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Hi MaplePrimers,

I'm trying to solve a system of algebraic equations using 'solve' [float].  I'd prefer to use 'solve' over 'fsolve', as 'solve' solves my system in about 0.05s, whereas fsolve takes about 5 seconds.  I need to solve the system repeatedly at a different points, so time is important.  I don't know why there is such a large difference in time ... 

I have a few piecewise functions of order 3 to 5.  It solves fine with the other (piecewise) equations, but adding one piecewise function which gives me an error while trying to solve:

Error, (in RootOf) _Z occurs but is not the dependent variable.

I think this is due to solve finding multiple solutions.  Is there a way to limit solve to only real solutions?

Thanks in advance!


I have a linear problem A*X = B, with dimensions of A approximately 500*1300, and B is a vector with only one nonzero coordinate.

I feed it to LinearSolve, and there are a *lot* of solutions - presented as one vector with linear polynomial coordinates.

How can I get only one (hopefully with as many zeros as possible) ?

Thank you in advance.


Dear all,

I'm a new user of Maple. The pdsolve in Maple is quite an important function for me.

I can see how it works for PDES in the help:

However, I'm wondering if I could get the euqations of the discreted PDES forms (equations) rather than just the results, please?

Thanks in advance!

hello guys , i have an autonomous system , maple give me this warning when i want to compute its fixed points !


thank you for your time

Hi, I have read the help files, and many posts in MaplePrime. However, I am struggling to understand how to properly extract a number from a list. I would like to extract only the positive, or the maximum solution of a quadratic expression.I have uploaded the .mw file. (1) (2) (3) (4) With no brackets around A it does no work, Error, incorrect number of extra arguments in select If I extract the positive value I get a list, (5...


I need to assign a name to a result calculated from a system of equations. In this case, i've got 2 equations and 2 solutions. I want to assign a name to the each of the solutions.

solve({-a+4*b = 0, 2*a+7*b = 2}, {a, b})

{a = 8/15, b = 2/15}

How do i assign a name for a and another for b?


In the program below, all solutions are found for the equation S.R=T subject to 

the constraints given by eq1 and eq2. I've tried it for a 

few different choices of T and there's usually 80+ solutions.

I want to try more complicated choices of T (for example,

I want the matrix T to have every entry a distinct prime number). 

But then the program crashes. I assume the equations get complicated

or there...

Hi! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

I have two matrices S and R, where 

S :=

Matrix([[a_1, a_2, a_3, a_4], [b_1, b_2, b_3, b_4], [c_1, c_2, c_3, c_4], [d_1, d_2, d_3, d_4]]);

such that 

a_1*d_1 = b_1*c_1
a_2*d_2 = b_2*c_2
a_3*d_3 = b_3*c_3
a_4*d_4 = b_4*c_4;
R :=
Matrix([[s_1, t_1, r_1, l_1], [s_2, t_2, r_2, l_2], [s_3, t_3, r_3, l_3], [s_4, t_4, r_4, l_4]]);

Anybody has a hint on how to solve a non-linear system with trigonometrics. I want to solve x, y and z.

i'm using DirectSearch package to solve the following system of equations (in order to find x1a,x1c,x2a,x2c):

How can i limit the solutions just for positive values of x1a,x2a,x1c,x2c? (Currently, I'm just using  



Good day, dear Friends!

I'm trying to find real positive roots  of equation 

sqrt(x+3-4*sqrt(x-1))+sqrt(x+8-6*sqrt(x-1)) = 1 with Maple 16.01.

One can easly verifies that this euqation has at least two positive  real (integer) solutions: at x=5 and x=10,

but Maple function 


I would like to know if the maple student version can give the analytic solutions of a system of non linear and/or linear equations. 


What is the number of all the solutions of the equation frac(x*floor(x)) = 1/2 belonging to RealRange(1,100)? How to count it with Maple?

I would like some help in order to build the following algorithm (Gianni-Kalkbrener) on Maple.

I have a cyclic-5 problem of the following polynomials

L := [a*b*c*d+b*c*d*e+c*d*e*a+d*e*a*b+e*a*b*c, a*b+b*c+c*d+d*e+e*a, a+b+c+d+e, a*b*c*d*e-1, a*b*c+b*c*d+c*d*e+d*e*a+e*a*b]


I found the Grobner basis of that using:

GrobnerBasisOfL := Basis(L, tdeg(a, b, c, d, e))


Then, I have found the FGLM of the Basis using:

Dear Maple users

This may be an easy task, but I cannot seem to find out how to do it: How do I get the solutions of an equation on a list form? Let's say the output of the solve command has the reference number (1), then I tried using the convert command and a label to refer to the Maple output, but it didn't work:


I hope someone can help me do it.



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