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  • Does anyone have advice for content in a maple tutorial for calculus students and any math students for that matter? I am doing a tutorial to help students avoid the fear of Maple and try to help them to avoid common mistakes. Any suggestions would be great!
    dear all, I want to write a greek letter (tau) in the legend of a figure. how can I do that? thanks!
    dear all, how can i move legends from bottom (default) of a figure to the side? thanks!
    Hi, I have a problem printing a worksheet under OS X 10.3 (I've tried it with various minor versions of 10.3 and they all behave the same). The worksheet contains a few plots, and when I try to print, the printout stops at the first plot. The plot is not printed, nor is any of the subsequent material. The printer does generate blank pages, though (and it generates the "correct" number of blank pages). So, text up to the first graphic prints, but nothing after that point shows up. If I use Maple's "File / Print Preview" command, it displays a preview with all the worksheet displayed the way it should be.
    We have Maple 10 ryunning on a large Univerity network of Windows XP machines. Unfortunately Maple can't save changes in options such as to use "Maple input" rather than "2-D input". The reason for this (according to our tech people) is that Maple tries to write to user profiles directly rather than using the API (as it should), and so it is missing our redirection of the profiles. 1) Are other people having this problem? 2) Is the above correct? If so, why are Maple using these hacks and not implimenting things "properly". 3) Is there a fix? I'd be grateful for any info.
    The map function is a particularly useful Maple function. I use it frequently and thought I understood how it worked. However, I recently discovered an interesting feature of mapping over vectors, matrices, Vectors, and Matrices. That is, the order of application of the mapped function depends on the data type and may be indeterminate (for table based structures).
    Hello All: I am working on generating some correlated sequences using Matrix Exponential techniques. there seems to be some problem with the way maple manages memory (or am i doing something wrong?). specifically, in the code below, i am calling a few functions inside a for loop but none recursively. so as the for loop progresses my stack (memory; seen as PF Usage in win XP) size should not really blow up. right? but in Maple 9.0 and 10.0 this below program would give a "Execution stopped: stack limit reached." exception after about 30000 executions(I am running on a WinXP machine , about 2.8GHz, with 512 MB RAM, also checked on a machine with 1 GB Ram; and another 1GB in page file size). But the same program seems to work alright on the same machines with Maple8 running (i uninstalled maple-9 and installed maple-8 in one case). I could go up to 300,000 iterations without any problem. And the memory would go from about 250MB (PF Usage) to about 800MB. So even in Maple 8 there is some stuff that is being dumped on the stack; i tried to run Garbage collector (gc()) function once every 500 iterations; it did not make any difference either. Can anyone please look into it?
    Hi, Colleagues, I wonder if sombody has developed a Maple code for parameter continuation of codim 1 & 2? Evgeni
    Hi, Colleagues, I need to use two colors for positive and negative values of a plotted function and I am trying to use a piecewise switch. My atempt was something like plot(sin(x), x=0..13, color=(x->piecewise(sin(x)
    This blog entry evolved from my reply to Moira Chas's post. I want to thank her for initiating such an interesting topic. Usually Mandelbrot set is drawn in Maple using plot3d command. That also can be done using densityplot. In the example below I use mandelbrot from John Oprea's worksheet,
    mandelbrot := proc(x, y) 
    local c, z, m; 
    c := evalf(x+y*I); z := c; 
    for m to 50 while abs(z) < 2 do z := z^2+c od; 
    m end;
    plots[densityplot](mandelbrot,-2 .. 0.7, -1.35 .. 1.35,
    Hi, Colleagues, I need strongly reduce Maple generated graphs for a journal publication. How could I make the axes and tickmarks thicker? Thanks, Evgeni
    SOS! I need to find how to plot y=f(x) if x and y are columns of 2D matrix. Thanks, Evgeni
    Is it possible to solve integration with derivatives and unknown functions inside the integral... I am trying to solve the integral > int((diff(a(x),x,x))*(diff(u[1](x),x,x,x,x))*u[2](x)+((u[1](x))*(u[2](x)))*b(x),x=0..L); where u[1](x), u[2](x), a(x), and b(x) are unknown functions of x, and it keeps giving me back the integral... Is it possible...
    When entering 2D Math I occasionally like to make a character non-italic and Bold. The help files explain how to do this several different ways. The changes do appear on the screen before and after the worksheet is saved. When the worksheet is closed and opened again, the format changes are gone. It would appear that typesetting rules are taking over so what the help pages say under the topic '2D Math' is not what happens in practice. Bug? Feature? Workaround?
    FYI, Maplesoft just announced the Japanese language edition of Maple 10. Maple has had a Japanese version since Maple V Release 5 (circ. 1998 I believe).
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