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  • Here are some screenshots of Functioning Maple V R1 DOS demo (circ. 1991).
    A while back, I ran across this little gem in an ASME archive. It's a DOS demo of Maple V Release 1 from 1991! Unzip and run maple.exe. On my XP machine, you get an initial error but if you simply ignore it, the demo launches and the demo will run. Press enter to work through the predefined examples. At the end you'll get a blank prompt. Comes with a reduced library so you can't do everything but you'll get a taste of what life used to be like ... T4.
    Does Maple 9.0 work with Mac OS 10.4?
    Does anyone else have trouble with Compiler:-Compile on a Mac?

    I have gcc 4.0 installed on Mac OS X 10.4.2.

    For example for,

    p := proc( x :: float ) :: float; 2.3 * x end:
    cp := Compiler:-Compile( p ):
    cp( 1.1 );

    I get the message:

    Error, (in LinkDSO) linker exited with nonzero status 256: /usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -lcc_dynamic

    But on my home Mac, which I think is configured in exactly the same way, the same commands work!


    Note added:

    After a lucky google search I found a reference to the problem. A symbolic link is removed by the installation of gcc 4.0. Running Disk Utility to fix permissions repairs the link, and now Compiler:-Compile works!
    I'm working on a Maple package for computing in multivariate polynomial quotient rings, ie: rings of the form k[x1,...,xn]/I where k is a field and I is an ideal of k[x1,...,xn]. I currently have commands for the following:
    • computing inverses
    • exact polynomial division
    • simplifying fractions to a minimal canonical form
    • testing whether something is a zero divisor
    • testing whether the domain is a field or an integral domain
    • testing whether something is a unit, or whether two elements are associate
    • compute a basis of monomials for the quotient ring as a vector space
    Hi: I am using Maple 10. In the tools menu I click "check for updates" and then go through the procedure of updating. In the end I get the dialog box "Update was unsuccessful because of the following reasons" (1) You might not be logged in as administrator .I am logged in as administrator as a matter of fact. (2) You might not have enough disk space. I have plenty of disk space left. I have no clue as to how to get around this situaton. Please help. Kush
    Recently I was asked in a private email about the fastest way of calculating of binomial coefficients mod 2 in Maple. It shouldn't be a problem for anybody reading my assembly dll creation manual. Anyway, here is the assembly code,
    I was doing some stuff with the quadratic nonlinearities that interest me. The quadratic nonlinearities involve structure having the form <>, where <> represents the usual dot product, A is a matrix, and v is a vector. I didn't want to use complex numbers with what I was doing, so I assumed things were real valued. I was surprised by what happened as a result. I have simplified the curious behavior so that it can be observed in a few lines. I can live with this, but it was a surprise.
    With Maple being able to access dll functions, it is easy to produce a function giving the epoch from the date and time. I give an example here for doing that with Open Watcom compiler included in Maple's distribution for Windows.
    Try to typeset the word "style" in a pre tag, it doesn't work. For example, upon entering
    <pre>plot(pts, style=point);</pre> I get

    plot(pts, >

    Note: this particular post doesn't exhibit the problem, it merely mimics it. It is posted using the plain text format; HTML tags have no effect.
    Once again Maple has screwed things up in a new version. The material in my book, Differential Geometry and its Applications, on unduloids using elliptic functions doesn't give the correct pictures in Maple 10. Maple 9.5 worked fine. Also, something has been done to the simplification routines. In Maple 9.5, the metric and second fundamental form for unduloids are simplified to a point where they can be easily identified. In Maple 10, all that you get is a huge mess. At the Maple Workshop in 2002, I asked about these issues that have cropped up before (the worst being the transition from the wonderful Maple 4 to the horrendous Maple 5).
    Thanks to genus3 and his personal Web site for offering (via his membership profile) links some excellent online collections of digitized historical monographs by many of the great mathematicians. Collections are from Cornell and University of Göttingen. The latter also links to collections of historical monographs in on-mathematical topics.
    Click below to see the places that have been documented in Germany

    This recommendation was provided by Dr. Jürgen Gerhard, a colleague of mine at Maplesoft and coauthor of the book Modern Computer Algebra. He felt that Göttingen was definitely a center for German mathematics and science and well worth the visit if you are mathematically inclined. The city is located virtually in the geographic center of the country (in the state of Lower Saxony...

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