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Whassup homies?

tried to solve this using C.Loves program, but didn't quite get their solution...

Vars:= [PN,Name, TV, Dest,Ages,Hair,Lives]:
Name:= [Bob, Keeley, Rachael, Eilish, Amy]:
TV:=[Simpsons, Coronation, Eastenders, Desperate, Neighbours]:
Dest:= [Fra, Aus, Eng, Afr,Ita]:
Ages:= [14, 21, 46, 52, 81]:
Hair:=[afro, long, straight, curly , bald]:
Lives:= [town, city, village, farm, youth]:
Con1:= Desperate=3: Con2:= Bob=1: Con3:= NextTo(Simpsons,youth,PN): Con4:= Succ(Afr,Rachael,PN): Con5:= village=52: Con6:= Aus=straight: Con7:= Afr=Desperate: Con8:= 14=5: Con9:= Amy=Eastenders: Con10:= Ita=long: Con11:= Keeley=village: Con12:= bald=46: Con13:= Eng=4: Con14:= NextTo(Desperate,Neighbours,PN): Con15:= NextTo(Coronation,afro,PN): Con16:= NextTo(Rachael,afro,PN): Con17:= 21=youth: Con18:= Coronation=long: Con19:= 81=farm: Con20:= Fra=town: Con21:= Eilish<>straight:

read "LogicProblem.mpl"; City:= LogicProblem(Vars): with(City);



Revision Note:
I have updated the graph in the attached Maple document based on Doug Meade's comment below. 


Car Talk, a humorous phone-in program in which Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers) diagnose and offer solutions for mysterious auto-related maladies, is carried by National Public Radio...

I'm trying to write a program that solves sudoku's using a Groebner basis. I introduced 81 variables x1 to x81, this is a linearisation of the sudoku board.

The space of valid sudokus is defined by:

for i=1,…,81 : Fi=(xi−1)(xi−2)⋯(xi−9) This represents the fact that all squares have integer values between 1 and 9.

for all xi and xj which...

The June edition of the IBM Ponder This website poses the following puzzle:

Assume that cars have a length of two units and that they are parked along the circumference of a circle whose length is 100 units, which is marked as 100 segments, each one exactly one unit long.

A car can park on any two adjacent free segments (i.e., it does not need any extra maneuvering space).

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