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Hi all. Please help me to plot this. I don't know why it doesn't work correctly.


Hi, I don't know why this happened...

If I write the command in new sheet, it runs correctly(


Second, help me to evaluate N, please...  (


Regards :-)







How can I obtain series expansion of a known mathematical function? for example I Need a command to get a formula for expansion of Bessel function as bellow


i need help!!

write a procedure for the taylor series sin (x) and plot it in the range (-2pi to 2 pi)

use 20 term iterations in the taylor series approximation.

Thank you very much for your help.... 

I do not think the current API for dsolve when asking for series solution is done right. If one wants to obtain a series solution for an ODE, but wants different order than the default 6, now one must set this value using a global setting before making the call, like this:


It would be better if options to calls are passed along with the other parameters in the call itself. Something like


This should also apply to any command that takes Order, such as series(cos(x),x=0,order=10);

Passing options and values to functions using global and environment variables is not safe and not a good way to go about it as it can cause programming errors.

Hi all!

F is a delta function:


I want it be expaned through trigonometric series:

F:=sum(sum(Q[k*l]*sin(l*Pi*x/a)*sin(k*Pi*y/b), k = 1 .. infinity), l = 1 .. infinity)

So I want to get every Q:

Q[k, l] := `assuming`([4*(int(int(f[z1]*sin(l*Pi*x/a)*sin(k*Pi*y/b), x = 0 .. b), y = 0 .. a))/(a*b)], [k::posint, l::posint, a > 0, b > 0])

But it result in (when x[0]:=a/2, y[0]:=b/2):

4*(int(int(F[0]*exp(I*omega*t)*delta(x-x[0])*delta(y-y[0])*sin(l*Pi*x/a)*sin(k*Pi*y/b), x = 0 .. b), y = 0 .. a))/(a*b)


I wonder HOW CAN I GET THE EXACT RESULT:Q[k, l] := 4*sin(l*Pi/a)*sin(k*Pi/b)/(a*b)




  Excuse me, I tried to substract in a series expansion. It works for Taylor-type expansion, but not Laurent-type ones





Maple gives me

Error, unable to compute coeff



. My question is, why "coeff" does not work in the first case? how to make it work? Though I can copy the expansion part, assign it to another variable, and "coeff" will work


how to derive poincare series from symmetric function in maple

hi everyone , i need your point of view in my question,any help would be appreciated in advance .

we have a discrete function named g(t) and a continous function f(t) in in convolution integral just like this :
int(f(t-x)*g(x),x=0..t) ; 
we have just g(x) in some special points int the interval (0..t) , thus i need to convert this integral to a series.
how should i do this ? can anyone help or any idea ? i need at first a mathematical solution or idea about how to do this and then, how to do this in a software ?
tnx again.


I am trying to figure out how to find several parital sums of the Airy's Function on a common screen. I figured out how to do it for a the Bessel fucntion of order 1, but I am not given the series for Airy's . Can anyone help me with what I would plug in to maple for the Airy's function or how I would go about finding the parital sums it would be greatly apperciated.



Does Maple have any tool or package that computes the Fourier & Fourier-Bessel series expansions of a given funtion "f(x)" over a specified interval "[a,b]"?

I need to know if the Software Maple solve, step-by-step series of Fourier and Laplace transforms? The Maple command has to solve step by step series of Fourier and Laplace transforms? or commands show only the direct solution?

Hi everyone!

I wander whether maple can solve the integral of trigonometric series with parametal N, the number of sereis, and how. The formation is showed as below. N is a  variable and 'm' belongs to 'k', 'n' belongs to 'l'.

the intergral of series and the orthogonality conditions

A := int(int(sum(sum(cos(2*k*Pi*x/a)*(1-cos(2*l*Pi*y/b))*(1-cos(2*m*Pi*x/a))*(1-cos(2*n*Pi*y/b)), k = 1 ..N), l = 1 .. N), x = 0 .. a), y = 0 .. b)

orthogonality codition 1:

OrthCondition1 := int(sum(cos(2*k*Pi*x/a)*cos(2*m*Pi*x/a), k = 1 .. N), x = 0 .. a) = (1/2)*a

orthogonality codition 2:

OrthCondition2 := int(sum(cos(2*l*Pi*x/b)*cos(2*m*Pi*x/b), l = 1 .. N), x = 0 .. b) = (1/2)*b;


 Do Hilbert series function classify all or only some type or some form of ideals?


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