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Sorry for the bad format, maple input is not working.

In particular,from an expression, something like

 Int(x*f(x), x = 0 .. 1)+ Int(x, x = 0 .. 1/3)+3* Int(x*f(x), x = 0 .. 2/3)

I want to extract 


That is all the integrands occuring in the expression. GetIntegrand helps to find the integrand but only for one integral, how do I do it for an expression like above.


I tried to apply following approach

subs(sin(c::anything)=c, sin(x)+f);

and the output was


I was expecting to get only 'x+f' for output.

EDIT 1: 

Thank you so much for your help. You guys answered exactly what I asked for. I needed this to do something different but I should have been more careful. I realized, I could not get that part now. This is what I actually need to do, if

A:=-(5/8)*x*(Int(f(x), x = 0 .. x))+(5/24)*(Int(f(x), x = 1/3 .. x))-(1/4)*x*(Int(x*f(x), x = 1/3 .. x));

then I wish to get a function, g(xi),

g(xi)= -(5/8)x*f(xi) ;   if 0<= xi <= x
                                                  (5/24)*f(xi)-(1/4)*x*xi*f(xi) ; if 1/3<= xi<= x

Notice, all the terms after integral should use variable 'xi' and terms occurring before integral remains as it is.

I would like to implement a rule for typeseting delayDotProduct in latex exports (in which this expressions appears in plain form). It corresponds to dot products of vectors/matrices with the "." operator. I tried to define 

sprintf("{ {%s}{%s} }",cat(`latex/print`(f1)),cat(`latex/print`(f2)))
end proc:

which does not do the job. 


A related question: How can I make


produce x''(t) in latex output?

How is vertical text created in a plot?  It would be similiar to using the labeldirection option set to "vertical", but my text in question will be an annotation within the field of the plot.  A more general question would be how to place rotated text within a plot.    

Using Maple 18.01 on windows 7.

When setting typesetting level to extended, I get this (which is what I want):


But I also wanted to use alias, to make the above show just as \dot(x), i.e. without the (t) as well, since the equations are long, and not having (t) printed next to each letter would make them easier to read. But I found out that if I use an alias as follows


then now the typesetting level extended no longer works:


What do I need to make Maple display  only \dot(x) without the argument (t) everywhere?






I am a student and using Maple to type homework assignments because of the math symbols available.  I was using Maple 17 but upgraded to 18, and its not as easy to use as 17.  For right now I am using it in text mode, because that is what I need.  But I can't figure out an easy way to do subscripts and superscripts in text mode.  Also, the "element symbol," where is it?  I feel like a lot of stuff is missing.  For instance, the arrows, the sideways triangle, lots of symbols I used before the upgrade I cant find.  Can someone help please???

Hello, I am exporting a plot (numerous plots actually) directly to eps files. In my axis labels, I have Greek and non-Greek characters. I am using the following in my plot command:

After typing

'a x b'=CrossProduct(avector,bvector)

Maple writes out



 SEE ATTACHMENT.. Cannot find how to fix this error. Thanks!


Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse : "invalid subscript selector"



How does one change a previous Atomic setting back to non-Atomic?  This seems so simple, but I can't find anyway to Undo this change.  


Using Maple 16. In Document mode. Tools->OutputDisplay->2D Math I want when the output comes out, to be LEFT justified and Not Centered. The reason is that when I export to Latex, it comes out as \[\displaystyle \,{..... And I do not want the result to be centered.
I want the math just to be that each equation in the output to start from the
left edge of the page. So that if I have 3 equations in the output, in my
latex document,...



I have created a MapleSim model including a few custom components. When I try to run the simulation, I receive the following error:

cannot resolve function `Main.'Typesetting:-mambiguous'`; there is no function `'Typesetting:-mambiguous'` visible in model `Main`


How do I know where the source of the error is?


Thank you,


I have been using Maple in Document mode to provide documentation of engineering calculations according to various design standards.

I have been asked to provide more detail about certain critical calculations.

Ideally, I would want to enter the formula as a symbolic espression, then the output would begin with and echo of the expression with numberic values substituted for the variable names (ie without performing any mathematical operations), and then give the evaluated answer.

In regards to executing a command to output text in color I have stumbled across a minor bug?

Tools -> options -> display -> typsetting level : Extended

Typsetting[Settings](autoatomic) #checking default autoatomic setting (don't know if this really matters though)

Type in    testing    - select the...


I'm having problems tweaking legends in plots. I'm using Maple 15 / Standard on Windows 7 - 64 bits.

The first problem I have is that the legend box is too narrow. Is there a way to fix that? The help page does not mention anything to that effect.

I could have the legend above or below and the box would stretch wide enough, but I would prefer to have the legend on the left.

I was curious about converting between the different ways of writing a derivative in maple for the standard GUI.

I can convert y' to D(y)(x) but I cannot directly convert y' to the form d/dx y(x) unless I go to the
tools->options->display and change the typsetting level to maple standard and reprocess the line.  We are stuck with either one form or the other but not both without having to adjust the typsetting level in...

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