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MaplePrimes Posts are for sharing your experiences, techniques and opinions about Maple, MapleSim and related products, as well as general interests in math and computing.

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  • A Maple package for Stochastic Differential Equations. Developed at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt.
    GR Tensor II a Maple package for tensors in general relativity applications. Developed at Queens University, Canada.
    Maple bibliography maintained by Nelson Beebe of the University of Utah. An online bibliographic database of Maple papers.
    David Joyner, US Naval Academy Annapolis. Useful links to various math topics as well as a good collection of the author’s Maple work including coding theory and cryptography.
    John Stembridge, University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Maple packages for symmetric functions, posets, root systems, and finite Coxeter groups. A wonderfully entertaining collection of math quotes.
    Joe Riel. Maple packages including Syrup for circuit analysis, Emacs (text editor) modes for Maple, and various other useful Maple utilities.
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    Alec Mihailovs, Tennessee Tech University. Rich collection of links, Alec's own Maple programs, papers on Maple applications, course material for various math courses, and a wide range of other useful information for Maple and non-Maple topics.
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    This collaborative book is intended to collect a comprehensive list of online Maple resources and links. Feel free to add entries as well as entire categories.
    Maplesoft offers a series of Web seminars on various topics relating to its products (see Current list of Web seminars ). They range from specialized technical topics to more promotion-oriented product demonstrations. There's a couple coming up shortly that I wanted to draw your attention to:
    Maple needs better user-level facilities for doing linear algebra over finite fields, particularly the integers mod n. For example there is no good way to solve a linear system Ax=B when B is a matrix. Obviously the LinearAlgebra:-Modular package is very good at what it does. Why can't there be some nice non-programmer routines which call it ? One alternative to using the mod operator is to have all the commands in the main LinearAlgebra package accept an optional last argument for the characteristic. For example: LinearAlgebra:-GaussianElimination(A, n); Then in the GaussianElimination command you could do something like:
    As this community seems to be developing quite nicely, I thought it might be nice to figure out where the users of Maple are. So I have created a Maple map on frappr, a new community mapping service. Add yourself!
    I'm running Maple 10.01 under Mac OS X ( 10.4.2), and when set my Java Preferences so that the J2SE 5.0 being used in the runtime environment, Maple will not open and gives the following error: Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/crimson/parser/XMLReaderImpl Maple works fine for me when the runtime environment is set to use J2SE 1.4.2. -Matt
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