinity

(2) number of points

(3) satisfy the known probability distribution function f(x)

(4) possible other specifications



  Is there any build-in option in maple I could use? Or I have to write something manually?


Thank you very much!


Dear Maple users

I am unsure how to handle events and their probabilities in Maple. Let's say I know that an event A has the probability say 0.3 and another event B has probability 0.8. I would like to make the following assignments:



and maybe defining the conditional probability:


but I am not allowed to do so in Maple because if will regarded as a function definition. My purpose is to make simple calculations with those probabilities for example:

P(C):=P(A)*P(B)  etc.

My problem is therefore more of a notational problem than a mathematical one. I hope someone can advice me on a proper setup. I am using 2D math notation, by the way. I could of course name the variables containing the probability using simple names like X1, X2, etc., but then I need constantly to remember what they really mean. The above assignments would be much better, because they are easier to handle mentally.


This should be trivial but I am not able to figure out the right syntax to execute it

The pdf is given by :

f_X(x)={ 1/25 *x, 0<=x<5

             2/5 -x/25, 5<=x<10

             0, otherwise

I have tried to use the "CumulativeDistributiveFunction" so far

Hello people in Mapleprimes,


I want to do calculations about an expected value.

For example,


that is, \int_a^b c d \Omega


where, \Omega is a distribution function of c. 


But, I don't know whether this equation can be put into worksheet.

Is there no way other than writing this as 

\int_a^b c g(c) dc, 

where g shows a probability density function.


Can I use Statistics[ExpectedValue] to calculate expected value with a general distribution function, not specified 

to normal distribution?


I hope you will give me some hints.


Best wishes.




What is the probability that the total of two dice will be greater than 9, given that the first die is a 5?


Please I want to know how to solve this integration.


int(exp(-(ln(y)-2*sigma^2)^2/(8*sigma^2))/(y*sqrt(8*Pi*sigma^2))*exp(-(ln(y+z)-2*sigma^2)^2/(8*sigma^2))/((y+z)*sqrt(8*Pi*sigma^2)), y = 0 .. infinity)

How  can you create a loop for Monty Hall Problem when you have 3 door (1 opening) and then 4 Doors (with 2 openings and possible 2 switches)




I need help formulating a biased coin toss.


I want to toss a coin 0 being heads and 1 being tails with probabilty 0.495 of getting heads, how do I show whether heads or tails wins??




would you please help me how can i introduce a probability distribution function to maple in document mode?

I want to calculate integral of x f(x)dx, while I want maple to know f(x) is a probability distribution function.

I do not have any assumption about f(x)(for example normal or exponential distriburion)


In a pocket, we have 5 balls number from 1 to

Let X be the random variable uniformly distributed in the disk centered at the origin O(0,0) with radius 1 and let Y be the random variable uniformly distributed in the square having its vertices A(6,-1), B(9,-2), C(8,-5), and E(5,-4). What is the PDF of the distance between X and Y? Is it possible to find that with Maple? The similar question in three dimensions, replacing a square by a cube and a disk by a solid sphere.

I need to integrate the Student-T function which is a function of two variables (nu and t). Maple allows me to use this function through this command:



The integration of this function gives me the probability (p) of certain event (nu is already known):


If I provide the value of X I can compute the integral easily, now the problem appears when I want to...

I can define a discrete, finite universal set U, say the digits 1-5.


I can define a subset such as


Maple will compute the complement


but I cannot find any common textbook way of naming that complement that Maple will accept.  I cannot use a superscript c.  I cannot use a prime.  I cannot use an apostrophe.  I cannot use an overbar. Yes, I can type any of those using the various symbol...

probability girl?...

February 08 2013 marc005 3068 Maple

dicing-with-death-chance-risk-and-health (Stephen Senn)

Mr Brown has exactly two children. At least one of them is a boy. What is the probability
that the other is a girl?

What could be simpler than that? After all, the other child either is or is not a girl.
I regularly use this example on the statistics courses I give to life scientistsworking
in the pharmaceutical industry. They all agree that the probability is one-half.

So they are all...

I need more help with code please!

A box of candy hearts contains 52 hearts, of which 19 are white, 10 are tan, 7 are pink, 3 are purple, 5 are yellow, 2 are orange, and 6 are green. If you select 9 pieces randomly without replacement, what is the probability that A_3 of the 9 are white, and B_3 of the 9 are white, 2 are tan 1 is pink and 1 is yellow and 2 are green

19 Whites in the pack / 52 hearts in the pack = .3654 possibility of picking a white from 1 draw.

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