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Hi guys,

I'm doing some heavy analytical calculations, as the calculations take hours to finish, I want to save the results, which is easily done, however when I load the saved results, it behaves differently, somehow I can no longer substitute the variables. I extracted the main problem into the following minimal working example.

Thanks for any useful insight,

Cheers, Sören


assume(`in`(n, real))

x := n+1



subs(n = 1, x)



save x, "./myfunction.m";

read "./myfunction.m";




Now we can't substitute n in x:

subs(n = 1, x)



subs(n = 1, n+1)



y := x:


Hi everyone

I've come across a RAM-issue.

My program creates a lot of plots using millions of variables-values and it eats up my computers memory since I use the plots to make an animation.

The plots are simple 3d plots created using the surfdata function.

How do I save plots into a single file as the program creates them concurrently such that after the program has terminated I can use the plots to create an animation?

and how do I efficiently delete variables I dont not need anymore?

Variable exists but is not shown when using save/read with extension .m

My example maple code is



save a, "test1.m"


read "test1.m"



after the read command, I can access the variable, but it is not shown under "Variables".

This lead to some confusion when debugging the worksheet. Can I change this somehow?

Using the input type file format is not a solution, since then reading takes forever for complicated expressions.

Further, in the read command documentation it says "This functionality is not intended for end users" for saving the file as .m. What does that mean?

 Maple code when open saved maple sheet?

and keep it can run code and show latest result after open

i mean user can not extend or find code or display code in maple sheet , just can run result

Say I have a funtion something like this



Now I want the above output to be saved to a .txt file having maple friendly format.


I can read a .m file written using "save" command, However the variable list (pallete) doesn't get updated. Is there any way to see the list of variables and their values that has been read with "read" command from the .m file?

I try to save results of numeric integration of ODE, returned by dsolve. I address very simple equation and before saving all works as needed:

S1 := dsolve([diff(z(x), x$2)+z(x) = -2, z(0)=0, z(1)=1], z(x), 'numeric', 'output' = listprocedure);

F1 := unapply(rhs(S1[2])(x), x); plot(F1, 0..1, thickness=3);

Next I save solution S1 by save operator:

save S1,  filename;

S1 saved and likely looks correctly:

S1 := [x = proc (x) local _res, _dat, _solnproc; option
`Copyright (c) 1993 by the University of Waterloo. All rights reserved.`; _dat
:= Array(1..4, {1 = proc (outpoint) local X, Y, YP, yout, errproc, L, V, i; ........................................................

Operator read reads S1 from file:
read filename;


F1 := unapply(rhs(S1[2])(x), x);

returns an error:

Error, (in unknown) invalid input: the 1st argument to pointto is not a valid pointer handle

How to save solution correctly?


I've got a worksheet in which I have invested many hours of CPU execution time and if the computer goes down, or Maple fails for some reason, I'll lose it all.

If this happens I would like to be able to continue the calculation from where I left off.

By saving the worksheet periodically, I can save all the commands, but not the results, so if I have to restart, I'll have to wait many hours before the worksheet catches up to where it left off.

In ancient versions of Maple, you used to be able to save an executed worksheet including results (I sort of remember that you wrote a file with the extension ".M")  but the new help pages say that is now different from what it used to be. Obviously I can "save" individual symbols to a file, but for a complicated worksheet  that gets complicated.

I've read about "maplet" files, but that doesn't seem to fill the bill either.

So, is there any simple way to save a worksheet so you can continue seamlessly from where you left off after a crash, with all the previous results intact?

I am running a huge symbolic problem in Maple 18. At the moment, I dont even know if there is enough computational power to suceed the computation.


However, I'd like to save a progress. And maybe to continue computation later.

Is there any way to save progress?

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