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Hello Hello everybody 
   I have to solve the following differential equation numerically 




mb:=765 : mp:=587 : Ib:=76.3*10^3 : Ip:=7.3*10^3 : l:=0.92 : d:=10: F:=490: omega:=0.43 :


1352*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))+587*(10*cos(theta(t))+.92*cos(alpha(t)+theta(t)))*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))+540.04*cos(alpha(t)+theta(t))*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))+5870*(diff(theta(t), t))^2*sin(theta(t))+540.04*(diff(theta(t), t)+diff(alpha(t), t))^2*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))-490*sin(.43*t) = 0



1352*(diff(diff(z(t), t), t))-5870*(sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))+sin(theta(t)))*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))-540.04*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))+5870*(diff(theta(t), t))^2*cos(theta(t))+540.04*(diff(theta(t), t)+diff(alpha(t), t))^2*cos(alpha(t)+theta(t))+13263.12-490*sin(.43*t) = 0



587*(10*cos(theta(t))+.92*cos(alpha(t)+theta(t)))*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))-587*(.92*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))+10*sin(theta(t)))*(diff(diff(z(t), t), t))+(142796.8368+10800.80*cos(alpha(t)))*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))+[7796.8368+5400.40*cos(alpha(t))]*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))-587*sin(alpha(t))*(9.20*(diff(alpha(t), t))^2-9.20*(diff(theta(t), t)+diff(alpha(t), t))^2)+5297.7924*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))+57584.70*sin(theta(t)) = 0



540.04*cos(alpha(t)+theta(t))*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))-540.04*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))*(diff(diff(z(t), t), t))+(7796.8368+5400.40*cos(alpha(t)))*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))+7796.8368*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))-5297.7924*sin(alpha(t)+theta(t))+5400.40*(diff(theta(t), t))^2*sin(alpha(t)) = 0


CI:= x(0)=0,z(0)=0,theta(0)=0,alpha(0)=0,D(x)(0)=0,D(alpha)(0)=0,D(z)(0)=0,D(theta)(0)=0;

x(0) = 0, z(0) = 0, theta(0) = 0, alpha(0) = 0, (D(x))(0) = 0, (D(alpha))(0) = 0, (D(z))(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 0


solution:=dsolve([eq1,eq2,eq3,eq4, CI],numeric);

Error, (in f) unable to store '[0.]/(0.17571268341557e16+[-0.25659510610770e15])' when datatype=float[8]




I don't know why it says : Error, (in f) unable to store '[0.]/(0.17571268341557e16+[-0.25659510610770e15])' when datatype=float[8]


Help pleaase!

thank you !!!

Download systé


I'm currently using maple for calculations of robot kinematics.

My problem is that if i run my worksheet twice  Maple stops showing my results and starts to show e.g. _rtable 18446744074374081822 instead. How can i avoid this behaviour?

(I have a restart command in the beginning of my worksheet)



It seems that the strange behaviour doesent always happen when i run the worksheet twice.

Sometimes i need to run it three times or sometimes i just have to wait for a period of time and run it again. Restarting maple (Closing and reopening the program) fixes the problem every time.

I dont change any parameters between runs.

Normal behaviour 

Strange behaviour



My worksheet if you want to take a look at it

Maple WWW - Maple Worksheets in the World Wide Web

DigiArea Team is proud to present new modern web technology for Maple Worksheets - Maple WWW. 

Maple WWW is a technology that brings Maple Worksheets to the World Wide Web. The technology provides a web application to view and share interactive scientific documents across the web. Maple WWW allows to open Maple worksheets in your browser without any additional plugins or extensions.

You can read more about the technology here:

You can see the technology in action right here using the following embedded Maple Worksheet!



I have a worksheet. I edit some variables' value. I then execute the whole worksheet to see how the graphs change. But the graphs generated by display command do not appear. All other calculations update fine. 

To overcome this. I save worksheet with my new variable values. Close the worksheet. Reopen it. Execute it. And now the graphs appear fine.


I took a calculus 1 class in 2002, so i have many maple worksheets i would like to view on my new dell venue 8 pro. can the player read the .mws ext ?  Donald Altringer

ps. I have maple 8 on my laptop but not on th tablet and i don't  have a way of installing it


Maple crashed while saving and now there is nothing in my file. Lost a bunch of work, any way to fix it?


Using worksheet mode. It is a strugle to add a new paragraph on its own group so I can document some code.

I open new worksheet, and type a Maple command. say

x:=10; and hit return.

Now the screen looks like

|                        x:=10
|>     curser is here now    (1)

Now I want to make new paragraph, on its own group, before I type new command. (I need it on its own group, to fix another Maple latex export issue) i..e I want it to look like

|                        x:=10
|   this is pargraph I wanted to create
|>     curser is here now    (2)

However, this is not possible using one command.  when in (1) above, if I tell Maple to insert paragraph->Before cursor, it does this:

|                        x:=10
|  it created a paragraph- here, but this is still in the same group as (1) below
|>     curser is here now    (1)

Only way I found to do it is this: create an execution group before the cursor. Then go back to that execution group. Then do insert paragraph->Before cursor, then delete the execution group just created, leaving the paragraph on its own group:

Step 1

|                        x:=10
|> create this as execution group

Step 2

|                        x:=10
|   create paragraph here

step 3, delete the execution group, leaving the paragraph

|                        x:=10
|   leaving paragraph on its own here

there got to be a simpler way? I am using Maple 18 on windows 7. (64 bit)


I am using "Maple 15" and "Windows 7" and I want to share the tip for using "Classic worksheet" and "GR Tensor". Windows 7 is 64-bit but you can use Classic worksheet and GR Tensor, which work basically in 32-bit, by simply downlording "32-bit Maple 15" !! I haven't tried other more current versions of Maple but Maple 15 works well: you can choose 32-bit Maple in the download options.

Enjoy the Classic worksheet and GR Tensor. Good luck !  

Maple people:

The title is the question.  I would like to know if there is any Maple code available, either part of Maple itself or written by a user, to do computations with quaternions or dual quaternions.

I could Google this and probably find something, but I'll probably find a more helpful and less outdated answer here.

I am teaching a student about the subject and I'd like something to help me teach and help him learn.

I have a lot of experience with Maple but I am not a "computer person", so if the code involves fancy "libraries" or something beyond regular Maple worksheets, I may need a few tips how to use it.


My attempt to export array data using the Browse>Export option when looking at the data fails to work as needed.

The exported data always start in cell A1 of the Excel worksheet even a different starting cell is entered into the Matrix Browser export window.

In summary, my experience is that the Matrix Browser matrix export in Maple 16 and Maple 17 ignores the information about the intended starting destination cell in the Excel file.

Does anyone find that the Matrix Browser exports to a starting Microsoft Excel cell other than A1? 

This exporting with Matrix Browser worked find in Maple 15.  It has been broken in Maple 16 and 17, including Maple 17.02.



Sorry for a basic question, but I am not able to find a setting for this, and I am stil newbie in using Maple UI.

A simple problem. When I copy some Maple code from the net, such as a proc() posted here or else where, then paste the code right into my open worksheet, then each line will show up with ">" at the left.

Is there a way to remove these ">" other than the way I do it now, which is manual process.

Having a ">" at start of each line does not seem to affect anything. The proc() gets defined fine, and I can call it. But normally when I write a proc(), there is no ">" to the left of each line, since those come only when hitting a RETURN. And that is what confuses me.

But what I am looking for, is a way to select some lines, and tell Maple to remove all the ">". Here is a screen shot of some code I just pasted to the worksheet:



I am not able to find way to do this very basic and common operation.

I use worksheet mode, and many times I'd like to split/divide a large execution group I've build of some code to 2 execution groups at some place. i.e. I'd like to point my mouse at a line and say divide here. Here is an example:

I see only the options Insert->Execution group-> After Cursor or Before cursor. Both of which do not do what I want. I want to divide it at that point.  So what I end up doing is to make a new execution group manually (using the Insert command), then go back and cut and paste the code I want in the new group.

I hope there is an option to do this. I do these sorts of things all the time when using Mathematica, which has Divide cell, Merge cells and other options. A cell in Mathematica is similar to execution group in Maple. Are there other options to maniuplate execution groups other insert before/after cursor that I might have missed? I am using 17.02 on windows 7.

Please note, I only use worksheet mode.



I am using Maple 13, I am working on Optimtimization package (worksheet mode) in command-line 

LPSolve(-x-y, {y <= -5*x+2, y <= 3*x+1/2}, assume = nonnegative)



I have equations in microsoft word file and I have to copy the...

I have a previous post on this, but the discussion completely missed the situation I was presenting.

The big problem is: The (vertical) writing cursor often does not move on the visible worksheet when a new location is clicked with the mouse or the arrow keys are used, and moving with the arrow keys often leaves a trail of writing cursors along the line between exisiting symbols. Luckily, Maple internally seems to know the correct (intended) location of the...


I often need to present my results.

How i find that the maple sheets aren't very useful to do this. I use of course sections to keep my page of results clearer but when you have many lines, it is very nice to my mpoint of view.

I recently discover the "slideshow" mode. I could be interested but i have some troubles with this mode.

First, as i use sections, in the slideshow mode, i see one page per section. But when i have many lines in...

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