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Good morning.

I want to do a program in a worksheet that it can recall other workeet for plotting with display.

I don´t know how can recall other worksheets.

Please help me.

P.D.: I send a worksheet

It looks like for me using shift+tab does not work in linux when one selects 1D as the default input notation and is typing in a worksheet. 

Does anyone know where we should submit bug reports for things like this?


Maple is such a useful and wonderful sorftware, but,

coud you make the classic worksheet compatible with 64bits?

There are packages (grtensor) that do not run on the new worksheet.



I will include the work i did, also near the end of the worksheet, there are word descriptions of the questions i did.

Im stuck on the last 3 questions: question 14, 15 and 16. I cant seem to find the values i need for my Ce^-kx

I tried diff it but my syntax is preventing me from going farther.


All help will be appreciated! i will include the original lab for more clarification!

Hi, im having some trouble with Math182_Lab_4_2007W.pdf with question 7, its giving me hints on how to set up my X and Y from the old points of x1 and y1, but my instructor forgot to teach us using the map command and im having trouble on what to do next.


i'll include my worksheet,


I am trying to use a worksheet developed by Professor Batista [ritz06.mws] for calculating plate vibration frequencies using the Ritz method, which is available from the Applications directory - Mechanical Engineering folder.  The worksheet was developed using Maple 12 and I am using Maple 11; a careful reading of the file didn't show any commands that were incompatible across the two versions and yet I am not able to solve the worksheet using the default inputs provided in the worksheet.  I have attached a PDF output of the file with the error message.  Any assistance that could be offered would be greatly appreciated.

Please send your response to

Kind regards,

Hello. I am trying to do a project for school. But the following code is causing Windows 7(x64) to error. First, I get a message from mserver.exe saying: mserver has stopped working.

I click "Close the program" and I get "Kernel connection has been lost."

This is happening whenever I run the for loop in the attached code. I must get this fixed, people are counting on my code, but I do not know how to fix Maple. I am using Maple 14, build 479326 in Worksheet mode.

Hi. I'm new to Maple. I like the idea, but am rally confused by the interface. Can someone answer a few questions please?

How come this works, but displays wrong (the quotes display):

printf("%5a  %12a  %12a   %12a  %12a  %12a  %12a\\n", "-", "--", "--", "--", "--", "--", "--");


But this doesn't work (replaced quotes with apostrophe):

printf("%5a  %12a...


I've been running the following program in a maple worksheet and it has worked fine.

Now I want to run it on an Ubuntu machine that has some extra computing power to get through a big data set.

However I get strange "Incomplete Quoted Name" errors, even when I have no quoted names in my input at all.

This is just alittle bit of the output I'm getting:

    |\^/|     Maple 14 (X86 64 LINUX)
._|\|   |/|_. Copyright (c...

I have a worksheet that contains various pieces of a robot's dynamic and kinematic equations.  I want to perform different design tasks, taking the base model and working off of it.  I'd like to have only 1 model of the robot and not duplicate it across all of my different design worksheets because things change in the robot model as I switch up tooling, find better means of performing a system identification, etc.

Is there any functionality that would allow...

Dear Maple lovers,

As a classical worksheet user from the past years, now I'd like to be a "modern" Maple user, using the 2D Input in the modern worksheet mode (I will call it mwm from now on). But, alas, I cannot even solve a simple equation!

To describe my situation let me state the following:

1. I use 64 bit Maple 14 Student Edition (single user) under 64 bit Windows 7.


This is not really the next part in my randomness series, but more of an aside.  I used Maple's embedded components to use the Lotto649 drawing data from my last post to create a historical lottery simulator.  Basically, you fill in your prefered numbers, and it simulates you playing the lottery in every draw since 1982.

I've been using Maple for many years in the good-old "classic worksheet" mode. After purchasing Maple 14, I decided to use the "new" worksheet mode (I know it's not that new, but I always objected to use it) to get the most of the 64 bit program with my 64 bit Windows 7...


1. My first problem is that "I cannot copy any output!" either to paste to an input line or to a text file!


My Tools-Options-Display section is,

Input display: Maple notation

Maple Cloud...

October 04 2010 acer 9686 Maple

I've been making some use of the Maple Cloud for a while now, and thought that I'd share some comments.

So far, it's been quite useful to me, and I like it. This surprised me a bit. I expected not to find it useful, and to dismiss it with an old-timer's "Bah, humbug... as useless as Maple+twitter!" But, to the contrary, I've found a use for it; a need that isn't otherwise...

My operating system is Mac OS X 10.6.4.   Lately Maple has been EXTREMELY tempermental in letting me "Save As a Worksheet"......I'm NOT talking about the "classic worksheet"


I try to save a file with a different name using "Save As A Worksheet" and Maple goes through the whole "Saving Worksheet" routine BUT NO NEW NAMED file is made!

This is very frustrating.....since it wasn't like this before.

Any ideas?



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