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C = 2






C = 3






C = 4


((w[4]*s[3]+w[3]*s[4])*s[2]+w[2]*s[3]*s[4] )*s[1];




C = 5


(((w[5]*s[4]+w[4]*s[5])*s[3]+w[3]*s[4]*s[5] )*s[2]+w[2]*s[3]*s[4]*s[5] )*s[1];




C = 6









This probably isnt too difficult to write a procedure to generate the expression, given C=2,3,4,5,...

But I may be thinking too much and stuck...


Also, I am thinking that if it is possible to use something like a "fibonacci sequence", in the famouse example here, which uses the in a procedure. Probably, we dont need to use this.






I have a procedure which accepts arguments of a (created by myself) type which are records, like so:


Here "Element" is  type I have defined; it is a record with certain fields present.

My question: will this work with option remember? I have the procedure sort-of working without the remember option, but I need to make it work recursively (the Element record can have fields which contain names of other records of type Element...

Dear all,
Some time ago I asked a question on maple primes concerning handling the numeric solutions of dsolve procedure.

They sent me to the discussion on option remember and indeed this helped a lot.
However there is another issue.

The method I am trying to implement requires iterative calls to dsolve/numeric with one of the functions defined from the previous...

One useful feature of the `evalf` command is that it remembers previous results. But it also stores the current value of Digits as well as its input argument, to be associated with the remembered result.

There are two reasons for this. The fancier reason is so that, when Digits is reduced from that of an earlier successful computation, `evalf` can simply round off the earlier result to the desired number of decimal digits. The more basic reason is that `evalf` might...

please help me here

we want a "remember table assignment for the first derivative evaluated at a point a1" for example


but using this command maple creates a proc

for example using the command


maple asks : 1. function def. 2. remember table assignment

but using D(f)(a1) :=0 just creates a function def.

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