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This is a very simple suggestion that weights heavily on my enjoyment of Maple.

I'm not sure if it is only me and my students but it is really tricky to resize a code edit region. Trying to get a hold of the contour in an exercise in patience! Can anyone fix this?





One again, I have a problem to solve some bifurcation problem using maple.

Discuss the existance of Equilibria and determine any possible bifurcation.


where $r$ is a parameter.

many thinks for your help and suggestion.




Hi Maple-Prime-ers!

I have a system of equations, containing 18 variables and 13 equations, making this a 5 degree of freedom (DOF) system.  I would like to analytically solve each of the equations in terms of each of these DOFs.  Normally I would use solve(system, dof_variables) to accomplish this, but it doesn't return anything.  Not even [].

I can solve this system by hand.  I've included a hand-solution involving isolate() and subs() in the attached worksheet.  I'm looking to incorporate this in an optimization algorithm with varying system, so I would like an automated way of doing this.

Does anybody have any suggestions to get solve to work as intended?


Here is the system I am talking about:



The free variables are:  {FD_T, FD_W, ICE_T, EM2_T, BRAKE_T}


I'm looking for a solution in this form:






Good afternoon sir.


I request your kind suggestion to the above cited query.



With thanks & Regards



Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Good morning Maple users.


I request your kind suggestion to the above cited question.



With thanks & Regards



Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Possibly a quick one,

I have two sets of precedures, both return the right values however one returns the values alone e.g.

x := 123123.2312323


The other wrongly returns

x :=  Return(123123.2312323)

I have literally pages of code, any suggestions why this would be the case?


Thank you!!!

I have a very simple (possibly stupid) question. 

I am wondering if there is a simple way to model a mass on a rope (or string) in MapleSim, and measure the tension in the rope. Any suggestions would be helpful. 



I have been messing around with MapleSim for a while now, and I cannot find a good way to model something such as a spiderweb. I want to be able to model a spiderweb (using something like cables), and then measure the tension in the cables, and also vibrations as they travel through the cables. Is this something that I can accomplish using MapleSim? If so, what is the best way to approach this problem? Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks. 


For many reasons, until recently, I have been always using Classic interface under Maple through Maple 16. When trying Maple 16 with Java interface I have noticed several quirks which were not present under the Classic interface of earlier versions through (at least) Maple 13. One of them is this:

The shortcut keys such as CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert do not work and I am forced to use a mouse and copy/paste icons in Maple. This really slows down my keyboard...

This is the Pde I am trying to solve, with the initial profile function at t=0 called Piinitial, and IC=initialconditions,boundary conditions,

Piinitial := piecewise(r <= 1, (1/9)*r^2+(1/12150)*(31*(8807640902+1170*sqrt(24475122685023))^(2/3)+109499254+22553*(8807640902+1170*sqrt(24475122685023))^(1/3))/(8807640902+1170*sqrt(24475122685023))^(1/3), r <= 2 and 1 < r, (4/405)*(8807640902+1170*sqrt(24475122685023))^(1/3)*r+(14128936/405)*r/(8807640902+1170*sqrt(24475122685023...

After Poker's Black Friday (April 15), I started to think about moving to Canada, and I realized that I know very little about our northern neighbor.

I would appreciate any suggestions about a nice place with not very expensive rent (for a handicapped accessible house), safe for living, with a (very) good Internet connection, not very far from shopping places (do you have Walmarts?) etc.

Being close (in, say, 50 miles or less) to a casino with a poker room is desirable, but not absolutely necessary.

Thank you,

During a spam attack, like mapleprimes is seeing now, all of the posts are all out of whack.

Once these spam posts are deleted the posts and questions keep the same wrong order.  I am suggesting that once a post or question has been cleaned of these spam posts that the question/post revert to it's previous proper position in the order of the date on the last posted action. 

Perhaps this is already being looked at? 

One more suggestion. ...


Im currently doing number 1 right now on this lab which i attached, and i cant seem to think of a function that suites that description, im going to ask my instructor for more clarification, but i was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on how i could come up with the one needed





I just got a smartphone, amazing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a mapleprimes app to conveniently view and post messages from a smartphone or a smartpad or whatever? Any plans to set one up? (I'm on the android platform)

The other suggestion/question I have is: any plans (by Maple or others) to make a Maple calculator widget? I'm currently using RealCalc, which is great, but it  doesn't have the advanced term-grouping capabilities of the Maple calculator.


I have to simulate some kinematic movements of machine. There are tree differential equations (ce2,ce2 amd ce3) which describe movement (there are angular velocity ac1, ac2, ac3 or angular beta, ang, teta ). I know exact solution in MatLab but I am trying do it the same in Maple (13). Unfortunatelly results-curves I recieved are not the same (In Matlab I have very smooth). Is there any Maple expert who can check my equations...

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