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I have a plot of a sinusoidal function(cos_phi) which changes with incrementing values of variable k. When this function goes above 1 or below -1 I would like to have the range of k for which it occurs outputed somehow. Would anybody know how to do this?

How to create command...

March 24 2014 Lina 10


I want to calculate a range.

eg. j=1...n-1 will use this equation


j=n will use other equation.

How to create the command? I keep receive errors.


Thank you.





Im a regular student and Math is a really difficult topic for me, and every once in a while i run into a problen that i am unable to solve. This time i would like to ask this commmunity for some help. Many thanks in advance.

The function itself is: y = sqrt((x^2-5*x+6)/log[10]((x+10)^2))

I was able to determine the domain (X), but i am having very big trouble with finding the range (Y). Also i should be able to do it with pen on paper, but so far i have wasted 2 days and many papers on pointless scribblig.

Could anyone please explain how could i find the range of that function and provide a step by step solution? 

different ranges...

July 29 2013 goli 130

Maple is saying 'Error, Vector index out of range'. Can you see how maple executes all steps, so I can see where exactly the problem is?


     I'm using fsolve in a loop, as an example can we find the first 10 roots of sin(x) and store then in an array.




for i from 1 to 10 do

x[i]:= fsolve(sin(y)=0, y=x[i-1]..10 , avoid={y=x[i-1]});

end do;
Firstly this solve only 0,2*Pi, 3*Pi...Why does it skip Pi? also can I change the range to x[i-1]..infinity? 

I have found very little help about the Generate command of the RandomTools package.

I also have minor gripes about the syntax. And what better way to deal with these than to voice them?

This is how I was able to generate random lists and random Matrices.

A list of 10 random integers between 1 and 100:

L := RandomTools:-Generate(list(integer(range=1..100),10));

      L := [47, 8, 46, 44, 9, 77, 59, 16, 1, 70]


Hello All ,

I have attached my workseet for reference.

I find it strange that the solutions calculated in optimization shows a value "X" but when i try a value greater than "X" , there is still a solution available which is very irregular.Since the optimization finds the value beyond which the solution for a6 is zero/negative.

I am not sure what is causing this problem or is it just the problem with the optimization.


I've got a list of inequalities

[x > 5, 10 < x]

and I need to plot the region by

plots[inequal]( [x > 5, 10 < x], x = 4 .. 11, y = 0 .. 1);

but I don't want to specify x-range.

So how can I get the numbers from inequalities and generate something like "x = 5-1 .. 10+1"?


Thx :)

I have an assignment that I am suppose to be doing in maple, I am suppose to plot the function f(x)=e^(x/3)sin(2x) for abs(x)<=2.... for part of it...

Ive tried multiple things in maple such as plot(exp((1/3)*x)*sin(2*x), abs(x) <= 2) but it keeps throwing me an error, any insight on how to get tis graph plotted would be great.

I am having trouble identifying all the possible roots existing in the range specified.

In the file attached i have a non-linear set of equations that are solved for "w" value specified...but fsolve provides solutions only at certain values of "w" , does it mean there is no solution for other data points ?...or is there a way to find out all possible solutions for each value of "w"

I am trying to evaluate integral (-1/rho)*del (p)/del (x) dy within the limits y=0 to y=delta (x). For that I first evaluated (-1/rho)*del (p)/del (x) and stored it in res2. Then I tried to integrate it w.r.t dy within limits 0 to delta (x). I wrote the following Maple lines for the purpose:

Te := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; T[inf]+(T[w]-T[inf])*(1-y/delta[t](x))^2/(1+2*A*H/delta[t](x)) end proc

PDE := diff(P(x, y), y)-rho*g*beta*(Te(x, y)-T[inf]) = 0


How may I program the following with Maple?


(1) Define the function:

H(p) := p * c1 + p^2 * c2 + p^3 * c3  + ......


(2) Now construct the following expression:


(1-p) [ v''' + 1 ]  = H(p) [ v''' - 25 * v' + 1]

Here, v is some funciton of x.


(3) Now assume: v = u0 + u1 * p + u2 * p^2 + ...

and substitute this into the expression defined at the point (2).


I would like to set the range for a 3d plot.  For a 2d plot, I understand I can do it at the command line or by setting the axes properties after the plot's been drawn.

If I use plot3d(x*y, x=-10..10, y=-10..10) for example, how can I look at those parts of the surface for which -2 < xy < 2 for example?  I'd be happier with a command line option than a gui option but really anything would do.


many thanks!



Dear Maple Users

I am looking for specific answer, please see the following code,

by trial and error I estimated proper values for 4 parameters, and corresponding equations become close to zero.

However I need to make it automatically via maple, what can I do?

If I give ranges for parameters, there is no answer existed.

Thank you.

you can download worksheet from the below:

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