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i will solve the three equations below with numerical method,how?

eq1 := -2.517407096*10^12*q[1](t)^2-5.292771429*10^12*q[1](t)-1.888055322*10^12*q[2](t) = 0
eq2 := 2.246321962*10^12*q[1](t)^2+1.684741471*10^12*q[2](t)+8.110113889*10^12*q[1](t)-7.480938859*10^10*q[3](t) = 0
eq3 := int((-3.826000000*10^11*q[2](t)*cos(Pi*x)*Pi^2-3.826000000*10^11*q[1](t)^2*cos(Pi*x)*Pi^3*sin(Pi*x)+3.414000000*10^11*q[1](t)^2*sin(Pi*x)^2*Pi^4-3.414000000*10^11*q[1](t)^2*cos(Pi*x)^2*Pi^4+7*(int(exp(10*tau), tau = -infinity .. t))+q(x, t))*sin(Pi*x), x = 0 .. 1) = 0

Root of answer ...

August 19 2014 iman 10

i solved nonlinear ode in terms of t (y(t)) with dsolve command,how i will evaluate value function(y(t)) in points t=0..1 with delta t=0.01 and results(t and y(t)) inside a excel file?

eq := diff(y(t), t, t)-y(t)^2 = 1
res := dsolve({eq, y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0}, {y(t)}, numeric)


I failed to solve the ODE system shown as follows, where y1(x) and y2(x) are functions of x, ranging from -L/2 to L/2. All the other parameters are constants (A,B,C,F,G). The analytic or numeric solution of y1(x) and y2(x) are wanted.Really appreciate for you experts' help and time!!!


boundary conditions:y1(0)=0, diff(y2(L/2),x$2)=0, D(y2)(0)=0, y2(L/2)=0



i'm going to solve the two eq. and plot the answer point

i try to do two group but the first succeed the second get some wrong

the first i named 1 ,and second named 2 as below

the 1 plot the correct point that i want

Although the 2 solve eq too but it didn't plot the point on(-0.36,0.29),

the code of this two is same ,

anyone can help me?


i want to plot a circle which is centered at(0,0),and the radius is the length of Point2 and origin

but it shows some error,how could i do to solve this

i make two component that the left named MathContainer0 and right named MathContainer1

which can enter any numers on it

and i want to solve the eqution such as  

x*%MathContainer0+y*%MathContainer1=0 ,and y*%MathContainer0+x*%MathContainer1=0

but it still not shows the answers i want

anyone can help thx

Dear people in Maple Primes,


I have a question about how to solve a system of equations.

In the following equation, I want to eliminate D(a).

x := D(a*b*c = 3*d); 
y := D(a^2*b^3*c = 3*a);


For this purpose,

a code of 

d_a := isolate(x, D(a));

eval(y, d_a);

works well. But, for me, this code is a little laborious.

Is there any better way than the above way?


Thanks in advance.


taro yamada



How can I solve this problem on Maple?
Can anyone help me please ... I wrote another post before but I can not solve the problem.

lambda is an experimental parameter. I have this initial condition n(x,0)=0.4, c(x,0)=0.

Thanks to everyone

hi , how can i solve this ?


4180*10^3*(diff(T(x, y), x))-60.5*(diff(T(x, y), y, y)) = 0


whith this boundary conditions 


diff(T(x, 0), y) = 100, diff(T(x, 0.25e-4), y) = 1000




   here are  equations like this

 sol := [abs(r)^2+abs(t)^2 = 1, r*conjugate(t)+t*conjugate(r), abs(r) = abs(t)]

when i solve this equations using command solve,the result  is none. and i used r=x+I*y,t=u+I*v in the equations,

sol:=[u^2+v^2+x^2+y^2 = 1, 2*u*x+2*v*y, sqrt(x^2+y^2) = sqrt(u^2+v^2)]

i still can't get a result.why,can you help me.



Hello every one,

I had a 3 equations with 3 unknown (X,Y,Z, conjugate(Y),conjugate(Z))

this is the code:

solve( {ao*x + a1*y + conjugate(a1)*conjugate(y)+a2*z+conjugate(a2)*conjugate(z) = 0.5, conjugate(a1)*x + bo*y + conjugate(a2)*conjugate(y)+a1*z = 0, 10*x + 10*y/4 + 10*z = 10}, {x, y, z});

where the coefficients are complex numbers

Is thee any simple way to solve it



i will solve the five nonlinear coupled odes with maple in least time,can evey body help me?

eq1:= -3515.175096*Pi*q[1](T)*q[4](T)-3515.175096*Pi*q[1](T)*q[5](T)-2650.168890*Pi^2*q[3](T)*q[1](T)-9.871794877*10^7*q[2](T)*Pi+.5622514683*(diff(q[1](T), T, T))+1.893468706*q[1](T)^3*Pi^4+2.507772708*10^5*q[1](T)*Pi^2=0

eq2:= 496.9066665*q[2](T)*Pi^2-380.5288665*q[4](T)*Pi-62694.31768*Pi*q[1](T)+380.5288665*q[5](T)*Pi+0.3570776400e-3*(diff(q[2](T), T, T))+2.467948718*10^7*q[2](T)=0

eq3:= 2650.168888*q[1](T)^2*Pi^2+7.824250847*10^5*q[3](T)*Pi^2+1.037806000*10^6*q[5](T)*Pi+.5622514682*(diff(q[3](T), T, T))+1.037806000*10^6*q[4](T)*Pi=0

eq4:= 63661.97724-241.8620273*q[1](T)*(diff(q[1](T), T))-6.792272727*10^6*(diff(q[4](T), T))-5191.348749*q[4](T)-5191.348749*q[5](T)+71406.36133*(diff(q[3](T), T))-6.792272727*10^6*(diff(q[5](T), T))=0

eq5:= 70.02817496+2490.500000*(diff(q[5](T), T))-29887.90351*q[4](T)+29887.90351*q[5](T)-2490.500000*(diff(q[4](T), T))-45.34913011*(diff(q[2](T), T))=0

Solve Problems ...

July 17 2014 MSac 15


I can't solve the problem to have the right solution of


while solve works with


Any ideas on why this happen?

hi all.

I have wrore the following program for optimization with bernstein and block pulse hybrid functions.

the program have some errors which i can't understand.



macro(LA= LinearAlgebra):

HybrFunc:=proc(N, M,  tj)               # N=Number of subintervals,  M=Number of functions in subintervals
local B, n, m;

global b;

for n from 1 to N do
for m from 0 to M-1 do

B := (i,m,t) -> C(m,i)*(1-t)^(m-i)*t^i:

b[n,m]:=unapply(piecewise(t>=(n-1)*tj/N and t<n*tj/N, B(m,2,N*t-(n-1)*tj), 0), t):

Array(1..N, 0..M-1, (n,m)->b[n,m](t)):

end proc:

HybrFunc(3, 3, 1);

                                       # End Of Definition
g2(t):=t;            #*exp(t-1):                      # Any other function can be replaced here

g1(t):=add(add(c[n,m]*b[n,m](t), m=0..2), n=1..3);
Optimization[Minimize](sqrt(int((g2(t)-g1(t))^2, t=0.. 1)));
plot([g2(t),g1(t)], t=0..1, 0..5, color=[blue,red],thickness=[1,3],discont, scaling=constrained);

Array(1 .. 3, 0 .. 2, {(1, 0) = piecewise(0 <= t and t < 1/3, (1-3*t)^2, 0), (1, 1) = piecewise(0 <= t and t < 1/3, (6*(1-3*t))*t, 0), (1, 2) = piecewise(0 <= t and t < 1/3, 9*t^2, 0), (2, 0) = piecewise(1/3 <= t and t < 2/3, (2-3*t)^2, 0), (2, 1) = piecewise(1/3 <= t and t < 2/3, (2*(2-3*t))*(3*t-1), 0), (2, 2) = piecewise(1/3 <= t and t < 2/3, (3*t-1)^2, 0), (3, 0) = piecewise(2/3 <= t and t < 1, (3-3*t)^2, 0), (3, 1) = piecewise(2/3 <= t and t < 1, (2*(3-3*t))*(3*t-2), 0), (3, 2) = piecewise(2/3 <= t and t < 1, (3*t-2)^2, 0)}, datatype = anything, storage = rectangular, order = Fortran_order)

g2(t) := t

"g1(t):=c[1,0] ({[[(1-3 t)^2,0<=t and t<1/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[1,1] ({[[6 (1-3 t) t,0<=t and t<1/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[1,2] ({[[9 t^2,0<=t and t<1/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[2,0] ({[[(2-3 t)^2,1/3<=t and t<2/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[2,1] ({[[2 (2-3 t) (3 t-1),1/3<=t and t<2/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[2,2] ({[[(3 t-1)^2,1/3<=t and t<2/3],[0,otherwise]])+c[3,0] ({[[(3-3 t)^2,2/3<=t and t<1],[0,otherwise]])+c[3,1] ({[[2 (3-3 t) (3 t-2),2/3<=t and t<1],[0,otherwise]])+c[3,2] ({[[(3 t-2)^2,2/3<=t and t<1],[0,otherwise]])"

Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) complex value encountered

Error, invalid left hand side in assignment


Download Bernestien1.mws

 I'll be so grateful if any one can help me.

Mahmood   Dadkhah

Ph.D Candidate

Applied Mathematics Department

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