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I am programing the RSA-Algorithm. Somewhere in the program the user gets the choice to get a rough summary of the algorithm and the various steps used.

To do that I wrote a 1 1/2 page summary in Word. To see how the text is displayed withing the Window I took the first paragraph of my summary and put it in the following code:


mapletExplainRSA := Maplet(Window('title' = "Erfahre mehr über RSA",

["Das verschlüsseln und entschlüsseln einer Nachricht dient der sicheren Kommunikation. Es existieren bereits Methoden der sicheren Kommunikation. Eine davon nennt man „one way ciphers“ oder „trap door ciphers“.  „One way“ da obwohl alle eine Nachricht verschlüsseln können, nur einer sie entschlüsseln kann. Für jedes Verschlüsselungsverfahren gibt es einen Schlüssel für das verschlüsseln und einen anderen Schlüsseln für das entschlüsseln.",

[Button("Nachricht verschlüsseln", Shutdown("True")), Button("Abbrechen", Shutdown())]]));



The problem is that when I run this code the whole paragraph is written on the same line and hence does not even fit in the Maplet Window. Is there a way so that my rather long text will be formatet nicely within the Maplet window. Just like it would be displayed using Word. That is a text in paragraph style where sentences are wrapped automatically.



We have two texts in a certain language, represented as Maple  strings,  e. g.
"die einkommen der landwirte sind fuer die abgeordneten ein
buch mit sieben siegeln um dem abzuhelfen muessen dringend alle
subventionsgesetze verbessert werden" and
"die steuern auf vermoegen und einkommen sollten nach meinung
der abgeordneten nachdruecklich erhoben werden dazu muessen die
kontrollbefugnisse der finanzbehoerden dringend verbessert werden".
We have to find the maximal common subsequence of the words in the both texts,
i.e. "die  einkommen der abgeordneten muessen dringend verbessert werden" for
the above. If there are a few such ones, then only one is enough. How to program
that by SringTools and/or EssayTools in maximum efficient way? A compiled procedure is welcome.

The meaning of \%1...

April 29 2014 taro 90

Hello those who attends Mapleprimes,


I have a question.

A programme was written in a text:



if n=0 then


elif n=1 then


elif n=2 then


elif n=3 then


else error "bad argument: \%1", n;

end if; 


The answer of this programme was 

 error bad argument.


What I couldn't understand was the meaning of \%1

Could you tell me about it to me?


Thanks in advance.


I have a vector that looks like this:


Now in order to make the api call it has to be expressed as:,GOOG.NASDAQ_AAC.4,GOOG.NASDAQ_AACC.4

or as:


How would I make that transformation?
It looks simple but it is difficult ie string notation and you cant copy past (thousands of stocks). 


Dear All,

please help me with my problem. i have quite a big program all parts of which are distributed in the several code edit regions and in the main text. i'd like to find all occurenses of gven text in all open documents including code edit regions. i know how to do it manually by openening each code edit regiong and pressing Ctrl-F. however it is very time consuming and defocuses me apart from my main tasks. i'd prefer to use some combinations of 'hot keys' on the keybord or one or two mouse clicks as for example in MS Visual Studio.  

 Can't copy from Maple worksheet and paste here in the Mapleprimes text editor. It's very cumbersome when one needs to detail technical examples. Is there a way to copy and paste?Thanks


I'm very new to Maple and need some help.

I have a Matrix with the structure

M:= Matrix([[2013-08-13T00:29:24+0000,"text1"],[2013-08-14T00:29:24+0000,"text2"],[2013-08-15T00:29:24+0000,"text1"],[2013-08-16T00:29:24+0000,"text1"]])


and would like to plot this. Now problem one obviously is, it contains a timestamp. How can I use this in Maple? Second problem is, "text1" is a string, so I cannot use plotlist because it can not be converted to a float.


I installed Maple 17 on Slackware Linux 14.0 today and everything seems to work except that when I want to search for something through Maple Help my mouse doesn't seem to activate the text search field. Is this happening with anyone else or is this just because I am running under Slackware?




How do I copy Maple input without any modifications?

Here is my problem:Consider the MAPLE input below (Copy Example). Copy and paste results in:

restart; with(VectorCalculus); SpaceCurve(`<,>`(VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, cos(t)), VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, sin(t)), t), t = 0 .. VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, Pi), axes = boxed, thickness = 2, color = black)

which is not the same as the input. I need the unmodified Maple input for a documentation, which is published...

How do I export a procedure written inside the GUI (i.e. Document mode) into an external file format that is directly supported by a read of a package module?

Every export format I tried requires post editting by a text editor to "fix-it".  And it seems most export options drop the comment text (i.e. text after a #).


Hey guys.


I've been using a format where everything, math and text, is in black. The awnsers come out in blue.

Some coleges use a (ugly?) format where the equations are in red and are, in my opinion, less easy to read and take longer to type down.


So my question is simply this: Can I do everything using the black format I'm used to, or are there certain things that I MUST use the red format to compute?

If there are...

We're are using Maple TA 8 at our university. I'm new to Maple TA and I would like to create an assigment with multiple choice questions about JavaScript and HTML. But I found the following problems when creating these MC questions:

1) Using < and > characters aren't allowed in the "Choices for the answers" fields. So I manually have to XML encode text containing these characters. Is there an easier way to do this? I would expect answers to be stored as plain...

Hi, I would like to label curves on a plot but using horizontal text looks really bad.  I would like to use verical text labels or even text labels that follow the curves.  It this possible in Maple?  I have tried rotate with textplot but that only rotates the point and not the text.  Any ideas would be great! Thanks.

Suppose I have a file of text that I would like to read into a Maple (16) worksheet as a string. (I have in mind encrypting the string using the RSA encryption scheme.)

If I paste the text directly into the worksheet and surround it by ",  I have no problem, but if I try to read, for example, a file some_text.txt using a command like


I tried to write a procedure for the first time and it worked good. But I still have problems:

1. the coordinates of the point "p"
Is it possible to mix text with variables like: "The balance point is: xs:",xs,"/ys:",ys
                        or "The balance point is [xs,ys]=",p

2. use of "y" after procedure has processed
I declared the variables of the...

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