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This has been buggin me all day, but if i define a variable with an expresion say "a:=3 x+5" and i then want to assign this expression to a function like so "f:=x->a". if i then call f(7), maple return with "3 x+5" so just returning the value of a without substituting x with 7.

Is there any way in which i can define a function this way?

I am new user of Maple. I have an expression like f(x,y)/g(x,y) and I want to have Maple name f(x,y) as something simple like "h" so that later equations write h/g(x,y) instead of the complete f(x,y)/g(x,y), and also to be able to simplify other equations in terms of h.

For example, a=(x+1)(y-5)^2/(x+y-3). Can I get Maple to let h=(x+1)(y-5)^2, so that I get h/(x+y-3) when I ask for a?

Sorry if this question is basic (and my math terminology incorrect), but I have been trying for a while.


sometimes I observe extreme delays when simply entering a variable name like fooBar; right after starting a Maple session. This happens when the current directory contains a file with that name, because Maple automatically loads this file.

For example, if I create an empty file fooBar.m and start a Maple session,

> fooBar;
Error, `./fooBar.m` is an incorrect or outdated .m file

raises an error. More often however, I have some huge Maple files in the working directory and whenever I use (by chance) a variable name in the Maple session that matches a filename, Maple tries to load the corresponding file.

Is there a documentation of this behaviour and a possibility to stop this automatic loading of files?




I'm new here and I couldn't find similar problem in this forum.

I want to use variable (red marked) with unit definite integrals but it doesn't work. I put the file with units and file without units (to check correct solution) in this post.

What to do?




I'd expect the following to give the result "c+2".

> c := a+b

> simplify(a+b+2)

How can I let Maple know that I'd prefer it to write "c" in place of "a+b" when possible?

I need to get rid of the type "constant" for gamma. In Maple, gamma is defined as Euler's constant by default. While it is easy enough to unprotect(gamma) and then get rid of its value, Maple will refuse to solve an equation for gamma, as it remains of type constant even after deassigning it. So I need to regain gamma as a variable.

Some may feel this is an unwise thing to do. But it actually is not: I am writing a document involving physics, and gamma is the accepted symbol for the relativistic energy. I cannot avoid using that, lest mass confusion ensues (this involves students). I really don't want to write gammar instead. Euler's constant, otoh, does not figure at all in my document.

Note that I need a solution that works in Maple 15 and later as I am working in a heterogeneous environment as far as Maple versions are concerned.

Thanks in advance,

Mac Dude


How to calculate c.d.f from probability mass function. Suppose that the pmf of a discrete random variable is given : f(x)=(2*x+1)/25, x=0,1,2,3,4

It seems Maple has no Clear(variable); function build in, and one must type

         variable := 'variable`; 

for each variable to be cleared. This is a little too verbose. In Mathematica one types "Clear[variable1,variable2]" which requires much less typing than the Maple way of doing it. (About 1/2 as much, if one has to clear few variables each time).

Doing restart is not a good solution all the time, since that will clear everything.

Strange why Maple can not provide such a function, and inside it, it can do these calls.

So, I was wondering if someone has written such a function. I can try to write one myself, but I am not very good in Maple, and I think a professionally written one by an expert would be more robust and will do more checking as needed to make sure it works correctly.

So, my question is, why Maple does not provide such a function as build-in? And does one know of a good implementation of one that exist?

How do I define a function from a graph in a plot? 

Or how do I find the intersection between two lines? I have to find the intersection of 2 lines in a graph, while one of these lines consists of 2 different equations dependent from the same variable. 


Thanks in advance. 

Hello everyone!

I have a small problem with setting of name's variable by using for do loop!

Small description of the issue: i have a loop which looks in that way:

for k from 1 to 4 do


end do;

Еventually i want to have, for instance, four matrices with different filling but ranged from 1 to 4:




Especially i want to see names of the variables in the abovementioned way i.e. y1 and not y[1]!

Hy, I am trying to design a game with maple. For that I simulated the 6 rolls with the random function. Now I'd like to display them on 6 different buttons. I desgined the buttons, but I can only manage to get a fixed expression on them (like "dice"), but no variable. My idea is to take the element of a list (6 rolls in one list) and display it on the button. Can anybody help me please? Thanx!

I have a matrix of order 14 with whose entries being variables about u_1 to u_12. I want to get its determinant, but it return no results. It explains that it is too big for maple to deal with. So I wonder how to deal with such kind of this problem?

Thank you very much for kind attention!


THis is what I have so far.. is there anyone who can help me with this?

Let f(x) = 1/9*x^2, o<x<c

Find c so that f(x) is the pdf of a random variable X.

I have come up with this and was wondering if I could get some help. I cant get it to paste in, but I have

uploaded the file.. Please assist if you can.

Twenty five observations of a random variable X are :130.8  129.9  131.5  131.2  129.5  132.2  133.7  127.8  131.5  132.7  134.8 131.7  133.9  129.8  131.4  132.8  132.7  128.8  130.6  131.1  133.8  130.5 131.4  131.3  129.5  //.. How do I construct a stem and leaf display using stems of 127, 128, 129, ... 134? I also need to find all quartiles.. Thank you to anyone...

Hi! Just got help for my first question about Maple in here and it worked out great! :-)

I got one more question, I think it might be difficult to do, but let's see.

I've got a worksheet with about 6 equations. These equations depend on one single variable at the start (the first equation results in a value that the next equation uses and so on), the problem is, the variable has 11 different values, and I want 11 results that come out from...

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