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Often, I'd like to use variable names that look like expressions. Is there a way to convert them to some form of inert form or as some sort of literal (so that they are not a mathematical expression) ?

Such as,


Can't type it here, but I wanted 'a' subscript 1 superscript (2). I'd like it to not be a1 squared.

Basically, I'd like the subscripts and superscript to not mean anything mathematically . . . And, I use a1^(3), a1^(1), a2^(1), a2^(2), a2^(3), b2^(3), etc.


Thanks, for any suggests.


Cheers !!

Hello everybody,


can somebody tell me how to use subscripts in textmode? 


Thanks for your help!



we always have subscript variable in the math book, but how could this be natral done in maple

I want to get a seq aaa3


but how could I get a  aij



seq(a[ij],i=1..3);  both was not right

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this (if not, where is?)

Suppose I ask a question and get an aswer with a variable such as F=_X+5_X^2+7 and want to sort it so as to get 


If I try sort(F,_X) it will read the underscore as starting a subscript... I can just highlight copy and paste an _X from the previous answer, but that is silly.

Dear Maple Users

I am mainly in favor of the new rules concerning subscripts. Using Ctrl+-- (double underscore) it is pretty straight forward to get a literal subscript and it displays much better in the palette Variables than was the case i Maple 16. Also the purple coloring of a variable containing a literal subscript makes sense, because it can be distinguished from the usual subscript (now Ctrl+shift+-). Good that you can remove the coloring in the View Menu (Atomic Variables...



 SEE ATTACHMENT.. Cannot find how to fix this error. Thanks!


Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse : "invalid subscript selector"



When i use the pronumeral thetac (using greek characters) I initially get numeric data reported, but later in the script i get the pronemeral literally repeated (as though there is no value defined for this pronumeral).

This does not happen for thetahs (using greek characters), where I always get numeric results (through the entire script).

See the following script:

I re-wrote the...

To begin with, there may be some confusion about units, because in Maple units are an organizational tool and a dimension specifier.

I am trying to prepare a document using 2D. I am not experienced, but am using Help, Maple on the web, &c., extensively to come up to speed. I wanted to get rid of units expressed in [[]] because I am not used to seeing them.

I am

1. I'd like to subscript ESCS below, but cannot unless I use (z)
2. It would be nice to use "natural units" for ESCS(z)
3. It would be nice to remove nT outside the vector in BavgSCS
4. It would be nice to combine the units in EBPP
5. In B:=norm(), the |nT| causes future problems

For each result, I'd like to set the tolerance for zero to some value so that I don't get -0.0. For example, I might choose 10^-5 to be zero for one result and 10^-12 for another.

These notes are also in the attached

I find I have a number of strange and unrelated errors.  I am new to Maple, but have been using Mathcad so am somewhat familiar with these systems. 

One of the problems I have has to do with confusion between literal and standard subscripts.  I find it difficult to get Maple to recognize literal subscripts using any of the recommended methods.  When I do get it to work, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, when I paste pieces of...

Hey Everybody,

I have only been using Maple for a few weeks but have been very much enjoying the functionality of the with(VectorCalculus) tools. That said, I have been having some trouble evaluating vectors at specific values.

> with(VectorCalculus);
> P[0] := PositionVector([t, ln(t)]);
> N[0] := PrincipalNormal(P[0], t);
> P := eval(P[0], t = 1);

I'm trying to construct some tickmarks. I have so far found a way to do a "hat", where I use:




I also need to put a subscript and a superscript on that. Any ideas?







I have been trying to convert a small script (Maple 15) to latex but ran into a strange problem. Literal subscripts don't seem to work.

When I have, for example " f_a " latex will generate a pdf, as expected, with " fa ". However, if I have " f(ctrl+shift+_)a " I get "  ‘#msub(mi("f"),mi("a"))‘ ".


I am kind of new to this maple+latex thing and have searched everywhere for a solution but without...

Hello all,

I'm familiar with using _ and ^ to enter subscripts and superscripts in document mode. However, the only way I know of moving out of those modes is to use the arrow keys. I was wondering if there was an alternative shortcut that wouldn't require me to move my hands from the home row?




I would like the title of my y axis to say "SaO2 (%)".  When I put in "SaO[2] (%)" the output is SaO[2] (%); However, when I put in SaO[2] (%) the output is "SaO2 PLOT (...) "  How can I get both parts correct (i.e., the subscript of the 2 and the displaying of the percent sign)?



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