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I have drawn a 3d plot of a sphere in maple, but when I try to export this one in an .eps file, only the coordinate system of the plot is shown, but not the colourful plot. The export works if I use jpg and similar file types, but not with .eps, does anybody know if there is a way out of this problem?

I have 3 column vectors:

phi contains the number of radians from the North Pole

theta contains the number of radians from the Greenwich meridian

D contains number data corresponding to the point (phi,theta) on the sphere.


How do I plot:

a) a contour plot on the surface of the sphere where each point at (phi, theta) has a corresponding data value D?

b) a plot where the height above the surface at (phi, theta) is some linear function of D such as radius*D*constant?

In a webinar on July 10, 2013, I solved the related rate problem:

Helium is pumped into a spherical balloon at the constant rate of 25 cu ft per min.
At what rate is the surface area of the balloon increasing at the moment when its radius is 8 ft?

A question in the Q&A at the end of the Webinar asked if it were possible to have an animation illustrate the expanding sphere and the rate of change in the surface area thereof. 

I have a list L. In geom3d, I want to write all tangent of plane of the spherefrom L. But I don't know. I only write one point . I tried 

> restart:


L:=[[-5, -5, 8], [-5, -1, 10], [-5, 3, 10], [-5, 7, 8], [-5, 8, -5], [-5, 8, 7], [-5, 10, -1], [-5, 10, 3], [-1, -5, 10], [-1, 7, 10], [-1, 10, -5], [-1, 10, 7...











Please write for me a code for the following problem.

Let (S): x^2 + y^2 + z^2 -2*x +2*z + 1 = 0 be a sphere and M(1, 2, -1), N(3, 1, -1) be two points. Find the coordinates of the point K lies on the sphere (S) such that the triangle KHN has minimum area. 

Thank you very much.

Write the equation of the sphere passing through the point B(-1,-1,0) and tangent to the line x = t + 1, y = 2*t + 1, z = -t + 2 at the point A(1, 3, 2) so that its radius obtain minimum value.

This is my code.

> restart:with(geom3d):






Problem 1. Write the equation of the sphere passing through three points A(2, 3, -2), B(-2, 3, 4), C(0, -1, 2) and  tangent to the plane (P): x+5*y+z-33=0.

This is my code

> restart:with(geom3d):






Write the equation of the sphere has its centre at C(1, 2, 3) and cut the  straight line

Delta: x = t+1, y = t-1, z = -t at the points A and B so that the triangle ABC is a equilateral triangle.

This is my code.

Problem. Write the equation of the sphere passing through the three points

A(-1, 2, 1), B(-3, 4, -5), C(1, 2, -3) and its centre 

1) lies in  the plane (P): 2*x + 3*y -z = 0;
2)lies on the sphere (x-3)^2 + (y+1/3)^2 + (z-1)^2=1.
This is my code




Let A(1,-2,3), B(-1,0,1) be two points and (P): x+y+z+4=0 be a plane. Write the equation of the sphere has center lies on the line AB, radius of sphere equal to AB/6 and sphere tangent to the plane (P).

This is my code.

> restart:with(geom3d):






Please help me  write a code for the following problem:

Write the equation of the plane which passes through the points A(-1, 3, -6) and B(2, 2, -10) and tangent to the sphere

(x-1)^2 + (y + 1)^2 + (z - 7)^2 = 9.

Thank you very much.

Hello, can you help me? I need to draw a simple model of solar system (9 planets around the sun). I tried to draw planets with

> a[1] := animate(implicitplot3d,



I currently need to cut a sphere into equal parts becuase I am carrying out an investigation for a school assignment. However, I do not know how I can cut the sphere into pieces in Maple, which I have been told it needs to be done through code. I will need to know how I can cut it so I can carry out my investigation by cutting it into different number of pieces. For example, cutting a sphere into half, so one piece would be a hemisphere.


Also, I will...

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