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When I try to export my data from a spreadsheet to Excel, instead of numbers I get a long text containing numbers. For example instead of having just "11625.7677908435" I get "Typesetting:-mprintslash([11625.7677908435], [HFloat(11625.767790843516)])". 

How can I change the decimal to be displayed in the whole spreadsheet. The default decimals to be displayed is 4 in my version. How can I change it to another value? Also I don't want to click on "properties" each time I execute my worksheet. I want it to be automatically display  the number of digits I want. 

I have low vision, and the default fonts in Maple are too small for me to read.  I can enlarge the normal input and output using the View/Zoom Factor, and this works very well for me.  However, it seems to have no effect on the fonts in spreadsheets.

Can anyone tell my how to make the fonts in Maple spreadsheets larger?  I'm using Maple 18 on Windows 8.1. Thank you.

Trying to call matrix from escel spreadsheet by command


and getting error      M=?"Book1.xlsx"?  in red box and message error.

What is wrong? I do not understand. file Book1.xlsx is present in the same directory as my maple worksheet and not empty.

Please advise.

I am looking for a spreadsheet to compute the precession of Mercury fom the Schwarzchilg metric and the geodesic equations. Are you aware of such an example?


I'm trying to import data from this spreadsheet into this program authored by C.Love.

Both files are in the same directory. it imports the data (to some degree), but has problems with order, when decimal points are introducing, also duplicates . see my annotations on the mw file.




I have the following problem:

My function is defined by the determinant of 2 Heun functions

If I plot the phase I get something which looks quite what I'm looking for.

To get a better result I thought I would manually carry out the Wronskian as far as possible...

Doing some manipulations I get another form of the Wronskian which in fact should give the same result...

the problem is it doesnt :-(

I've added the spreadsheet....

I am generating a number of plots in Maple but would like to be able to collect the data points from the Maple plots and export them into an excel spreadsheet or similar spreadhseet program so that they can be loaded into other plotting software programs such as OriginLab.  


Is there a way to export the data points from plots produced in Maple into an .xls or .dat format?

Currently, the size of a table/matrix which can be exported to a spreadsheet is limited to 255 columns X 65535 rows. I believe this rule was implemented because of the maximum possible size of a spreadsheet(Am I right?) . This used to be the case in Excel 2003, but since Excel 2007, a spreasheet  can be : 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns.


Maybe it is time to update this rule?


Excel 2003 :

Hey all,

My question is better explained with an example

the algorithm I have here creates a matrix M[j] for each run of j.

I want to be able to export each of these matrices to a different spreadsheet and if possible, set up a naming critiria for each spreadsheet(so that I dont have to enter a name in the dialog box after each run)

Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks



here's the example:

The attached worksheet defines a procedure CircumStrain() which is supposed to create and populate a spreadsheet with the solutions of several equations.  The problem is that the spreadsheet Strain is never created.  Would someone please evaluate the worksheet and perhaps suggest a fix.  Your assistance is appreciated.


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