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for example i want to save the Square root of 2 to 1000000 decimal place to an ascii text file ...

i used the writeto command after evalf[100](sqrt(2)) for but it contains line breaks and \ character in output !

but i only need the pure continues 1000000 digits !

please guide me on this simple request ?


I wonder if there is a way to achieve this, say I have 4 Maple worksheets,

all of them can run seperately. Each of them runs on lots of data, and takes a big chuck of time. I hope to run them one by one. After each file is completed, save (Export) as PDF file, and move on to the next one.

On my own PC, I use Maple X64 windows version. I have never used the command line, but I suppose that will be done in this version, instead of the GUI version?

On the school server, it's Maple X64 linux version. So it's also has the maple command line version as well as the xmaple version.




My problem is i am working with a very large randomly generated output, generated using maple's builtin in random generating functions. I have the output which i want to investigate but i want to be able to reproduce this result when i save and close the worksheet. Since the list of generators is very long copy pasting is not very nice and i donot know the seed of these generaters. I want to ask if i can store the values in variable in the worksheet so that when i open the worksheet i can get the same random generates stored in the variable.

I say 






And do A/RT and I get a number answer. Sucess!.


Then I close the program. Open it again. Type A/RT and it spits out A/RT.


How do I get to not forget what the numbers were? 


I would like to ask if one can divide the maple worksheet (mw) to multiple files like series of command. It could be simillar to include in C++. I have found only save and read command but they can be use only for variables or they can be use in other way ? 

Thank you for any possible solution,


I have the  following simple code in Maple:


save x, "file1.mpl";

This code works successfully in Maple 13 and 14. However, does not work in Maple 17.  I do not understand why this happens. Can anyone help me to save a procedure in Maple 17.


Hi everyone

I am currently trying to make my own simple package including a few procedures. So far I have been able to write some "code" that actually works when I open the document and hit "enter". I would, however, like to save the package so it can be accessed during any Maple session using the command "with". I have unsuccesfully tried to comprehend the Maple help pages regarding this question but I definitely don't want to mess things up.

This is what I have written:

mat := module ()
description "useful procedures for mathematics, physics and chemistry";
export AtomicWeight;
option package;

   AtomicWeight := proc (x) description "returns the average atomic mass of the naturally ocurring element";
   Units:-AddSystem(NewSystem, Units:-GetSystem(SI), u);
   return evalf(ScientificConstants:-Element(x, atomicweight, system = NewSystem, units))
   end proc

end module;

What should I do to save it correctly?

Thank in advance,





Hi there,

i want to generate some plots in files in this example:

this code doesn't work. but without restart; it works fine. i passed 2 days to figure out that "restart;" was the problem.

my questions are :

1. why i have to eliminate the first line of restart;

2. how can i save my files in a directory that is in the current directory. For example i have a directory in current directory named "plotFILES".

thanks in advance for your help

what does Maple save?...

September 15 2013 awass 171

If I save a worksheet after an interactive session and then return to it at a later date I have to re-execute all my commands, redefine my functions etc. but my previous plots are "kinda" remembered by Maple. For example, if I had previously executed the command
> display([p||(1..50)], insequence = true);
then that plot will be active in the sense that I can run through the 50 plots, stop at any plot, etc.
So in that sense Maple has saved the plots. But if I want...



I think the answer to my question is not there yet.

So I would like to save some variables in a .m file in an another folder without using the whole C:/.../ thing.

The reason why is that I am using a windows and a mac so if work on my mac I can still execute my reading and my writting commands on my mac.


the file I want to write from is located in :


and the folder I want to write to is in

I'm running Maple 12 on my Windows 7 machine, 64-bit.  I never had this issue before when running in on XP (32-bit) for a couple years before I got a new machine.

Basically, whenever I go to Save or Save-As, Maple just closes.  It doesn't freeze or anything, just closes.  This problem is sporadic - sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.  At first it was only doing it with Save and I overcame the problem by just making multiple versions of...

I have been running Maple 11 since 2007.  Recently my PC was upgraded to Windows 7: upon reinstallation I appear to still have full mathematical functionality but can no longer save files. The "Open" button/menu are both equally unresponsive, although I can open old files by double clicking on them,

Please could you advise how I can resolve this issue.  Thank you.

I created a maplet in maple using the following codes:

> restart:
> with(Maplets[Elements]):
> m5:=Maplet(
> Window('title'="Turev",
> [
> ["Fonksiyon:",TextField['Y1']()],
> ["Turev Degiskeni:",TextField['Y2'](3)],
> TextBox['TB1']('editable'='false',3..40),
> [Button("Turevi Hesapla",Evaluate('TB1'='diff(Y1,Y2)')),
> Button("Tamam",Shutdown(['Y1','Y2','TB1'])),
> Button("Temizle",SetOption('Y1'=""))]


I just lost the result of a 20h calculation due to the last-name evaluation using tables. Consider that

t := table([1=2]):
s := t:
save s, "table":
read "table":

evaluates to t[1]. The save command only...

Every time i open an already saved document and change it then try to save it it comes up with this error:cwmaple.exe has stopped working!!! Why does this happen??



Please Help



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