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I have been attempting to plot a couple of functions and I keep getting the same error.  I will copying and paste what I have entered and the error messages



sphereplot*(rho = theta, theta = 0 .. 4*Pi, phi = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi);

Error, (in simpl/reloprod) invalid terms in product: (rho = theta)*(theta = 0 .. 4*Pi)


fieldplot*(<-x, y, cos z>, x = 0 .. 5, y = 0 .. 5, z = 0 .. 2*Pi);
Error, (in simpl/reloprod) invalid terms in product: (x = 0 .. 5)*(y = 0 .. 5)


Any assistance would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


i copy maple code from notepad to maple in maple window,

there is no error

my function in the code

explicit define parameters are Local type

for example



Local aaa;


but when i run cmaple to read the code text file in window 8

it return error

missing operator, syntax error

at Local aaa;


i have defined

Local aaa, ii;

for ii from 1 to nops(aaa) do


but it has error too,

then i change to one by one

Local aaa;

Local ii;

still have error at Local aaa;

I am getting the following error in one question

Error handling the file: /usr/local/hosted_apps/MapleTA/11/webapps/mapleta-2016.0.3-1148820/WEB-INF/modules/proctoredTest/questionSheet.html
Error in line 26: Error in line 4: Syntax error: Token[gte], line 1 in manage file

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Link to question file:questions.qu



Dear sir


I try the below program and it is not executing because of error and that error is " unable to match delimiters" 

Please can you varify it.

sol1 := dsolve([diff(diff(diff(f(eta),eta),eta),eta)+f(eta)*diff(diff(f(eta),eta),eta)+((2*n)/((n+1)))*(1-diff(f(eta),eta)^2) = 0, 1/(Pr) *diff(diff(theta(eta),eta),eta)+f(eta)*diff(theta(eta),eta)-((2*p)/((n+1)))diff(f(eta),eta)*theta(eta) = 0, f(0) = 0, D(f)(0) = 1+lambda*'@@'(D,2)(f)(0), D(f)(10) = 1, theta(0)=0, theta(0)=1+sigma*D(theta(0)),theta(10)=1], numeric, method = bvp);  plots[odeplot](sol1, [eta, `@@`(D,2)(f)(eta)], color = red,axes=boxed);

system3d := a[1](a[1])+a[2]*a[4]+a[3]*a[7]-a[1](a[1])-a[2]*a[10]-a[3]*a[19], a[1]*a[2]-a[1]*a[2]+a[2]*a[5]-a[2]*a[11]+a[3]*a[8]-a[3]*a[20], a[1]*a[3]-a[1]*a[3]+a[2]*a[6]-a[2]*a[12]+a[3]*a[9]-a[3]*a[21], a[1]*a[4]-a[1]*a[4]-a[2]*a[13]-a[3]*a[22]+a[4]*a[5]+a[6]*a[7], a[2]*a[4]+a[5](a[5])+a[6]*a[8]-a[1]*a[5]-a[2]*a[14]-a[3]*a[23], a[3]*a[4]+a[5]*a[6]+a[6]*a[9]-a[1]*a[6]-a[2]*a[15]-a[3]*a[24], a[1]*a[7]+a[4]*a[8]+a[7]*a[9] = a[1]*a[7]+a[2]*a[16]+a[3]*a[25], a[2]*a[7]+a[5]*a[8]+a[8]*a[9] = a[1]*a[8]+a[2]*a[17]+a[3]*a[26], a[3]*a[7]+a[6]*a[8]+a[9](a[9]) = a[1]*a[9]+a[2]*a[18]+a[3]*a[27];
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
a[2] a[4] - a[2] a[10] + a[3] a[7] - a[3] a[19],

a[2] a[5] - a[2] a[11] + a[3] a[8] - a[3] a[20],

a[2] a[6] - a[2] a[12] + a[3] a[9] - a[3] a[21],

-a[2] a[13] - a[3] a[22] + a[4] a[5] + a[6] a[7], a[2] a[4]

+ a[5](a[5]) + a[6] a[8] - a[1] a[5] - a[2] a[14] - a[3] a[23],
-a[1] a[6] - a[2] a[15] + a[3] a[4] - a[3] a[24] + a[5] a[6]

+ a[6] a[9], a[1] a[7] + a[4] a[8] + a[7] a[9] = a[1] a[7]

+ a[2] a[16] + a[3] a[25], a[2] a[7] + a[5] a[8] + a[8] a[9] =

a[1] a[8] + a[2] a[17] + a[3] a[26], a[3] a[7] + a[6] a[8]

+ a[9](a[9]) = a[1] a[9] + a[2] a[18] + a[3] a[27]

solve({system3d}, {a[1]*a[2], a[1]*a[3], a[1]*a[4], a[1]*a[5], a[1]*a[6], a[1]*a[7], a[1]*a[8], a[1]*a[9], a[2]*a[4], a[2]*a[5], a[2]*a[6], a[2]*a[7], a[2]*a[10], a[2]*a[11], a[2]*a[12], a[2]*a[13], a[2]*a[14], a[2]*a[15], a[2]*a[16], a[2]*a[17], a[2]*a[18], a[3]*a[4], a[3]*a[7], a[3]*a[8], a[3]*a[9], a[3]*a[19], a[3]*a[20], a[3]*a[21], a[3]*a[22], a[3]*a[23], a[3]*a[24], a[3]*a[25], a[3]*a[26], a[3]*a[27], a[4]*a[5], a[4]*a[8], a[5]*a[6], a[5]*a[8], a[6]*a[7], a[6]*a[8], a[6]*a[9], a[7]*a[9], a[8]*a[9], a[1](a[1]), a[5](a[5]), a[9](a[9])});
Warning, solving for expressions other than names or functions is not recommended.
{a[1] a[2] = a[1] a[2], a[1] a[3] = a[1] a[3],

a[1] a[4] = a[1] a[4], a[1] a[5] = a[2] a[10] - a[3] a[7]

+ a[3] a[19] + a[5](a[5]) + a[6] a[8] - a[2] a[14]

- a[3] a[23], a[1] a[6] = -a[2] a[15] + a[3] a[4] - a[3] a[24]

+ a[5] a[6] + a[6] a[9], a[1] a[7] = a[1] a[7], a[1] a[8] = a[

2] a[7] - a[2] a[17] - a[3] a[26] + a[5] a[8] + a[8] a[9], a[1]

a[9] = a[3] a[7] + a[6] a[8] + a[9](a[9]) - a[2] a[18]

- a[3] a[27], a[2] a[4] = a[2] a[10] - a[3] a[7] + a[3] a[19],

a[2] a[5] = a[2] a[11] - a[3] a[8] + a[3] a[20],

a[2] a[6] = a[2] a[12] - a[3] a[9] + a[3] a[21],

a[2] a[7] = a[2] a[7], a[2] a[10] = a[2] a[10],

a[2] a[11] = a[2] a[11], a[2] a[12] = a[2] a[12],

a[2] a[13] = -a[3] a[22] + a[4] a[5] + a[6] a[7],

a[2] a[14] = a[2] a[14], a[2] a[15] = a[2] a[15],

a[2] a[16] = -a[3] a[25] + a[4] a[8] + a[7] a[9],

a[2] a[17] = a[2] a[17], a[2] a[18] = a[2] a[18],

a[3] a[4] = a[3] a[4], a[3] a[7] = a[3] a[7],

a[3] a[8] = a[3] a[8], a[3] a[9] = a[3] a[9],

a[3] a[19] = a[3] a[19], a[3] a[20] = a[3] a[20],

a[3] a[21] = a[3] a[21], a[3] a[22] = a[3] a[22],

a[3] a[23] = a[3] a[23], a[3] a[24] = a[3] a[24],

a[3] a[25] = a[3] a[25], a[3] a[26] = a[3] a[26],

a[3] a[27] = a[3] a[27], a[4] a[5] = a[4] a[5],

a[4] a[8] = a[4] a[8], a[5] a[6] = a[5] a[6],

a[5] a[8] = a[5] a[8], a[6] a[7] = a[6] a[7],

a[6] a[8] = a[6] a[8], a[6] a[9] = a[6] a[9],

a[7] a[9] = a[7] a[9], a[8] a[9] = a[8] a[9],

a[1](a[1]) = a[1](a[1]), a[5](a[5]) = a[5](a[5]),

a[9](a[9]) = a[9](a[9])}




the program runs however the warning message pops ...what can i do to eliminate the problem??? 

yep the errors recieved using some packages are very very specific for maple, for example, the one i got today using the ODE package was profoundly helpful:


Error, (in ODEtools/info) unable to handle derivatives as {diff(1/(ln(X)-Psi(1-f(X))-Psi(f(X))), [`$`(X, n-k[1]-k[2])]), diff(1/f(X), [`$`(X, n-k[1]-k[2])]), diff(Psi(1-f(X)), [`$`(X, k[2])]), diff(Psi(f(X)), [`$`(X, k[2])]), diff(f(X), [`$`(X, k[1])])} while solving w.r.t f(X)


1st post. I'm trying to integrate the following function:





int(h(t),t); ** Integration command. I've also replaced the "h(t)" with the entire function.

I've tried the following:

1. Changed the "t" to "x" throughout function.

2. Added parens around sqrt portion.

3. Added parens to include "cos" and then added to include the beginning (2*t-1).

4. I've added brackets around the numerator but this just causes Maple to reprint the function with the inegration sign in front of the function.

5. I've also tried using the Integration tutor. It returns that maple is unable to calculate.

6. Repeat all the above in Maple 2015, same answer.

I always get cos(t^2-t).

The math book claims the answer is 1/6*sin*sqrt(3*(2*t-1)^2+6). When I perform the inegration on paper I get the same answer.

Any suggestions or corrections would be great.

Thank you,



pls help review this code, its doesnt return a solution



Digits := 16;
M := .5; lambda := .5; Pr := .72; beta := 1; L[w] := 0; m := 1; R := 1; Ec := 1;
N := 7;
for j from 0 to N do J[j] := sum(f[k](t)*(diff(f[j-k](t), `$`(t, 2))), k = 0 .. j) end do;
for i from 0 to N do K[i] := sum((diff(f[k](t), t))*(diff(f[i-k](t), t)), k = 0 .. i) end do;
for j from 0 to N do G[j] := sum(f[k](t)*(diff(theta[j-k](t), t)), k = 0 .. j) end do;
for j from 0 to N do H[j] := sum((diff(f[k](t), t))*theta[j-k](t), k = 0 .. j) end do;
for i from 0 to N do P[i] := sum((diff(f[k](t), t, t))*(diff(f[i-k](t), t)), k = 0 .. i) end do;
epsilon := 1; delta := 0;
f[0] := proc (t) options operator, arrow; L[w]+epsilon+delta*A*t+(1/2)*A*t^2 end proc;
1 2
t -> L[w] + epsilon + delta A t + - A t
theta[0] := proc (t) options operator, arrow; 1+B*t end proc;
t -> 1 + B t

for i to N do f[i] := simplify(-((m+1)*(1/2))*(int(int(int(J[i-1], t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))+m*(int(int(int(1-K[i-1], t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))-M*(int(int(int(diff(f[i-1](t), t)-1, t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))-lambda*(int(int(int(theta[i-1](t), t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))); f[i] := unapply(f[i], eta); theta[i] := simplify(-3*Pr*R*(((m+1)*(1/2))*(int(int(G[i-1], t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))-(2*m-1)*(int(int(H[i-1], t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta))+Ec*(int(int(P[i-1], t = 0 .. eta), t = 0 .. eta)))/(4+3*R)); theta[i] := unapply(theta[i], eta) end do;

for k from 2 to 5 do W[k] := pade(diff(F(eta), eta), eta, [k, k]); Q[k] := pade(Theta(eta), eta, [k, k]); SOLL1[k] := expand(coeff(numer(W[k]), eta^k)) = 1; SOLL2[k] := expand(coeff(numer(Q[k]), eta^k)) = 0; SOL[k] := solve({SOLL1[k], SOLL2[k]}, {A, B}); print([k] = SOL[k]) end do;
Warning, computation interrupted







I'm sorry for asking too many similar technical questions, but I just can't help this.

I'm solving a system of differential equations with dsolve and getting this type of error:

Error, (in f) unable to store 'HFloat(0.10664489706950975)+HFloat(1.1891638418458722e-5)*sin^2-HFloat(1.6095871822513048e-6)*sin' when datatype=float[8]

I checked the dsolve syntax, checked that all the constants are defined, checked that the number of equations matches the number of unknown functions (and there is no misprints of them in the code). In brief, I checked all the stuff that I usually have mistakes in, and yet the error stands. 

Here's the file:

cannot find the error in loop



> restart; u[0] := (4/3)*c^2*cos((1/4)*x)^2; alpha := 2;
> iteration := 3;
> for k from 0 while k <= Iteration do u[s] := eval(u[k], t = xi); u[k+1] := simplify(u[k]-(int(diff(u[s], [`$`(xi, alpha)])+diff(u[s]*u[s], x)+diff(u[s]*u[s], x, x, x), xi = 0 .. t))) end do;

how can solve using assume option ?





solve(F(z),z assuming -0.5<m<0.5, 0<u<0.5)

Error, `<` unexpected






When I type sin(pi/2) the result is sin(pi/2) (not "1.0)

What should I do to get "1.0" instead of replicating the sin(pi/2) ?!

I mean why the expression contating "pi" can not being simplified?

Is there any solution to this problem?



how are iterated functions represented in maple? as in f(f(f(x))) is f^3(x)(x)  in conventional notation where by the reader knows it is refering to the iteration conducted 3 times on the argument x, but what does maple use to differentiate between iteration ,exponentiation and differentiation?

when writing by error the following

end proc();

Maple did not complain and returned  f := y(x) = _C1*exp(-x)

Then I noticed I needed to change "end proc();" to "end proc;" 

The question is, why did Maple not generate a syntax error? If "end proc();" is valid Maple code, then what does it mean? or Did Maple ignore it? what is the parsing steps used to make Maple generate the above output? 

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