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I often need to present my results.

How i find that the maple sheets aren't very useful to do this. I use of course sections to keep my page of results clearer but when you have many lines, it is very nice to my mpoint of view.

I recently discover the "slideshow" mode. I could be interested but i have some troubles with this mode.

First, as i use sections, in the slideshow mode, i see one page per section. But when i have many lines in...

The list of the GUI problems is long, so I'll just summarize some of them.

In text groups, when the writing cursor is moved, the cursor is often not visible at the new position (where it actuall knows it is at), but often remains visible in a trail of places where it previously was.

In Help, the first letter of the search word is usually missing so that it is necessary to start with a space. Also in Help, both the scroll bar and the actual search...

when i open a new worksheet its indicates it as untitled worksheet number 11. whcih means i have 10 previous untitled worksheets. where are these stored. i can not find them in the maple folder?



1 heading 1

   1.1 sublevel 1

         1,1,1 subsublevel

    1.n sublevel n

2 heading 2


working on my exam notes for tomorrow, I get this...

and only 1/3 or so of my document opens... anyone that can help me out here..?  

I use Maple 17... 

One of the most basic decisions a baseball manager has to make is how to arrange the batting order.  There are many heuristics and models for estimating the productivity of a given order.  My personal favourite is the use of simulation, but by far the most elegant solution from a mathematical perspective uses probability matrices and Markov chains.  An excellent treatment of this topic can be found in Dr. Joel S. Sokol's article,


An intersection in my neighbourhood, currently controlled by a 2-way stop, is under consideration to become a 4-way stop.  This means the traffic that currently has the right-of-way will be required to come to a complete stop, wheras previously they could have coasted down the hill, and accelerated up the other side.   Politics aside, I was curious to explore the following question:


I took the battery out of my laptop by a mistake while it was in sleep mode. Now maple can't open the document even though i did save it before. It opens a file where 80% of my work is gone.



Maple says Incomplete worksheet when I open the file.  

Can someone please help me?

I sometimes like to work with worksheets in classic mode. However, I have just discovered that I cannot simply type "restart;" in the beginning of a worksheet in classic mode because it causes the worksheet window to freeze. However, if I click the "restart" button, then things go as normal. I really want to have each of my worksheets begin with the "restart;"  command. Need your assistant on a way out.

I use 64-bit windows 7 CORE i3 Dell Inspiron N4050.

Maple people:


I just installed Maple 16 on my home PC.  I prefer using Classic Worksheet Maple, so that I can actually tell what I have typed, and what I type appears in red typewriter font.  I also would like matching parentheses to blink when I enter stuff so I enter the right number of parentheses.  Maple works this way on my office PC, but I can't get it to work this way at home.  I could simply use regular Maple 16 (not Classic Worksheet...



I wrote a Maple 15 worksheet containing a function that calls two other functions defined earlier in the worksheet.  The main function didn't work, so I replaced one of the functions that was called, by cut-and-pasting its definition into the main function.  This is obviously inconvenient because I want to alter the function that I cut-and -pasted and whenever I do it I will have to cut-and-paste again.  It also detracts from the...

Like to use a few brief Maple commands in a presentation, but don't want to have the output shown in advance. Is there a way of saving a worksheet without the output or load it with just the commands?



First of all I'm French so excuse my English.

I have some questions about Maple 14 on MacOSX,

1- I want to use the "proc()" fuction with an "if" fuction in the "proc()" but it's not workink, I tested many display with the "print" command to evaluate where is the problem and now I can say that the problem is in the "if" fuction. Here his my worksheet :

> suite := proc (n) local u, k, i; u := n; k := 0; for i from 0 to 10 do print(irem(u, 2...


I have to maple worksheets: one called and another called I read a file with

read(filename); from both .mw sheets.

but then file gives me a correct result while does not execute the linalg commands. For example, in filename there is:

for i from 1 to 8 do

    A1[i] := dotprod([1, x1, x2, x3], s);


while gives the result just gives



Recently, I upgraded from Maple 13 to Maple 16.  I have been using Maple for 20 years --- Maple V Release 2 (1992) through Maple 16 (2012), and I participated in beta testing Maple V Release 4, which developed what we now call the Classic Interface.  The Classic Interface is amazing --- it was better than Mathematica in 1994 and it is still better than Maple's Standard Interface.  The Standard Interface is missing features that were...

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