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Dear Community,

I get this message

'EQU' is implicitly declared local to procedure 'Z_DAK_FSOLVE'Problem with procedurefor a procedure, and  cannot go further. How can I avoid it?

Tx for the help in advance,

best regards


I defined a procedure, OrderB(0,b,c), that essentially determines the order of a group that is defined by 2 parameters (the first parameter is always zero), so the output is an integer and the procedure is defined for every integer value of both parameters. I wanted to structure the outputs into a matrix with columns that represent one parameter and rows that represent the other. However, whenever I try to apply a method of defining the matrix, Maple returns the values of the procedure and then gives me an empty matrix.

>f:=proc (i, j) -> OrderB(0, i, j+3);
>Matrix(3, f);

I tried a second method where I defined a set s such that:

s:={(0,0)=OrderB(0,0,0) , (0,1)=OrderB(0,0,1).....}

but upon execution, maple returns:

s:={(0,0)=( ), (0,1)=( )...}

Please Help. I don't know what I'm mising in the code that is keeping Maple from putting the outputs of my procedure into the matrix.

The following code is part of my attempt to answer the recent Question about the bifurcation of the map f:= x-> exp(x^2*(a-x)). Two very weird things are happening. They can be seen by applying trace to f. The first is that the input argument to f seems to be changed to a very large integer. The second is that for some real values of a and x, I get imaginary results from this obviously real-valued function. Why are these things happening?


f:= x-> exp(x^2*(a-x)):


Iterate:= proc(a, x0:= 1., n:= 2000)
local A:= hfarray(1..n, [x0]), f:= subs(:-a= a, eval(:-f));          
          proc(f, A, n)
          local k;
               for k from 2 to n do A[k]:= f(A[k-1]) end do
          end proc
          (f, A, n);
     evalf[4]~(convert(A[1000..], set))
end proc:


{--> enter f, args = 4607182418800017408




<-- exit f (now in unknown) = 4607413323290551347}
{--> enter f, args = 4607413323290551347




<-- exit f (now in unknown) = 4607169774561176020}
{--> enter f, args = 4607169774561176020




Warning,  computation interrupted



{--> enter f, args = 4607182418800017408




<-- exit f (now in unknown) = HFloat(0.7545897527558614)+HFloat(0.19267839720238844)*I}

Error, (in unknown) unable to store 'HFloat(0.7545897527558614)+HFloat(0.19267839720238844)*I' when datatype=float[8]






i'm trying to figure out where i did a mistake by coding reducedEchelonForm.

 local l:=1, m:=RowDimension(M),n:=ColumnDimension(M),i,j; # l current column
 for i from 1 to m do # going trough every row item
  if n<l then # ColumnDimension need to be bigger than current column
   return M;
  end if;
 j:=i; # given current row item
 while M[j,l]=0 do # search for first rom item unequal zero
  if m<j then # end of row
   if n<l then # end of rows and columns -> finish
    return M;
  end if;
 end if;
end do;
M:= perm(m,n,j,i).M; #permute row j and i
if not(M[i,l]=0) then # multiply row i with M[i,l])^(-1)
 M:= multiplikation(m,n,i,(M[i,l])^(-1)).M;
end if;
for j from 1 to m do # subtract every row j with row i for M[j,l]-times
 if not(j=i) then
  M:= addition(m,n,j,i,-M[j,l]).M;
 end if;
end do;
l:=l+1; # increase l by 1, next iteration i increase either
end do;
end proc:


Hint: perm(...),multiplikation(...) and addition(...) are the elementary matrices. They are working.


Now i got an error by running it: 

Error, (in reduced) invalid left hand side in assignment

Can someone explain me these error? And maybe a hint what i need to fix in my code?

Greets felix

How I can write a procedure in Maple 18 that it receives:

Inputs: function f(x) and real unmbers a and b (as interval [a,b]) and natural unmber n 

then devides interval [a,b] to n subinterval and computes f'(a), f'(a+(b-a)/n), f'(a+2(b-a)/n),..., and f'(a+n(b-a)/n)=f'(b)


showes at output: graph f(x) and all points [a,f'(a)], [a+(b-a)/n, f'(a+(b-a)/n)],[a+2(b-a)/n, f'(a+2(b-a)/n)]..., and [a+n(b-a)/n,f'(a+n(b-a)/n)] on a coordinate plane x-y

How I can write a procedure with Maple 18 that it receives function f(x) and x=a as inputs, 
then compute f'(a) and shows in output these 2 cases:

1) value f'(a)
2) curves f(x) ,y=f'(a)*(x-a)+f(a) and also the point (a,f'(a)) in a system ?


I would like to obtain the display of several outputs from a procedure.

Sorry for this question which should be quiet simple but I didn't manage to solve my issue. By the past, I always wanted to obtain only one output from a procedure.

I put attached a example of procedure which calculates x^2 and x^3 for a given value of x.

With my procedure, I didn't obtain the display of the output calculating the square value.

How can I display all the outputs of a procedure ?

Thank you for your help

I'm trying to write a procedure that computes Pollard's P-1 Method for a given integer n, and then outputs the prime factorisation of n.

Here is what I have so far:

Pollard := proc (n)
local i, r, g;
r[1] := `mod`(2^factorial(2), n);
for i from 2 while gcd(`mod`(r[i-1]-1, n), n) = 1 do
r[i] := `mod`(2^factorial(i+1), n) end do;
g[i] := gcd(`mod`(r[i-1]-1, n), n);
if g[i] < n then return g[i]
else return n
end if
end proc;

But my procedure doesn't seem to work for a lot of large values for n.
And also I can't figure out how to make it actually output the factorisation.

Any help would be appreciated.



>kekuncirahsia:=proc(n) local c,d,r,sum; c:=n; while (c>9) do sum:=0; d:=c; while (d>9) do r:=irem(d,10); sum:=sum+r; d:=iquo(d,10);od; c:=sum+d;print(c);od;end;





Hi, anyone know how i need to write my command to get this >> kekuncirahsiafinal:=3

I just want it to print the last digit..

Thank you~=]]

The solution should show the procedure.
But without tutor.



Lenin Araujo Castillo


Every time I try to type in a procedure I get the error:  

Error, unterminated procedure

immediately after typing in the first line.  How can I type in the remaining lines of my procedure?

Note:  in maple 7 (years ago) I never had this problem.


Think I've solved my problems, thanks.

I wrote the following procedure that evaluates i-th B-spline basis function of degree n over the knot vector T:

N := proc(i, n, t, T)

if (n = 0) then
    if ((t >= T[i]) and (t < T[i+1])) then
        return 1.0:
        return 0.0:

return (evalf((t-T[i])/(T[i+n]-T[i]))*N(i, n-1, t, T) + evalf((T[i+n+1]-t)/(T[i+n+1]-T[i+1]))*N(i+1, n-1, t, T)):

end proc:


Now, I want to compute

int(N(i, n, t, T)*N(j, n, t, T), t=0..1, numeric),

where i, n and T are given. However, Maple evaluates N and, since t is unknown, I get the following error:

"Error, (in N) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: .1 <= t and t < .25"

In  I read that in order to integrate a procedure, one should write (see the example given there)

evalf(Int(N*N, 0..1));

however, in my case, It will not work because I must pass the known parameters i, n and T. Is there a way to solve my problem?





Hi Guys, 

I'm trying to find stationary points of a numeric function. Any help would be appreciated. 

Assume I have a numeric function g(x). I'm attempting the following:

deriv:=(x)->fdiff(g(t),t=x); (I can't use the D operator as it doesn't like g(x))

Now deriv(x) <- Can be computed and computes the value quickly and easily. However plot and other functions require algebraic functions. I can plot this (with difficulty) via the following

plot(deriv,-10..10) <- This avoids converting to algebraic function and runs as a procedure. 

I can't use convert(deriv,algebraic) as it fails. 

I want to use the Student[NumericalAnalysis]Roots command, but it requires an algebraic function and I can't use the procedure trick which I did in the plot command. 

Does anyone know a better way of doing this? or is there a way I can write the numerical differivative as an algebraic function. (I've tried fsolve <- But this guy doesn't give me the correct answers generally). 

Thanks guys. 




The issue Type check of parameters was resolved using the depends modifier. As far as I can tell, this modifier is not allowed for expected or keyword parameters, though. Thus the issue seems to reemerge for these types of parameters. Consider the following test example:

createModule := proc(V::Vector)
   local dim := LinearAlgebra:-Dimension(V);
      export f,g,h;
      f := proc( x::depends('Vector'(dim))              ) x end proc;
      g := proc( x::expects('Vector'(dim)) := something ) x end proc;
      h := proc({x::        'Vector'(dim)  := something}) x end proc;
   end module
end proc:
createModule(Vector(4)):-f(    Vector(4));
createModule(Vector(4)):-g(    Vector(4));
createModule(Vector(4)):-h(x = Vector(4));

The function f is just a restatement of the already resolved issue, compare the above link, while the functions g and h are for the expected and keyword parameter cases, respectively. The problem remains the same: the variable dim is not evaluated for g and h. What to do? Does there exist a solution equally satisfactory as the one for f?

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