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I am quite new to Maple and have a problem I've been struggling with all day.

I have a spring pendulum and have to develop the equation of motion in the y-direction. The pendulum consist of a mass at the end of a elastic, unbendable and massless rod. 

Please find my Maple-worksheet attached below.

How do I solve the differential equation 2.9 for y(t)? As far as I can see the problem is that I have to differentiate y(t), which is not designated as a function, with respect to y (?)

I would really appriciate if somebody could help me. 

Thank you in advance!


I am new to Maple and have a problem I've been struggling with all day.

I have a pendulum and need to find a equation of motion in the y-direction. Please find my code in the picture below.

I can see that my problem starts at Eqy where the differentiation deletes one of the right-hand-side parts because I don't have any function y(t), and Maple thinks y(t) a constant (?)
Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thank you in advance!


I want to conduct the t- test with a

- null hypothesis of : M1-M2 >= 0

- alternative hypothesis of M1-M2 < 0

I found that I can choose the upper or lower tail option for the alternative hypothesis but I am not sure if the same as I want 

any idea ?


Good day everyone, can anybody help correct this 'theta[1] is an invalid range'. Please download it here


Hi there,

Is there a way in which i can solve the following optimal control problem numerically with Maple?

 dH/dt=λ-µ H-(1-u1)β H V+δ I,

dI/dt=(1-u1)β H V-σ I,

‎dV/dt=(1-u2)k I-γ‎V,



‎dλ3/dt=β H(λ1-λ2)(1-u1)‎‎+λ3γ.




σ = α + δ,


H(0)=1.7*10^8,    I(0)=0,    V(0)=400.


λ=5*10^5,    µ=0.003,     β=4*10^(-10),    α=0.043,    δ= 0.2                  k=6.24,       γ‎=0.65.

A1=900, A2=1000.


Answers and advice are very appreciated. 

Thank you all for reading.


I currently have:

plot3d(78.9*x+49.1*y+15.7*(1-x-y), x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1)

I have ratios x, y and z and the ratio of z is implicit from the ratios of x and y (z=1-x-y), therefore whenever x+y>1 the surface is meaningless as it gives z as a negative ratio.

I want the surface to be plotted only for x+y<1, so something like:

plot3d(78.9*x+49.1*y+15.7*(1-x-y), x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1, x+y<1)

But I can't find a suitable command.

Thanks in advance,




I wanted to get the following function integrated with Maple 17:

I used the following command to get a numerical solution for my choise of limits:

Unfortunately, I just get the Integral itself back. Also, taking pi/2 as the upper limit for x does improve anything. I also tried the AllSolutions option but it does not help as well as first trying to integrate only over y and leaving x as it is in order to get at least one integration done.

I hope someone can help. I do not necessarily need to solve it for myself, so if someone gets the result and posts it here, I'm okay with that. Anyway, being able to calculate it myself would be even better.

GAMMA and gamma...

October 17 2014 Aakanksha 15

Hello everyone.

need to know what is the difference between use of GAMMA and gamma in maple.


How do i use d'Alembert formula to solve,plot and animate with Maple software

Find a series solution of the differental equation



If I have a list, how can I write a program to see is that list is graphical? So far I have

graphicalseq := proc (L::list)

local i::integer, N;

N := convert(L, `+`);

if type(N, odd) then print("Sequence is not graphical")

else if numelems(L)-1 < L[1] then print("Sequence is not graphical")
end if;

end if;

end proc;

I know I still have to keep going to determine whether the sequence is graphical, but I'm not sure how.

 I was thinking of trying to somehow use Havel-Hakimi's theorem, but again I'm not sure how. Any hints would be appreciated.  I can't use the is Graph Sequence function

How can I find stepwise solution of the following integral?

Int(exp(-xi^2*b^2)*cos(xi^2*a*t)*cos(xi*x), xi = 0 .. infinity)

where xi greek letter.. 

Here was my search strategy to find the answer:

keyboard shortcut execute worksheet on

only found one thing

Googled it found

Don't see a keyboard shortcut. 

What is the keyboard shortcut to execute entire worksheet? Is there a name for this action of executing the whole worksheet? 


What did you search and click to find the answer? 

I am Maple 15 student edition user and the packages is not loaded when I use the execute all command from the GUI. I have to manually press the enter key to have by package loaded before I use a function defined in the package. How can I work around this issue?


P.S: You can see the Maple document attached to this post.

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