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I am completely new to Maple (and this kind of software in general).

I am just on my first steps of learning...but I quickly noticed, that if I write Pi and hit enter, I do not get

the well-known greek Pi-symbol. I get an ordinary "p" as the result.

I checked the greek-palette...nearly all items in this palette are ordinary letters.

Does anyone have an idea whats wrong?

BTW: I don`t know if it could have to do with that, but I use a german windows 7 installation.


Thank you,



hi all.
i have a system of ODE's including 9 set of coupled OED's . 

i have  converted second deravaties to dd2 , in other words : diff(a[i](t),t,t)=dd2[i](t) . i =1..9 :

and i have set these 9 equations in form of vibrational equations such :  (M.V22)[i]+(K(t).V(t))[i]+P(t)[i] = eq[i] , where M is coefficient Matrix of second  derivatives , V22 is Vector of second derivaties , for example V22[1] = diff(a[1](t),t,t) , and  P(t) is the numeric part of equations ( they are pure number and do not contain any symbolic function ) and K(t).V(t) is the remaining part of equations such that : (K(t).V(t))[i] = eq[i] - (M.V22)[i] - P(t)[i]  , and V(t) are vector of a[i](t)'s which V(t)[1] = a[1](t) ,

i have used step by step time integration method (of an ebook which i have attachted that part of ebook here), when i set time step of solving process to h=0.01 , i can solve this system up to time one second or more, but when i choose h=0.001 or smaller, the answer diverges after 350 steps . i do not know whether the problem is in my ODS system, or maple can not handle this ?the answer about the time t=0.3 are the same in both steps, but after that, the one with stpe time h=0.001 diverges. my friend has solved this in mathematica without any problem, could any body help me ?! it is urgent for me to solve this problem,thnx everybody.


Here is a plot in table format of the standard Times, Helvetica, and SYMBOL fonts. This plot provides a reference table that can be used to find the character codes to plot any one-byte character that can be plotted, which is especially useful for the SYMBOL characters and character codes 128-255 in the standard fonts. These characters are available for plotting in both the Standard and Classic GUIs.

All characters are aligned to be immediately above and immediately...


Could someone pls help write me code such that when text is entered, the first chemical element symbol in each word is identified and highlighed.

i/p: "the cat molly"

o/p: "tHe Cat Molly"

( like the opening title sequence on "Breaking Bad")

I got out the sledghammer and made a start

Thanks a lot Markiyan, and I am sorry I may have overlooked this already answered question. But, now I have just one more thing to know. On using AllSolutions = true in solve I get the answer as x = _z1~ ∏ / k, I then try to subs my fav symbol N instead of _Z1~, but Maple doesn't take it! It keeps it as it is. What kind of constant is this _Z1~, I had thought it to be the same as _C1, which is used by Maple while solving any ODE.

Reason why I want to...

Some calculus problems are worked out with the differential formatted as a function prime (f', G', etc.). How do I enter a function with the prime symbol so that Maple will treat it consistently? I recall entering f'(x) once in the legend of a Plot. The legend, as output, was in 2D format d/dx(f(x).

Another variation on my question is this: If I enter diff(x^2,x), or d/dx x^2 in 2D Maple, and calculate, I get 2x. If there a way to enter f'(x^2) to get the derivative?

Hi, I am creating a plot to demonstrate symmetry about the y=x axis, and I want to show that the line segment connecting two points is the perpedicular bisector of the line y=x. I have plotted y=x, the two points, and the line segment connecting those two points. How do I plot the perpendicular symbol (or right angle symbol) that is connected to the lines and shows that they are indeed perpendicular?

Hi all! 
Is there any possibility in Maple to perform symbolic operations with arbitrary matrices (possibly given only the size of the matrix or it's structure (block matrices, diagonal matrix and so on)). For example, I would like to obtain the following results (input -> output). 

Possible code: 

assume(A, Matrix(n)): assume(B, Matrix): assume(E,IdentityMatrix(n)): 

Dear All,

I am trying to find (complex) eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix as a function of a variable. Using the following commands lead to the respective errors:

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvalues](A): Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvectors](A): Error, (in LA_Main:-Eigenvectors) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0.2480392156e-4*abs...

First,a Maple file is exported as the html file,but it took too much time to load the applet(com.maplesoft.applets.MathMLViewer)to display the mathematical symbols,such as the symbols of integral and differential,as shown in Figs.1 and 2.How to accelerate
loading rate of Java applet?
Second,the problem will occur in the browsers of IE and firefox that the equation is incomplete display as shown in Figs3.Is there a method can handle the problem?
The last,using the...

User-defined status...

February 24 2012 icegood 265

In status box between "Evaluating..." and "Memory, Time, Mode" there is enough space. Would be nice to have there smth like "user-defined status" of ~100 symbols (or so). Instead of long printed log you could see status of current stage of long-term process.

Dear Maple users


My question is pretty basic: How do I put a "hat" on top of a variable, for example putting ^ on top of say x? It is useful for me even though the solution might not have any computational meaning, since I only need to write it as "written math" in 2D-notation. The Accents palette does have several symbols, but not the one I am looking for. In certain areas of mathematics A hat or the like does have a...

For given expression expr it's known that  type(expr, function) returns true. How to grab name of that function in fast way?

Unserstood that in slow way could be transform to string done and after that could be found substring till 1st '(' symbol. But i'm sure that name somewhere 'sits' directly.



I have one function that is consisted of several matrices.. The function is,

R := log(determinant(MCOV))+trace(multiply(SCOV, inverse(MCOV)))-log(det(SCOV))-2+Transpose(SM-TAU-multiply(L,K))&*inverse(MCOV)&*(SM-TAU-multiply (L, K));

where MCOV, SCOV, SM,TAU, L, K are all matrics. In a MCOV and L, there are symbols also..

I have tried to get...


To label plot axes as Greek letters, one should use the "labelfont=[SYMBOL]" parameter, but this option makes both axes in Greek letters. Is it possible to make only the horizontal axe as a Greek letter, while the vertical axe remains as an English word?

Thanks in advance.

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