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For solving problem sets, I have a pdf template I created for myself that has a header with a blank for the class name, TA, professor, date, etc. In addition to this header, I had a margin on the left to scribble questions I had and to holepunch. 


I used to print out the template and write on the template and turn in that as my pset.


I am nowthinking of doing everything on the computer. Writing out all of the problem set on the computer. Combining stuff from maple, combining handwritten stuff from the computer using a digitizer. However I want to write it all on top of the my template that I created, which is a pdf file. I can turn the pdf into an image file if need be. 


What would be the easiest way to do what I want? To open a program that automatically sets that pdf as the template and easily lets me handwrite stuff I want and paste in maple code? 


Right now if I tried my idea, I would basically be constantly copying and pasting stuff from maple and my digitizer drawn pictures/equations into one file and it would be very clumsy.


Basically there are problems that I do partially on maple and I just want to unify all my work into one easy, printable file. 

Hi everyone

I'm currently working on some mandate distribution using "Jefforson's Method" but I have run into some problems.

The general form of the calculations I do is as follows:

d:=fsolve(m = floor(v1/x)+floor(v2/x), x)

But in the case of m=5, v1=4969 and v2=208 it does not work. If I change v1 a bit it works as a charm but when 
4960=<v1=<4969 it does not.

Can any of you figure out why?


The equation surely has a solution (well, a lot of solutions). I can figure some out just by estimating and trying. Furthermore, wolfram alpha easily gives me several solutions:

So how come I cannot get Maple to solve it?


Thanks in advance!

Two problems surfaced when I upgraded my Mac to Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

First, the old Java SE installation was removed (actually, some linkages were destroyed), so a Maple launch puts up a dialog "need to install Java." Apple hasn't yet (10/23/13) updated the software database links --- installation fails with a "can't find software" error. I reinstalled Java using the version at (The links can be redone, it's just easier to reinstall.)

Second, the (new?) structure for /Library/Frameworks made my Maple license invalid. I dug out the old email with my activation code, then re-activated.

And all is now copacetic.

Yesterday I’ve updated to the new Version 17.01 and now I’ve the problem that I cannot enter  ‚}‘ and another problem is an exponent e. g. x^2. To enter it I have to write x^22. The first number is not shown in the worksheet.

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.


I work at a University and we use Maple 9.5, 13, and 16.  We have had problems with 13 and 16.  In this instance the program gets stuck at

for k from -N to N do
end do;

We left it run for 24 hours but it will not calculate e7. The program doesn't freeze but just seems to be in an endless loop. I have tried on multiple computers with different RAM/CPU configurations.

In Maple 9.5 this program...

I just updated to 16.02, and now the (writing) cursor has horrible problems, especially in text groups. Basically, it is erratic or unmoveable.

In a text group, if I move a cursor down by pressing <enter>, it will not move up with the arrow keys, or it disappears and then appears in previous groups. or a new cursor appears in the line above, but the old cursor remains, or ...

In an execution group, it does a lot of the same things, but not quite as erratic.


I'm having some problems with the generation of the typical stiffness matrices seen in FEA formulations. I have got an elementary matrix that is looped through the entire stiffness matrix to generate it. As there is juxtaposition between the elementary matrices, there is some recursive assignment involved that I can't handle properly. Here is the code for a 6x6 elementary matrix with a 3x3 juxtaposition. n is the nombre of recursions needed to fill the stiffness matrix. M is the elementary matrix

Hey all,

Just started using maple for one of my university courses and am having some problems trying to implicity differentiate a question in one of the problem sheets I have to do.

I am trying to find y' for cos(exp(xy)) = x and the command:

implicitdiff(x = cos(e^xy), y, x)

results in a FAIL. Am I doing something wrong?




I have wired problems with maple !!!


I run a code twice, I get 2 different answers !!!


I have uploaded the code ! just run it twicw and see the numerical values of alpha and beta at the end !


I am working on a physics problem that involves a bead on roating hoop. You need to use Lagrangians to solve this problem but this is not where i am strugling. My school expects us to use maple because it is the program the provide but none of the teachers know how to usem it (they use mathmatica) so they cant help us. We have the equation: θ"= [ω2*cos(θ)-(g/R)]sin(θ) and the initial cond. θ'(0)=0 and θ(0)=θ

First of, thank you commenters, you have helped me so much in the past!

I am doing a matrix inversion with random numbers and I would like to loop the process, and have each inverstion go into a matrix, such that the matrix will be a bunch of rows ( i number of rows) and three columns (the matrix inversion yeieds three values)


> for i to 2 do;
> a1h := Generate(float(range = 0.1316881e-2 .. 0.1359706e-2)); a1f := Generate(float(range = .317149811 .. .327463626...

I'm creating a table of random math problems for my daughter to print out.  How do I get more columns?

a := rand(1 .. 15):
b := ["+", "-", "x", "/"]:

for i to 15 do
end do;


still have problems,
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= x and x < 4, 50, 4 <= x and x < 5, 0, 5 <= x, f(x-5)) end proc;

plot(proc (t) options operator, arrow; evalf(Int(f, 0 .. t, epsilon = 0.1e-3, digits = 15)) end proc, 0 .. 20);

in the above figure,there is a discont point in the interval [16..18],but in fact,it's a continuous curve.

how to use fsolve deal with two periodic functions?

Hello my brothers and sisters..


Well, i have to say im really lost .. i have tried a lot but cant figure this out.. i cant open my math task and it only says "there was problems during the loading process" please help me guys i need this i have spent hours on this. and by the way its maple 15 on a mac.. thank you guys..

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