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I'm asked to solve the equations below simultaneously using fsolve.

f := x*exp((1 - x)*a);
f[2] := subs(x=f,f);
eq[1] := f[2] - x;
eq[2] := diff(f[2],x) + 1;


fsolve doesn't seem to work here for some reason.

Any help help would be great!


Hi everyone,

I am a new user of maple and i want to know the procedures to follow when solving 4 differential equations simultaneously.






Any help will be highly appreciated. Regards

I would like to create a single animated plot with two components.

The first component being an animation of the graph of r = 2*sin(theta) as theta varies from 0 to 2*Pi in the r-theta plane.

The second component is another animation, simultaneously showing how the graph of r=2*sin(theta) is generated in the polar coordinate system.

I am able to produce each component separately rather easily using the plots:-animate( ) command. What I am looking for is somehow being able to use ...


I am very new to maple. I am trying to determine x, y, z and the intersection the following tori:

((x * cosθ j+ y * sinθj -r)2 + (x * sinθj - y * cosθj -r)2 + z2 + a2 - b2 )2 - 4 * a2 * ((x * cosθ j+ y * sinθj -r)2 + z2) <= 0

for j = 1,2,3.

Hi all,

I want to solve the following 2 odes simultaneously:


ode1:=(1/r^2)*diff(r^2*diff(u(r),r),r) =v(t); (#boundary value problem with 2 boundaries)

ode2:= diff(v(t),t)=u(r); (#initial value problem)

with conditions


I am getting error if i use dsolve/numeric. Is there any way/method to solve these numerically using maple packages like dsolve/fsolve...



I want to download historical data from google finance for two Indecies simultaneous
but I dont understand where the output is saved...?!  Also should I use task or threads ?


X1 := proc () local str, sid; global b; str := "";

sid := Open("", 80);
Write(sid, cat("GET /finance/historical?q=INDEXSP:.INX&histperiod=daily HTTP/1.0 \n\n"));

b := Read(sid); while b <> false do str := cat(str, b...

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