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Compute the following multiple integral exactly and/or with 10 correct significant digits

Int(  exp( - add(x[i],i=1..10)^3),  seq(x[i]=0..1, i=1..10) );

  The problem is suggested by a previous post.

Some Maple 18 short (and I believe elegant) code for doing gravitational simulations with N bodies in space:


Initial velocities have been tweaked to keep the system stable for the duration of the animation.


Please feel free to fiddle with its parameters, velocities and positions and/or N itself, to produce more interesting animations or re-use the code therein (You can safely ignore the (c), it's there just for archiving purposes).


The following are animations from three runs with N=4, N=3 and N=2, no other parameters changed.


This is not actually a question, but an interesting problem found in the recent book (2nd edition, 2015):
Mathematica®: A Problem-Centered Approach
by  Hazrat Roozbeh

I hope that you will enjoy the problem too.

Define the functions f, h : N --> N by
f(n) = the sum of the squares of the digits of n; e.g. f(25) = 2^2 + 5^2 = 29.
h(n) = min {f(n), f(f(n)), f(f(f(n))), ... };  e.g. h(7)  = min{49,97,130,10,1} = 1.

A natural number n is happy if h(n) = 1.
Find all the happy ages, i.e., happy numbers up to 100.
Conclude that happy ages are mostly before one gets a job or after retirement!

Has anyone solved this problem from an older Putnam paper?

An ellipse sitting in the first quadrant with its major axis parallel to the x axis is tangent to the positive x and y axes.

It slides clockwise within the first quadrant while maintaining tangency to both positive axes until its major axis is parallel to the y axis.

Prove that the locus of its centre is the arc of a circle.

I have crudely animated this motion by sliding the axes around the stationary ellipse. Is there a more elegant animation which slides the ellipse against stationary axes?



The plot command outputs a graph of symbols where the line is made up of "H"s, vertical lines on the axes are "+"s, horizontal lines on the axes are "-"s, and intercepts are "*"s.


How do I fix this problem so that the graph displays a graph normally?

Social Golfer Problem

So we have 8 golfers : 2 golfers per group and 4 groups.Over several golfing days, how can they be arranged so no golfer plays with the same player twice.

turns out they can play for 7 days.

So my attempt in

For 3 players per group and 4 groups this is the arrangement over 4 days:

(these was done in wolfram demonstrations project but the code appears to be obfuscated)

Why hasn't mapleprimes yet been able to solve the spam problem.  There was never this long a problem with Mapleprimes 1, every morning I find spam for the last few weeks. 

Also the timing still has yet to be fixed.  After 1 hour the times for when a post was made goes back to 0 minutes ago.



LE_EQ.mwWhat is problem with this programme,why it does'nt calculate the values but only shows the solution with integral sign instead of calculating it, there is also arising a problem in plots

On this week I asked Maplesoft Customer Service for help. Here is our correspondence
(Only the purchase code and e-mail addresses are censored. PS. Also the last name of Kari was deleted by Bryon Thur on 28.08.2015.).
I think this is of interest for many Maple users. I have got some experience contacting
with Kaspersky Antivirus (They helped me by the use of indices of my comp.) and ABBYYLingvo
(They helped to install an ABBYYLingvo vocabulary on my phone.) so I can compare and
make conclusions.

Sent: August-15-15 4:44 AM
To: Maplesoft Customer Service
Subject: Customer Service Request: (Web) Installation questions

After upgrading my Windows 7 HB 32-bit to Windows 10 I cannot uninstall my Maple 16 PE.
 It cannot be uninstalled by neither Start/Parameters/System/Applications nor
Uninstall in C/ProgramFiles/Maple 16.
The Uninstall option is not seen in Maple 16 as application.
Also the overinstallation of Maple 16 does not work.
Waiting for your feedback.
Markiyan Hirnyk

Dear Markiyan Hirnyk,

Thank you for contacting Maplesoft.

Maple 16 is not officially supported on Windows 10 but I have added an activation to your
existing Maple 16 Personal Edition purchase code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to see if reactivating
your license fixes the issue.  If reactivating doesn't give you access to Maple 16, please
send me the exact wording of any error messages that you receive so that I can send
 the information to our Technical Support Team so that they can investigate further.

Kind regards,

Customer Service
Hello Kari,
Unfortunately, neither the  reactivation of my Maple 16 PE by XXXXXXXXXX nor its uninstallation
do not succeed for me. See the error communications in the attached screens (both in one file) screens_1_2.docx.
It should be noticed that Maple V Release 4 works on Windows 10 of my comp without any problems.
Markiyan Hirnyk

Hi Markiyan Hirnyk,

Thanks for your response.
I am forwarding your information to our Technical Support Team.
A representative will contact you soon.
Kind regards, Kari
Maplesoft Customer Service
Hello Markiyan,

This error is usually caused by a Windows permissions setting. To fix this, please do the following:

1. Ensure that all Maple programs are completely closed.
2. Click on your Start Menu and go to the 'Programs' > 'Maple 16' > 'Tools' folder.
3. Right click the 'Activate Maple' icon and choose 'Run as administrator'.
4. Activate Maple using your purchase code and this should fix your issue.

Please let me know if you continue to experience any troubles.


Technical Support Analyst
Hello Chris,
Following your directions, I have just reactivated Maple 16, but my problem is not solved.
To shed light on the situation, my Maple 16.02 works properly,
but I cannot uninstall it after upgrading to Windows 10 Home 32bit.
See the screens in the attached file screen.docx .
Markiyan Hirnyk
Hello Markiyan,
If you are seeing error messages about Maple still being open,
 I would suggest you try to restart your PC and then attempt the uninstall again to ensure
that you do not have any lingering Maple programs running. Please let me know
if you still see this message after restarting.


Technical Support Analyst
Hello Chris,
This does not help too. My guess is execution failure when Maple 16 was installing.
Because of that reason the Maple 16 installer did not create Maple uninstaller in my Maple 16.
 See the attached screen of the uninstall folder in C:/ Program Files/ screen_3.docx.
Markiyan Hirnyk
If you think that you have a corrupted installation, I recommend that you reinstall Maple
using the new Maple 16.02 installer link provided below.
 This version of the installer was created to get around the Windows 8 installation issues and
 may be of help to you in Windows 10 as well, though again please be aware that
 we do not officially support Windows 10 yet.
Here are the steps to reinstall Maple:
1. Click on the Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features ( or Add/Remove Programs).
 Find ‘Maple 16’ in the list and uninstall it. If this is not possible, move on to the next step and continue.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Click on the Start Menu > Computer > Local Disk C: > Program Files.
If there is a folder here called ‘Maple 16’, please delete it.
4. Download the installer for Maple 16 from the following link:
5. Make sure to download the correct version for your operating system, i.e. Windows version and 32 or 64-bit.
6. Install Maple by right clicking the installation file and choosing ‘Run as administrator’.
I hope that this helps to resolve the issues that you’re having and if it does not,
contact us and we can further investigate for you.

Technical Support Analyst
 Hi Chris,
My problem with Maple 16 is solved. I completely uninstalled it by Uninstall Tool 3.4, not using brute force. After that I installed Maple 16 by the distributive suggested by you. That's all right.
Markiyan Hirnyk
Alright, that is good to hear. Please let us know if you run into any further issues with your installation.
Technical Support Analyst

I was solving thos differential equiation using dsolve:



where t0=2000 and P0=100 and m=9/50


Then, I found b setting at t=2001, P=2*P0=200, I applied fsolve to do this and the result was:



To this point, Maple computes correctly. The problem starts when I tried to plot the result in a single 2D-graph (P vs t) using the computed value for b, the expression involved is:


I wrote

plot( .1126460951*t-0.7049523744e-1-1.090463096*10^1390*exp(-1.597924898*t) , t=2000..2001);

The result was a blank plot, only the axes appeared even if I used the y=A..B option in the plot command. Is there a way to get the desired plot without having to evaluate the function at several points and then using this set of points to generate the plot: plot({[a,b],[c,d],[f,g]...})? (that worked, of course).

Thanks and regards.

P.S. I have used Maple for over 15 years now and I've plotted expressions even more complicated than this one, I found this very strange. I guess the 10^1390 has something to do this time, but I'm not sure...

I am trying to design a question, where studenst have to find the equation of a linear function given its graph. For this to work, I have to be able to draw gridlines, which for some reason is not possible in Maple TA with the ordinary plot function. I know it should be possible using an applet; given the problems this is going to create with all the different browsers, however, this is not a viable solution. I have found another solution which is unreasonably complex but should work. The problem is that sometimes it doesn't work. When I press Refresh algorithm preview in the Question Designer I get "Broken Maple plot. Verify your plot statement" roughly every third time I refresh the preview. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The algorithm is here:

  [plots[coordplot](cartesian, [-10 .. 10, -10 .. 10], grid = [11, 11], color = grey),
   plot($f, x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10, color = [green, blue, red], thickness = 2, tickmarks = [[1], [1]], labels = [``, ``]),
   plots[textplot]([0, 10, 'y'], align = {above, right}),
   plots[textplot]([10, 0, 'x'], align = {above, right})
  labels = [``, ``], axes = normal, view = [-10 .. 10, -10 .. 10]),


I have a problem with the adaptive question designer: when I use the multiple choice question type then occasionally parts of the question environment appear multiple times in the text, duplicating each time I reopen the question to edit. This happens in particular if the answers are a bit longer (4-5 lines each). So far I couldn't figure out how to fix this, does anyone have a similar problem? 

Many thanks for your help!


      I am a student doing some self study over the summer trying to work through some of the John Taylor computer problems from his classcial mechanics book. Currently I hit a snag that most likely comes from the fact I am not well acquinted with Maple for solving IVP and DE's (we used Matlab in my DE class). I just need to know how I remove the following error:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/SC/IVPsetup) initial conditions must be numeric

Here is a copy of my code:

R := 5;
g := 9.8;
deq1 := {diff(x(t), [`$`(t, 2)]) = -g*sin(x(t))/R, x(0) = 20};
/ d / d \ \
{ --- |--- x(t)| = -1.960000000 sin(x(t)), x(0) = 20 }
\ dt \ dt / /
dsol1 := dsolve(deq1, numeric);
Error, (in dsolve/numeric/SC/IVPsetup) initial conditions must be numeric

My hunch is that I need to set x'(0)=0 or something like I do not have enough intial values to solve the problem, but I could be wrong. Anyway anyone who can point out my mistake feel free to do so! Thank you!

Dear, my attached file take alot time to exicute the result, Please solve this problem. I am waiting your kind response.


With my best regards and sincerely.

Muhammad Usman

PhD (Scholar) Mathematics

HITEC University, Taxila

Lecturer of Mathematics

Govt. Degree College Taxila Pakistan.

Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics

University of Wah, Pakistan.



Mob #: +923152329276

Hej guys,

in some of my Maple worksheets I'm using Maples fit-function to obtain a rational function fit to some data, as I'm interested in the zeros of enumerator and denominator, I chose my fit function accordingly. Afterwards I need to extract the results (mainly the zeros) and do some more calculation steps with them. When evaluating rational functions of high degree, I noticed that my way of extracting the results (I'm using patmatch) becomes increasingly slow up to the point where it takes a couple of minutes to extract 10 numbers.
E.g. the following minimal example (download link at the bottom) takes more than 20 minutes on my machine (Maple 18.01 Build ID 935137; Red Hat Version 6.6 running on system with an i5-3570, 8 GB of RAM). Additionally, the calculation requires an unreasonable amount of RAM.
I can work around the problem to some degree by extracting the leading coefficient beforehand, resulting in a substantial speed up, still I think that there might be some error in the code or my usage of patmatch.

Is there another way to extract these numbers in a similarly simple fashion?




a pathmatch with 9 variables requires roughly 200 MB of memory and takes about 7 s to finish on an i5-3570 CPU:

p := (1+x)*(2+x)*(3+x)*(4+x)*(5+x)/((11+x)*(12+x)*(13+x)*(14+x));



pattern := (a__1::realcons+x)*(a__2::realcons+x)*(a__3::realcons+x)*(a__4::realcons+x)*(a__5::realcons+x)/((b__1::realcons+x)*(b__2::realcons+x)*(b__3::realcons+x)*(b__4::realcons+x)); patmatch(p, pattern, 'la'); assign(la)





a__1; a__2; a__3; a__4; a__5; b__1; b__2; b__3; b__4



















a pathmatch with 9 variables requires roughly 2.2 GB (!) of memory and takes about 20 min (!) to finish on an i5-3570 CPU:

q := 9*p;



a__1 := 'a__1':




























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