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I would like some help with this. As so many others  i get this meassage "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete." when i treid to open my, almost done, Math assignment.

so i looked the problem op and found that i could retrive alot of my work by changing some lines of code. I could not find the problem.


Any help?



ps. I realy realy realy hope you guys can help me!

Is it possible to search a variable or any word or a command in a long worksheet

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone

It seems I can't live without keyboard shortcuts :-) Is there is a short cut for the following commands:


execute the entire worksheet
remove output from sheet
join/split execution groups


I'm on mac.




How I can pass value directly from slider to expresion without executing whole worksheet?


Hi im somehow not able to export my worksheet into a word document, as the rtf format doesnt seem to be available on the maple 15 mac version. converting into html is possible but not satisfying. i really need help here.

thanks a lot !!!!


I'm looking for an older worksheet called something like 'Basic Jet Engine Model' originally created for Maple V. 

Does anyone recall such a worksheet?

I'm working on a 3D program that plots stars, star clusters and other objects of interest against a model of the Milky Way. The guts of this program create a few hundred points (< 2000) that represent stars, and move them a little bit in random directions to create a cloud effect. Then the animate procedure rotates them about the center of the galaxy. I would like to add more stars and do more things with them, but I am encountering a very sluggish editor, suggesting that Maple is imposing a memory limit. The Activity Monitor says that Maple is using 140 MB, so gigabytes of RAM remain available. Furthermore, if I save the plot as an animated gif, I can run half a dozen copies simultaneously in separate browser windows without encountering noticeable slowdown. But I can't elaborate the program without better performance from the editor.

The program is written in the Document interface. I tried saving it to the classic interface, but that didn't seem to help, and I found it difficult to edit.

Ideas sought.

Dear Maple users

I have encountered a strange problem when trying to make inline evaluations in Document Mode. The shortcut Ctrl+= does work on my stationary Windows XP machine, but does not work on my notebook running Windows 7 (64 bit).

To make it clear: I change to Math Mode using the F5 key, type the expression and hold Ctrl and Shift key down and press the key with the = sign. And Yes, I am using Document Mode!

When I rightclick in order to use...

This is a continuation branch of the thread "cut/paste" won't work..." See point #1 below.

1. Why won't #$%^ Mapleprimes editor let me reply to the original post? I press "add comment" and I get pointed back to the branch two steps back. Anything I write comes out blank when I submit, so now there are two blank replies credited to me! Does that give me points I don't deserve?

2. Classic worksheet isn't "still there". It says so in the readme that classic worksheet...

I have a worksheet that I want to close from within the same worksheet.

Does anyone have any ways of doing this?

I had hoped there might be something to do this in the Worksheet package -  but that's not really what that package is designed to do.

I can imagine something that raises a sufficiently problematic error code that causes the worksheet to kernel connection to be lost, but don't really know how to go about doing this in a reliable and nondestructive way.

Maybe there is a way to issue a system (or ssystem) command to kill the appropriate process? This would need to be sufficiently robust as to work for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix - as well as any other supported Maple platform.

Has anyone ever done this? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance,

How to present my worksheet in more readable and understandable view, not in the view of commands?

Good afternoon

I don´t know if a principal worksheet in maple can call other secundary worksheets.

Please help me. I don´t know the code, or function

Good morning.

I want to do a program in a worksheet that it can recall other workeet for plotting with display.

I don´t know how can recall other worksheets.

Please help me.

P.D.: I send a worksheet

It looks like for me using shift+tab does not work in linux when one selects 1D as the default input notation and is typing in a worksheet. 

Does anyone know where we should submit bug reports for things like this?


Maple is such a useful and wonderful sorftware, but,

coud you make the classic worksheet compatible with 64bits?

There are packages (grtensor) that do not run on the new worksheet.



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