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HI, dear all. When I tried to use the plot option 'adaptive' to make my plot more smooth and realistic, I encountered the following erro. I cannot understand why. From the help guide, I learn that adaptive can be assigned n or true or false, but errors appeared.  Thanks for your help.


> implicitplot(-x^3+3*x+a = 0, a = -3 .. 3, x = -4.0 .. 4.0, view = [-3 .. 3, -4 .. 4], adaptive = 2, resolution = 1000, numpoints = 2000);
Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected option: adaptive = 2
> help("adaptive");

I have seen no posting on the following issue: on a high density monitor, example QHD+, where the resolution is 3200x1800, the titlebar, the palettes and the graphs are so small that they are essentially invisible. In addition, the symbols in the palettes overextend the edge of the palette. I see this with both Dell computers and Apple computers that run Maple under Windows. Is true with other computers? Is Maplesoft aware of this issue? I'm assuming it has something to do with the Java graphics library. Is there a solution?

Hi experts,

the standard resolution for maple contourplots is 72 dpi wich is not suitable for publication purposes. I need at least a resolution between 500 - 1000 dpi. How do I get better resolutions for my contourplots when exporting them to .bmp or .jpg-files?
Somebody any ideas?

Hi I have a problem with the resolution of an equation. When I tried to solve it it returns "solutions may have been lost"... Here is the problem:

> x:=rand()/10^12;

x := ------------

> X:=RandomVariable(Gamma(2,4));

X := _R

> XL:=RandomVariable(ChiSquare(3));

Hello, I export a plot in an eps format (since other formats have lower resolutions) and want to insert it into Word 2007.

But, everytime when I do this, the Word 2007 will respond error occurred while importing the file.

Could anyone help me to resolve this problem? 

Thank you very much.

In an attempt to get better resolution I experience an error when I change to grid=[150,150]  Can we get better resolution? 


complexplot3d(f, z = -.7-.7*I .. .7+.7*I, style = patchnogrid, orientation = [-90, 0], grid = [100, 100])

**edit - image not uploaded properly but shown a couple posts down

** Answer to zaxis range error part - The reason I couldn't increase the grid in Maple12 here is because...

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