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Hi all,

need to plot the positve roots and  against so(4-->5)

sol:=evalf(solve(Q(s),s)): S:=array([],1..3): S[1]:=sol[1];S[2]:=sol[2];S[3]:=sol[3]:



Hi every one,

I am using Maple 7 because I am running Windows XP

I believe this equation:


> solve( 1.15=exp(-xi*Pi/(sqrt(1-xi^2))), xi);


has two solutions: xi=+0.4444364945e-1 and xi=-0.4444364945e-1

but Maple only gives -0.4444364945e-1


Why?? And how can I get the two solutions?? Thanks before hand by your comments.

The code "solve((x+exp(-1))^x = 1, x)"gives the error "Error, (in Engine:-Dispatch) invalid subscript selector". How is this possible?

I want to solve this integration simbolic:

I use this cammand :

But Maple return this:

Would you Please Help me , thanks

Assume i got an equation like f(x):=2*x-tan(x); how to us solve or other function to give me that this equation got 2 root: x=1/2*(tan(x)) and x=arctan(2x).

^^ hope everyone can help.

Thank for spend time reading.

hello every one.please help me with solving this equations.i can not solve this and i need it.thanks

eq1 := (cos(beta2)-1)*w11-sin(beta2)*w12+(cos(alpha2)-1)*z11-sin(alpha2)*z12-cos(delta2) = 0; eq2 := (cos(beta2)-1)*w12+sin(beta2)*w11+(cos(alpha2)-1)*z12+sin(alpha2)*z11-2*sin(delta2) = 0; eq3 := (cos(beta3)-1)*w11-sin(beta3)*w12+(cos(alpha3)-1)*z11-sin(alpha3)*z12-3*cos(delta3) = 0; eq4 := (cos(beta3)-1)*w12+sin(beta3)*w11+(cos(alpha3)-1)*z12+sin(alpha3)*z11-4*sin(delta3) = 0; eq5 := (cos(beta4)-1)*w11-sin(beta4)*w12+(cos(alpha4)-1)*z11-sin(alpha4)*z12-5*cos(delta4) = 0; eq6 := (cos(beta4)-1)*w12+sin(beta4)*w11+(cos(alpha4)-1)*z12+sin(alpha4)*z11-6*sin(delta4) = 0; eq7 := (cos(beta5)-1)*w11-sin(beta5)*w12+(cos(alpha5)-1)*z11-sin(alpha5)*z12-7*cos(delta5) = 0; eq8 := (cos(beta5)-1)*w12+sin(beta5)*w11+(cos(alpha5)-1)*z12+sin(alpha5)*z11-8*sin(delta5) = 0; alpha2 := -20; alpha3 := -45; alpha4 := -75; alpha5 := -90; delta2 := 15.5; delta3 := -15.9829; delta4 := -13.6018; delta5 := -16.7388; P21 = .5217; P31 = 1.3421; P41 = 2.3116; P51 = 3.1780;

I am try to find root by using fsolve. But I am not get solution.

Please help me to solve this problem?

I have been attached the program above.

Thank You.

Best Regards.

Velmurugan G



Dear all,


I know the solve command is somehow limited, and it cannot find the solution for all equations.

But I have two equations which must be solved and I am desperately looking for solutions!


My equations are listed below:

f1:= (1/2)*x + (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*x^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(3/2)*y - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = kappa*rho*c0^2

f2:=-(1/2)*y+ (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*y^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(1/2)*x - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = 0

I need to find x and y in terms of alpha and beta.

The other parameters are known.

But of course, maple gives me the warning: "Warning, solutions may have been lost".

Does anybody have any suggestion?




I am having issue in finding the explanation on how to solve inverse trig funtion and expression with inverse trig funtions. I do not understand my school book and I was hoping that the software would have given me an extra help in understanding my school problems. 


Thank you very much


Perla D'andrea

Hello,how can i find y0 in this equatin?


I have attached a Maple file. My problem is that the solve for the simultaneous equation does not give me understandable results. I even simplified my equations by saying some parameters are zero although my final goal is to find an expression for a and varphi. Any idea how to solve this analytically? I know how to do it numerically. I need an analytical expression.





I have a equation of 4th degree with two variable (x,y) that i want to solve my equation according to one of variable (y).

myeq:= y^4 +(-(5/96)*x^2 -(5/6)*x -2) *y^3 +(-(55/288)*x^2 -(7/12)*x +1) *y^2 +((65/288)*x^2 +(2/3)*x) *y +(5/288)*x^2 -(1/4)*x;

i use "solve(myeq,y)" but can't solve. how can i solve this equation?

Here is my code in Maple.


#Solve the initial-value problem using the technique of question 2. Find the implicit solution.
(exp(x) + y) dx + (2 + x + y exp(y)) dy = 0
#subject to y(0)=1.
M:=exp(x)+y; N:=2+x+y*exp(y);
exp(x) + y
2 + x + y exp(y)
int(M, x); int(N,y);
exp(x) + y x
y x + 2 y + y exp(y) - exp(y)
implicitsoln1 := exp(x)+y*x+2*y+y*exp(y)-exp(y)=C;
exp(x) + y x + 2 y + y exp(y) - exp(y) = C
y1 := solve(implicitsoln1,y);
RootOf(-exp(_Z) _Z - _Z x + C + exp(_Z) - 2 _Z - exp(x))
exp(0) + 2


How do I get it to to not have "root of" and give me a more specific solution.

Hello people in mapleprimes,


I tried to solve y=x^3 for x, expecting of getting a result of x^(1/3),

through using restart;assume(x::real,y::real);

But, the result was:

Warning, solve may be ignoring assumptions on the input variables.
             (1/3)    1  (1/3)   1    (1/2)  (1/3)  
            y     , - - y      + - I 3      y     ,
                      2          2                  

                1  (1/3)   1    (1/2)  (1/3)
              - - y      - - I 3      y     
                2          2                


It means that solve couldn't use the assumption of x and y being real.

On the other hand, reading RealDomain package, y^(1/3) is returned properly:



What I want to ask you is

Aren't there ways other than using the RealDomain package, to obtain the solution of y^(1/3)?


I will be very glad if you give me answers.


Best wishes.


Hello everyone,
I would like to get a symbolic result of each variable x,y and z for the following 3 nonlinear equations. Maple does not respond to the following code at all. (Not even an error report.)


eq1 := x^2+y^2+z^2-134*x+800*y-360*z+31489, 2;
eq2 := x^2+y^2+z^2-934*x+900*y-370*z+321789, 2;
eq3 := x^2+y^2+z^2-614*x+1350*y-1110*z+70048, 97;
solve({eq1, eq2, eq3}, {x, y, z});

Thanks in advance.

P.S: Afterwards my intention is to solve these equaitons numerically for different variable values, and transfer to MatLab in order to plot animations and graphs. 

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