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Does Maple TA work in Windows 10?

My first attempt in Edge and Chrome was not promising.

Harry Garst

Which Maple versions will run on Windows 10? Windows 10 is offered free to users of Windows 7 and 8.1. Several (including old) Maple versions run on Windows 7.

I am running Maple in a windows virtual machine, on a mac computer.

I have a number of worksheets on its disk

Windows advised me to run its error checking utility (chkdsk)

when I try and open them it gives me a number of options:

maple text

plain text 

and maple input


None of these are the same as the original files. What has happened? and how can i fix it?

I have 16 running on 32 bit xp computer, but I cannot install on 64 bit m/c with windows 8.1.

Have tried -r ,-f, -i options as in install.html, but install log says nothing installed.

How do I install ?

To run Maple script, on windows, I type

cmaple.exe   my_file.mpl

and this works well. So if my_file.mpl has the line int(sin(x),x);  the result of the above is:

> int(sin(x),x);
> quit
memory used=0.9MB, alloc=8.3MB, time=0.05


sometimes, it will be nice to use cmaple to quickly do one time calculation on the fly such as the above, without having to open Maple GUI or write/edit a file. For example, I'd like to be able to do something like

cmaple.exe   "int(sin(x),x);"

but ofcourse the above does not work as is, since it expects its input to be a file. I tried

cmaple.exe   << "int(sin(x),x);"

but that did not work (for obvious reasons, since the input string is not a file name).

I tried different re-directions, as shown in this page for windows, but maple expects the input to be a file.

Is there a way to use cmaple with command directly written as string as above? I am using Maple 2015.


Compared to Maple on Windows, how do ppl like Maple on Macs ?

Any comments ??


Thanks, cheers !



  Is there any benchmark of the performance of maple on windows 7 64 bit vs linux, especially in solving generalized eigenvalue problem?


Thank you very much



  I am using maple on Windows 7. I edit .mw file by maplew.exe.


  When the source code becomes long, e.g. over 2000 lines, the editing resonse starts to be slow. I can try to edit in other software, e.g. editplus. Is there any way to let maplew works faster?


Thank you!

Suppose I have installed maple on a directory in Windows 7 64 Bit. Now I use the command mode in windows, by typing maplew "D:\" > xx.txt, it doesn't work. 


Excuse me, how to run maplew on command mode?

Hi all,


Sorry if the question of the title wasn't very clear. I am not sure how to express it correctly.

But here is what I do for linux,

and I get


So when I submitted a lot of jobs, I can see the arguments that was passed to it. I can easily kill a process.


How do I do that in windows if anyone knows?

Here is a screenshot from windows task manager:


That does not give informative details, just like the 'top' command in linux.




Years ago it was possible for Maple to send graphics in a new window instead of the current worksheet.

I know it is possible under Unix*s with plotestup and interface=x11.

I have read extensively the man page and didn't find any reference for windows machines. it possible or not ?

Thank you for your feedback,

JM Collard


Hi My main problem is that the new installer is ridiculously small that I cannot even press the buttons acuratley. I am running windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro 2. I had no problems installing maple 17.


I also ran into errors using the Bitrock installer 3 times, I am not even sure if it is installed correctly now.


is there anyway to get maple 18 without using the Bitrock installer?


I'm using Maple 17 on Windows 8 (64-bit).

I have noticed that when I use the 'spacecurve' command and try to display it with the 'display' command, nothing shows up. I made sure that I used 'with(plots)' and 'with(plottools)', still nothing. However 'plot3d' works fine. I think it has something to do with the version of Java I'm using but I don't know what. Any help is welcome, thx

Specifications of my laptop:

Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GT 740m

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM (2.40GHz)

Ram: 6,00 GB

OS: Windows 8.1

I am using "Maple 15" and "Windows 7" and I want to share the tip for using "Classic worksheet" and "GR Tensor". Windows 7 is 64-bit but you can use Classic worksheet and GR Tensor, which work basically in 32-bit, by simply downlording "32-bit Maple 15" !! I haven't tried other more current versions of Maple but Maple 15 works well: you can choose 32-bit Maple in the download options.

Enjoy the Classic worksheet and GR Tensor. Good luck !  

This is a Windows specific question. If I currently have the worksheet named "" in the directory "C:\projects" open in Maple, is there a command I can execute to retreive the path "C:/projects" as a string? 

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