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(1) I keep trying to enter a reply, and it just never appears. What's wrong?

(2) How do I get code from the Standard GUI to paste into a reply?



Do anyone know the keyboard shortcut to the standard subsribt in Maple 18 on a macbook with OS X? 




How can I get the Standard Errors of the covariance matrix in Maple?
I can simulate a covariance matrix in Maple as follows:


R := RandomMatrix(4, 4, generator = -15 .. 15, outputoptions = [datatype = float[8]]);

but how do I find the standard errors?

Maple 16 is crashing when saving. I have this problem in both

my desktop and laptop (PC, Win7), classic and standard worksheets.

I noticed that short files present no problem, but whenever the

worsheets are, say, more than 5 screens length, Maple 16

crashes when saving.


Anyone with the same problem? Any solutions? Thanks




How do you export an array of plots from Standard GUI? If I select the array with the mouse and then right-click (to get the context menu), my selection is reduced to the single cell of the array that the mouse pointer is over. Do I have to resort to plotsetup?

In the 20-29 age group , the heigts were normally ditributed with a mean 0f 64.3 inches and a standard deviation of 2.6 inches

find probability that her height is less than 56.5 inches.

A user recently sent to me a Maplet that includes the display of an array of plots. This maplet works fine when run under the classic interface but not under the standard interface. As I tried to understand this problem I believe I have narrowed it down to a difference in the way the classic and standard interfaces handle an array of plots.

The attached worksheet is a very simplified example that shows the problem. What should happen is that pressing the "Plot single" button should show a single graph, pressing the "Plot array" button plots the empty axes, and pressing the "Plot displayed array" button displays a 2x2 array of plots. The second and third buttons illustrate the need for "plots:-display" in the action definition for this button.

Unfortunately, this works only in the classic interface. In the standard interface the "plot displayed array" button does not display anything. I should add that it appears to work correctly when exported as a .maplet file and run with the Maplet Viewer.

I have uploaded the worksheet:

Maple 15, Windows7x64, Standard v. Classic

I have noticed that, on my system, the smoothness of some INLINE plots is better in Classic than in Standard. Is this some regression or some installation-specific quirck I wonder?

In Tools->Options, I have plot anti-aliasing enabled (whatever that is).

This looks alright in Classic

  [ x^2 + y^2 = 1, x^2 + y^2 = 2 ]
  , x = -2 .. 2
  , y = -2 .. 2


I have a problem that Maple 15 is not possible to start (process is there but GUI is not visible).

On the same computer (HP 8540w) I have the problem with Maple 14 too. The GUI is started but it is not possible to do any action in it because it does not respond.

This problem occures now. I am sure that some months ago it works properly.

If you have any suggestion I do welcome it.



How would you transform a 3D plot structure into a 2D plot structure? I have in mind 1) creating a 3D plot with odeplot or with plot3d, 2) selecting (say) 4 orientations, 3) transforming each into a 2D plot, 4) exporting the 2D plots using the Standard GUI.

The reason behind my question is that the best-looking exported plots that I have been able to obtain with Maple are 2D plots exported as postscript with the Standard GUI. 3D plots don't look nearly as good when...

I should convert factors of a generic equation into standard form (scientific notation) :


 example_eq := 345.1234 x1(t) + 34.5691 u1(t) - 5423.8932 y1(t) + ... many other terms...

Is there some maple command or procedure to convert automatically every factor of a generic (very long)   equation ?


Manipulating a system of long equations maple gave in output the following error message:

The problem has been discussed in mapleprimes before, but I have not come across a neat solution. Perhaps there is one. What is the state of the art for exporting 3D graphics (plot3d, etc.) with Maple 15?

What I think I know is this: standard GUI has a completely new way of treating 2D graphics but has an outdated way of rendering 3D, while the classic GUI, though no longer developed, for some reason typically renders better 3D graphics.

I used to export graphics...

How do I standardize the size of ALL plots in a document or worksheet?

In an erlier post, I referred to the foot date format, and that post didn't trigger a reply, so I imagine that there is no satisfactory answer..

Help states, for FormatTime, "The default format is the ISO 8601 standard default date format..." but the date in the footer is of the style "12/1/10" which has obvious faults. Is there a way to get a decent date format in the footer other than putting it in by hand?

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