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I have this kind of expression :


I would like to keep a sum like and simplify all the expressions of
the type $z+\bar{z}=2Re(Z)$


Thanks for your suggestion

True of False, Explain:

If ∏/2<θ<∏, Then cos θ/2<0

Find the value: P=sin(10)sin(30)sin(50)...sin(890) ?

How do you express sin(4x)^2 in terms of powers of cos(x) in Maple 17?

My question is in the title, here is simple example: 


I use formula of abridged multiplication (with help of "factor")


  (sin(a+b) - sin(a-b))(sin(a+b) + sin(a-b))

Then expand:

>expand(%, trig)


And all I whant now is to use double angle formula like this:

4sin(a)cos(b)cos(a)sin(b) = sin(2a)sin(2b)

I am trying to use the procedure described in the answers to this question:

to find the solutions to sin(2*x) = 1/2 where -2*Pi <= x <= 2*Pi. After the isolve() command is issued, I get the warning that solutions may have been lost. i think the issue is the form in which Maple represents the general solution to the equation. Any ideas on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated!

Dear friends,

I have recently been calculating a sum from this link.

The problem here is to calculate the sum sum_{n>=1} (-1)^(n+1)/(n^2+a) with a some positive real number. You probably all agree that it is preferable to express it using elementary functions from basic calculus as opposed to the Gamma, Zeta and Digamma...


How to solve it with Maple? The explicit and nonnumerical solution is required.

The circle S with center at the origin and radius 2 is given by the equation x2 + y2 = 4
The circle S have two

Dear All,

I am trying to solve the equation shown in the attached file but can't get the required answer, any suggestions?

I shall be very thankful.




A(n,q) = I(n)*Z(q)/2 * Sum((cos(nwt - qptheta - (n-q)(i-1)2*Pi/3)+cos(nwt + qptheta - (n+q)(i-1)2*Pi/3)),i=1..3)

With n - q = ...-9,-6,-3,0,3,6,9   above equation becomes

Hi all,

I am calculating the following :





Ftotal:= Fa1*1/2(3*cos(wt-theta)+cos(wt+theta)+cos(wt+theta-240)+cos(wt+theta-480))


The exact solution I am looking for is: Ftotal:=3/2*Fa1*cos(wt-theta...


Maple does not simplify the expression -2*Pi*sin(Pi*a)/(-1+cos(2*Pi*a)). How can I make it do so? 



Maple 15 64-bit on Windows 7

HI all,


I am trying to figure out in MAPLE how can I write     A * sin*theta + B* cos* theta  in the form as follows:


How to make Maple recognize that: sin(x) +sin(x+Pi/3) is equivalent to sqrt(3)sin(x+Pi/6), and various variants of this expression involving sine, cosine, constants equal to Pi/3, Pi/6, etc? I can do it using the subs finction, but this involves finding the equivalent by hand for each variant. Thanks.


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