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Find a loop do define these matrices, even for large values of n. Record the Matrix Mn 


all i,j=1,2,13,..,n for example 

N := `<|>`(`<,>`(1, 2), `<,>`(2, 2))

P := `<|>`(`<,>`(1, 2, 3), `<,>`(2, 2, 3), `<,>`(3, 3, 3))

Q := `<|>`(`<,>`(1, 2, 3, 4), `<,>`(2, 2, 3, 4), `<,>`(3, 3, 3, 4), `<,>`(4, 4, 4, 4))


Please help!!!

I have a procedure which accepts arguments of a (created by myself) type which are records, like so:


Here "Element" is  type I have defined; it is a record with certain fields present.

My question: will this work with option remember? I have the procedure sort-of working without the remember option, but I need to make it work recursively (the Element record can have fields which contain names of other records of type Element...

Hi; I am working on a package where the data mostly come in Maple records with a varisble number of fields with different names. At least one field in each record has a 6 by 6 matrix, the expressions of which involve the values associated with at least some of the other fields.

Occasionally I have the need to, say, apply a function to each of these fields. E.g., I want to substitute a value for a specific name; this name may show up in several fields and also will show up in the matrix.

In matlab, a function is returned a structure H, say H.a, H.b, ...

In maple, I want to call this matlab function, but what returned to maple is a Record:


Hs:= getvar("H");

Hs:= Record(a=..., b=..., ...);


So how can I convert this record to a normal maple array? so I can access to each element by Hs[1]. 


Thank you


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