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When I resave a worksheet that is already saved on the computer desktop, it changes the position of the icon on the desktop: it is moved to the most left-upper column-row possible. Why that? Can anyone else reproduce that odd behaviour?

A worksheet can be closed using the Windows standard shortcut Ctrl-F4. But the Maple program itself cannot be closed using the Windows standard standard shortcut Alt-F4. Why that? Can anyone else reproduce that odd behaviour?

PS: I am using Maple 2017.1

In the same directory I have two Maple files. and

In I have written several procedures which I am wanting to use in

I have tried to do

    read "SignExpAlg.m"

at the top of RootBox but when I click !!! I get the error message: "Error, could not open 'SignExpAlg.m' for reading"

What am I doing wrong?

I have a two graphics in two distinct Maple worksheets. How can I graph them on one graphic?


For example, 

 graphics of y=x^2 in one Maple worksheet named document 1, 

and graphics of y=x in an other Maple worksheet named document 2.

I want to graphics of them in document 1 by recalling the graphics of y=x in document 2.

Because, The codes that I will use in future are very long and complex, I need to write code like that. (if there is possibility) 

I've been using maple every few years since 1986, but am a bit rusty again.  I want to save a sequence of variables created in a do loop. I'm sure this is an old easy question, but can't find the answer searching.  For example

for i from 1 to 10 do
save a, `i.m`:

Keeps overwriting the file i.m, but I want files 1.m, 2.m, 3.m, etc.  Don't see how to do this, but should be easy.  


Hi everyone,

I created a procedure "SIM" which depends on two formal parameters x and y. I write Threads:-Map(SIM, x, y) in order to execute it with the Threads package.

I would like to create .mpl files automatically, each one made of the code Threads:-Map(SIM, x, y) with specific values of x and y. For instance:

Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 1), then Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 2) ... and so on until Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 5000).

The fact is, I tried writing the following:

for y from 1 to 5000 do
a[y] := Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, y);
save a[y], sprintf("SIM_%d.mpl", y)
end do

However, it does not work. The error message says "Error, save can only save names". I also tried, but without success:

for y from 1 to 5000 do
a[y] := Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, y);
save convert(a[y], name), sprintf("SIM_%d.mpl", y)
end do

Any idea? Thanks a lot.




how i can save results in text file?

for example in attached code maple i want save results for different ''x'' and fy(x), wherer x is between 0 to 1 i.e. (0,fy(0)) , (0.1,fy(0.1)) ,(0.2,fy(0.2)),....

in text file two column should be of them for ''x'' and the onther for ,fy(x)


restart; E := 0.169e12; mu := 0.658e11; hl2 := 4; D1 := 1; n := 3; `αn` := 0.; beta := 16.474184; xi := 1.5; lambda := .1; dsys5 := {D1*(diff(y(x), x, x, x, x)) = `αn`/(1-y(x))^n-beta*(lambda*cosh(xi*(1-y(x)))-1/2*(lambda^2+1))/sinh(xi*(1-y(x)))^2, y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(y))(1) = 0, ((D@@3)(y))(1) = 0}; dsol5 := dsolve(dsys5, 'maxmesh' = 900, numeric, output = listprocedure); fy := eval(y(x), dsol5); fy(1)









Hello everyone,

I have to store real-number matrixes into .mla files. Usually, I do it by using “save”, namely:

save Hi, “Hi.mla”

where i denotes is the i-th matrix I want to save. The problem is, I have to write manually :

save H1, “H1.mla” :

save H2, “H2.mla” :

and so on. This is not convenient as the number of matrixes to save is huge. Also, it does not work writing:

for i from 1 to n do

save H[i], “H[i].mla”


Any idea of what could be done? Thank you in advance.


I have this maple program, let's call it I need to import the data produced in to another file, and use it there, how do I go about this? Also how can I export the result produced in to a different file (not necessarily a maple file). I am not sure about the right time to use, but maybe the question is, how do I get data from to use in, and then produce the result from in another file?




hello everyone, 

To illustrate my question I will get Bob and Alice 

Suppose Bob and Alice work separately on the same subject and must share some information.
They decide to exchange information among themselves by using .m files (Maple internal format files).


1) Bob performs the first serie of calculus which ends by some "result". 
This result is the information Bob must send to Alice for her doing her part of the job.
Bob assigns this result to a variable named MyVar and saves it in a .m file :

MyVar := ... :
save  MyVar   "/.../MyFile.m"

Then Bob indicates to Alice the complete path to MyFile.m ... but forgets to say her the name of the variable he has saved.


2) Alice reads the file MyFile.m (read "/.../MyFile.m") .... 
Of course, if Alice knew the name of the variable Bob used in his "save" command, it would be the simplest thing in the World for her to browse the content of the .m file (eval(MyVar) generally works well).

But I assumed it is not the case, so my question :

Can Alice recover the name of the variable and visualize it ? 

Any answer will be greatly appreciated

postscript : it is not the first time I find myself in the situation Alice faces here. Often I have to recover the content of .m files written years ago by people who have changed their core business without having properly documented (like Bob) what these files contain

How to hum program repeat several times and save what data result from each time it runs?

Hi guys,

I'm doing some heavy analytical calculations, as the calculations take hours to finish, I want to save the results, which is easily done, however when I load the saved results, it behaves differently, somehow I can no longer substitute the variables. I extracted the main problem into the following minimal working example.

Thanks for any useful insight,

Cheers, Sören


assume(`in`(n, real))

x := n+1



subs(n = 1, x)



save x, "./myfunction.m";

read "./myfunction.m";




Now we can't substitute n in x:

subs(n = 1, x)



subs(n = 1, n+1)



y := x:


Hi everyone

I've come across a RAM-issue.

My program creates a lot of plots using millions of variables-values and it eats up my computers memory since I use the plots to make an animation.

The plots are simple 3d plots created using the surfdata function.

How do I save plots into a single file as the program creates them concurrently such that after the program has terminated I can use the plots to create an animation?

and how do I efficiently delete variables I dont not need anymore?

Variable exists but is not shown when using save/read with extension .m

My example maple code is



save a, "test1.m"


read "test1.m"



after the read command, I can access the variable, but it is not shown under "Variables".

This lead to some confusion when debugging the worksheet. Can I change this somehow?

Using the input type file format is not a solution, since then reading takes forever for complicated expressions.

Further, in the read command documentation it says "This functionality is not intended for end users" for saving the file as .m. What does that mean?

 Maple code when open saved maple sheet?

and keep it can run code and show latest result after open

i mean user can not extend or find code or display code in maple sheet , just can run result

Say I have a funtion something like this



Now I want the above output to be saved to a .txt file having maple friendly format.


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