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I have a great problem with this integral and Maple gives two answers completely different:


int(x^-5/3*cos((x-1)*h), x = 0..infinity)

so I get two different results :


-(27/8)*h^2+3/2+(27/8)*h^(7/6)*LommelS2(11/6, 1/2, h)


or this:


-(27/8)*h^2+3/2+(27/8)*h^(7/6)*LommelS1(11/6, 1/2, h)

In the first integral A get Lommels2 and If I get the Integral by using Taylor of cos((x-1)*h) and after that I resum I get Lommels1.


Thank you.



Hi Maple friends.

I am trying to differentiate these:

1. csc(x)/x

2. 3*x^2*cot(x)

From doing it by hand, I am getting:

1. -cosec(x)*(xcot(x) + 1)

2. 6x*cot(x) - 3x^2*cosec^2(x)

But Maple is giving the answer:

1. diff(csc(x)/x, x);


2. diff(3*x^2*cot(x), x);


My answers don't look like Maple's answers. Are they actually the same?

Thanks in advance.


If I use a decimal like 0.569840290998053 into a fraction?

Hi Maple friends.

If I have a table of values, how can Maple provide the function?

For example:



How can Maple find out the y function with respect to x? 

Thanks in advance.

Hi i have trouble with this equation to solve with maple please help me

with boundary condition :


how i solve above equation with maple?( there is function to solve this equation in maple ?

email :

How to make Decimal number in maple by default? 

How to make radian to degrees? Think It is like this "degcos" but I cant see the correct result, because it is not showed in decimals

Why do I have to active all my varibles when I open the document after I have saved it?




How can I calculate the residue of a function with complex variable in maple ?

How can I find interesting Math apps written by Maple ?

Hi everyone. Could I work with functions of complex variable in maple ?

How can I solve this problem on Maple?
Can anyone help me please ... I wrote another post before but I can not solve the problem.

lambda is an experimental parameter. I have this initial condition n(x,0)=0.4, c(x,0)=0.

Thanks to everyone

Dear Maple Users,

I'm beginner in Maple.

I have this system of Pde:

with lambda experimental parameter and n,c,v dependent variables. I write this on Maple but I read on internet that the solution "float(undefined)" is an error.

I will insert this initial condition: c(x,0)=0,n(x,0)=0.4

Thanks everybody

Hi all.

I'm a student learning Algebra.

I've been searching everywhere and cannot work out how to plot and analyze a function graphically in Maple.


For example, you can see in this video, There is a point for the Vertex of a parabola on the example


I would like to put things like this on my graph (Vertex, or X-Intercepts, or the intersection of 2 lines)

I can certainly find this information by using Algebra (vertex form, etc) but it would help my understanding to also visualize the functions graphically.

Hi all.

After installation of the MSK, there is no desktop icon, and there is nothing to click in the start menu to launch it. I have to click on the executable in the Maple folder on the hard drive. It then launches Maple 18 first, and opens up some tabs related to the Survival Kit.

How can I open the MSK up from within Maple, without having to search for the executable first on the hard drive? 

Thanks in advance.

Dear all, 

I'm trying to extract the coefficients from the equation below, the fat expressions in the equation. I don't have any trouble seperating the sine or cosine functions. But the constants are a problem. Since t is the only variable in the function i tried, coeff(R, t, 0). This does not work apparantly. Any suggestions? 


R:=(1/12)*C2^3*cos(2*t) - (1/48)*C2^3*cos(4*t) - C2^3*sin(t) + C2^3*sin(3*t)-C2^2*C4*cos(t) + C2^2*C4*cos(3*t) - (1/8)*C2^2*C4*sin(2*t) + (1/16)*C2^2*C4*sin(4*t) + (1/16)*C2*C4^2*cos(4*t) - C2*C4^2*sin(t) - C2*C4^2*sin(3*t) - C4^3*cos(t) - C4^3*cos(3*t) - (1/24)*C4^3*sin(2*t) - (1/48)*C4^3*sin(4*t) - (1/16)*C2^3 - (1/16)*C2*C4^2 - (1/2)*C2*cos(2*t) + C2*sin(t) + C4*cos(t) + (1/2)*C4*sin(2*t) + (1/2)*C2

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