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Dear Readers,

Given an expression for e.g. x^n+ y^3.5, how to extract the symbolic/floating point exponent, I tried with degree method but it fails whenvever there is symbolic or floating point exponent. Is there any alternative ?




Regards, Satya


I have a piecewise defined function alpha. Its functional directives are stored in a vector A. But when I call up the command

    x1 < 0 , A[1],

   0< x1<1 A[2], ...):,

the result (x1,x2,x3)->piecewise(.... , A[1], ...) remains symbolic. What can I do that the entries of A[i] appear in the functional directive?



Hello everyone, new member here. I've been working with Maple 16/Mathematica 8/Matlab to find the determinants of some symbolic nxn matrices (a1,1 a1,2 etc). Matlab is able to do them quite easily but when they start getting too large it starts truncating them down to 25000 terms. Mathematica works like a charm but I want to beable to verify the results with Maple. Maple does great up to 7x7  but at 8x8 it seems to also truncate results like Matlab and past that...

In it's recent edition of Mathematics Today (in print and online), the UK-based Institute of Mathematics and it's Applications, compared 4 symbolic solvers: Maple 15, Mathcad 15, the student edition of Matlab v5 and the Casio CFX-9970G calculator, concluding that "Maple would be the natural choice for research mathematicians, theortetical physicists, those working in any area where mathematics is demanding or for mathematics undergraduates for whom costs are lower"

I'm trying to create a matrix that mimcs the FFT equation as seen here. (Note that I don't want to do the transform, I just want the symbolic matrix of it.) I want to make the matrix in terms of the symbol omega, but I also want it to reduce correctly. Here's what I mean:

I used this post to figure out:

Does anyone know why the two integrations of a heaviside function (u1test and u2test) are not equal?  @Preben Alsholm said that the pure symbolic integration u was not correct so that the value of u2test is not correct either. Did I make any mistake in finding u? Is it possible for maple to find the pure symbolic expression of u correctly? Please help!


I'm using Maple to carry out some calculations in Tropical algebra, which requires taking minima of real numbers and infinity.

I'm currently using symbols rather than real numbers, which is causing a problem, I have (for example) the following lines of Maple code:

> assume(0 < a)
> min(a+infinity, 2*a+infinity)
               min(a~ + infinity, 2a~ + infinity)

I have a symbolic expression of the form:

I've written 2 long nonlinear symbolic equations with 2 unknowns in Maple, but it doesn't solve it and says:"Kernel connection has been lost".

I have attached my worksheet to this message; what should I do?


Im trying to evaluate a Transfer function from a block diagram.

i have written all the equations but i cant find the command to find the symbolic solution

of theta_l/Theta_d in terms of A,B,C,s,Kp,Kv


attched is the maple file.

i use maple 13.






i am currently trying to get some equation of motions. For this i have to invert a matrix which looks like this:

A = GL * M * GL.'     (6x6)

M is the massmatrix. GL is a matrix with kinematic constraints because i am working on a closed loop subject. The problem is that GL consists of symbolic trigonometric terms which i can't replace with numbers. Because of the multiplication with the transpose and the massmatrix the elements...

Maybe many questions on forum because method is not universal. What about this one:

JA1S := (2*sqrt(2*y+3)*y+3*sqrt(2*y+3)-3*sqrt(3))/((2*y+3)^(3/2)*y);


simplify(JA1S, power, radical, symbolic); - nothing

combine(JA1S, power, radical, symbolic); - nothing


Moreover, can i somehow also reduce by y?

I was trying to use the LeviCivita in the physics package to type the left side of the following equation and let maple compute the right side, where it considers the totally antisymmetric tensor identity which reduces to 4 Kronckers. Then the Kroneckers disappear and give rise to the right hand side. But I don't know how to tell maple to do this. There is also another Levi_Civita command in the tensor package.

Please, start attach from beginning till that place where 

How to speedup them? There are more than 20 functions that are evaluated one by one. Is option 'remember' + permanent remembered item of pure symbolic calculation can speedup this process? How also efficiently to do simlify itself? Can i actually use more kernels in one session or to paralilize available one?

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