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Is there a way to export worksheet to pdf format but not in A4 size since some lines are going beyond the page?

Hi, i am receiving that error  

"Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received maple" 

input is    with(Maple);

kindly help me how to coorect this error . thanks . i am waiting for response

I am looking here for a tutor, that can help me doing some Maple programming.
I am a mathematic student and we use Maple programming.
I will be happy to pay a small amount of money for each exercice you help me doing,
Obviously the money will not be much, as I am just a student, I am just thinking you help me , and the money I pay you will be just as a Thank you gift, I thought about asking tutors at the college, but they are charging too much :( 
if anyone is interested, please contact me here.

(The procedures that we usually have to write are for example:
Aitken’s method, Newton-Raphson Method, Chebyshev Polynomial,...  I don't think it is hard for you.
Thank you very time for your time and your help.

Hello I download maple2015 today but I dont know how can I work with it ?  how can I write math phrases?

Please help me soon!!!!

Hi all,


It's been a while since I have used Maple. To be honest I haven't used it for over six years.


I am trying to solve simple differential equations, however I have many issues.


I am trying to simulate what author of this paper did 06421188.pdf


My file looks like this (


Can someone help me to simulate this system? I simply can't remember how to do it.





i have this:

and i don't want the letter to be strings.

I want something like:


Thank you a lot

how can you graph when piecewise function is not continuous?



BB := piecewise (-1.57 < c and c < -1.56, h, -0.06< c and  c < -0.05, aa, -0.5< c and c < 0.04, bb);



how to graph in maple 

for example


-2 < x < -3, h

-1 < x < -2, b


why do I get the error Error, (in rtable/Sum) invalid arguments

In positive numbers, I get it ok

I purchased the student edition today, and after install and activation, it says the product is only available in 20 days. If I click the activate button, I repeat the successful activation process, but after another restart of Maple, the prompt comes out again, Eventually I clicked on OK, and I found that the license for me really expires in 20 days. 

I think it could be that my proof for student is not processed yet (no email), or a problem.

I wonder if there is anyone else purchased the student edition and encounter the same situation, and what is following next.



The default way a prompt shows on my maple is


[> blah blah blah


but i see in many worksheets including maple help pages that it shows as


> blah blah blah


My Question is how do i remove that left square bracket "[" from appearing ?

Hi, My name is mohammed and I am a P.h.D student . I am a new user with Maple . I had two questions

First one : How can I execute a number of commands by using worksheet or document mode ? can any one  provide me an example?

Second : How can I measure the time for a number of command? can any one provide with syntax of the command?



I am new to Maple and have a problem when solving three equations with three variables. But when  I plug in into solve function then it gives no answer.

eqn1 := 24900 = A*exp(-X*1.293995859*10^22)+A*exp(-Y*1.293995859*10^22)+5852.27;

eqn2 := 6000 = A*exp(-X*1.293995859*10^22)+2422.929937;

eqn3 := 19100 = A*exp(-Y*1.293995859*10^22)+8275.199937;

Variables are [A,X,Y]

hai everyone. i am currently trying to solve an integration of the following ∫g(η)dη . integrate from 0 to 10.

from the following odes.

f ''' +1-(f ')2 +ff ''=0,


with boundary conditions f(0)=0, f'(0)=λ, f'(∞)=1, g(0)=1,g(∞)=0

First, i solve the odes using the shooting method. then i used the trapezoidal rule to solve for the integration of g(eta) using the following codes

> with(student);
> trapezoid(g(eta), eta = 0 .. 10, 10);
> evalf(%);

it seems that it can not read the data from the shooting method. can anyone suggest why it is happening?

thank you verymuch for your concern :)

I'm a student. I want to purchase oline Maple Student, but I can't.

Please send me a feedback as soon as possible. Thanks.

Dear All,

I solve an equation  as follows,

m:=dsolve({T(0) = 300, diff(T(t), t) = (min(G1, G2)-Loss)*(1/35513)}, T(t), numeric)

G1,G2, and Loss are functions of T and G1 and Loss are tangent at point A where T=600, when I want to plot the dsolve solution by odeplot,like this

odeplot(m, [t, T(t)], 0 .. 800)]

I got a curve whose maximum value  is  600( equal to the tangent value) and actually the value should increase after passing the tangent point, Who can tell me where is the problem. Thanks.

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