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In which context runs subj? Why all time when i start debugging with 'stoperror' it stops at 'interface' call i.e. in debugger


doesn't return 3 as worksheet returns. It return interface('prettyprint') i.e. symbol.

That's the question... 'cause I've tried to open it using

./maple14/bin/maple -cw

like a thousand times and nothing happens...

I was solving one Math puzzle and found out a strange behaviour of the Optimization package commands in the Classic Worksheet.

Let us minimize the function 7*x+3*y under the constraint 6*x+2*y >= 49 for non-negative integers. When I type

Optimization:-Minimize(7*x+3*y, {6*x+2*y >= 49}, assume = nonnegint);

Hi all,

A while ago, I had asked a question relating to calling to an MapleSim .msim simulation within maple .mw worksheet. (Thank you Acer! :) I got it working but then another issue just popped up...The basic structure is as follows:


A := MapleSim:-LinkModel('filename' = "TriplePendulum_WORKS_v2.msim")

for z from 1 to 50 do


I've made exam questions for students that they have to answer by doing some calculations in Maple.

I would like to let them copy the commands they used to a Maple TA text field.

However, the standard worksheet in our computer lab uses 2-D math. Copying this 2-D math to Maple TA works fine with "paste as plain text", but copying 1-D math also works with ctrl-v in Maple TA, which is more convenient for students under stress.

Since I am not allowed change...

i just installed maple 15 in my macbook but i can't find classic worksheet, is it only for window?

Why does Maple Italicize every letter I type whenever I create a new file?

Is there a way to disable this automatic italicization?

Your worksheet may be incomplete"

Hi, I use maple 12 for mac, I have an exam at 9am, it's almost 3am and my whole exam notes (open "maple" exam, as opposed to open book) have just corrupted.




I'd like to read old Maple Worksheets created with Maple V release 4 (.mws files) to the Maple version 12.

When I am loading old worksheets, then system crashes with an error message:
Kernel connection lost, You should save this worksheet and restart Maple ....

Is there a way to load (import) old worksheets into newest versions of Maple

Thans Jaroslav

I've this task to deliver to my teacher, yet when i try to open up my maple file, it appears to be corrupted (i've no idea why) i used it last night without any problems? ...


The only part that opens is the headline...


Need assistance!  sn_union2.txt  Hi all! Can anyone tell me what the problem is in my worksheet? It works for first two initial conditions but then it does not work. The data file that is needed to run the program has attached, too. Thanks. 

Hello, I'm trying to solve a very long system of equations, I've used PolynomialSystem and works, but it does not give me all of the solutions of the system. Im trying to do the solve comand, but after a few hours the mserver crasher and it needs to close, without having an output.

I woul really appreciate if anyone has a solution for this, I need to solve this and I'm getting stuck with this.

I'm attaching my worksheet  


Hey guys im having trouble opening this file

Please i need it urgently.




Laurent wrote:

> Maple 10 allows you to mark sections of a worksheet to be automatically executed on load.

I believe I have located the relevant help page,

The method is not as versatile as I'd hope. It doesn't seem too useful for my purpose, because I intend to frequently change those sections of the worksheet to be marked.

I was looking for a feature more along the lines of:...

The goal here is to produce plots for inclusion inside Worksheets or Documents of the Standard GUI at specific sizes.

[update: Maple 18 has this as a new feature for 2D plots. See the `size` option described on ?plot,options]

When manually resizing an existing plot, using the mouse pointer, there is no visual cue as to what pixel size has been attained. Hence any worksheet author who wishes to produce a plot of size 600x600 is presented with two barriers. The first is that resizing must be done manually, and the second is that there is no convenient mechanism showing the actual size attained.

The `Resize` package attempts to address these barriers by allowing construction of a plot, inside a worksheet, with programmatically specified width and height in pixels.

The default behaviour of the package is to produce the plot inside a new Worksheet, from whence it may be selected and copied. An optional behaviour is to show the constructed plot inside a Task Template (a form of help-page), where it may be previewed for correctness and inserted into the current Worksheet or Document at the press of a single button.

It appears to function for both 2D and 3D single plots.

It won't work for so-called Array plots, which are collections of multiple plots displayed side-by-side inside a worksheet table.

This first version is a bit rough. The plot is currently being inserted as input, which is why it isn't centered on the page. I suspect that it would be best to insert the first argument (eg. a `plot` call) as input to an execution group, and then have the plot be the output. That would look, and hopefully act, just as usual. And with the plot call inserted as input, the original `Resize` call could be neatly deleted if desired.

To install this thing, use the File->Open from the Standard GUI's menubar. Choose this .mla file as the thing to open. (You may have to slide a scrollbar, and select a view of "All Files", in order to see it in the pop-up File Manager.) Double-clicking on the file, to launch it, should ideally also open it but it looks like that functionality broke for Maple 15.


Alternatively, you could run the command,

march( 'open', "");

The attached .mla archive is a (graphically) self-unpacking installer, when opened in this way.

The bundled materials include a pre_built .mla containing the package itself, the source code and a worksheet that rebuilds it from source if desired, a short example worksheet, and a worksheet that rebuilds the whole installer (and re-bundles all those files into it). I used the `InstallerBuilder` to make the self-unpacking .mla installer, as I think it's a handy tool that is under-appreciated (and, alas, under documented!).

It's supposed to work without the usual hassle of having to set `libname`. This is an automatic consequence of the place in which it gets installed.

It seems to work in Maple 12, 14, and 15, on Windows 7. Let me know if you have problems with it.


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