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  • I have been playing with Maple on and off for 3 months. This summer, now that school is out, I have set about trying to master this environment. My frustration with Maple has subsided a bit only to be replaced with an understanding of its limitations. I set about building my own package of doing surface and flux integrals as a way of discovering how to manipulate expressions. I think I know why Maple is so tough. I read somewhere on these forums a diatribe on what seemed an esoteric nuance in the difference between the way Mathematica approaches functions vs the way Maple does. Mathematica is essentially a functional programming language wrapped around list structures (ala LISP). In mathematica everything, at the ground level, is a list. Various types get defined for different quantities but they are essentially lists. Maple defines its types internally. I don't know how they are put together (rtables?) Maple has evolved over time so that these types have grown to a huge number that are hard to keep track of. The inability of maple functions to screen their inputs for different data types means that the Maple programmers have to write lots of different functions for the different data types. This is a very old style of programming.
    Hi, I'm trying to use 'numeric dsolve' to solve a system of differential equation. dsol:=dsolve(sys,[phi(t),phi1(t),psi(t),psi1(t),theta(t),x(t)],numeric,output=operator) Now I need to substitute the solution obtained for the unknowns into another expression. What would be the best way to do it/ or what should the output format be? Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanx, Priya
    Since doing the upgrade for Maple 10.05 (build ID 235106) I have experienced long delays after scrolling in addition to kernel connection problems I described in a previous post. With a 2 page file in document format, I get a delay of over 1.5 minutes after scrolling up the page. This has rendered my copy of Maple unusable in document format. Has no one else experienced these problems? Is there a fix or a way to return to the previous version of Maple?
    The 2006 Maple Conference began yesterday at Wilfred Laurer University in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. People from around the world have gathered in order to exchange ideas, learn new things and enjoy the company of the Maple User Community. If you are currently attending the conference, please add a comment to this post and tell us how you are are finding the conference thus far.
    Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest upgrade to Maple 10.05 for OS X. Today I find that I can open two worksheet sessions, but not a third. Opening a third file takes ages (approx. 30 sec) and when I try to execute the file, I get the message "Waiting for kernel connection." This behavior is consistent over several tries. I have a Power PC with 1 GB SD RAM. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
    I have a list of coordinates that need to be used to create 3d polygons. I need only the outline of each polygon to be graphed (no fill) so that I can see the placement pattern of a line traveling through the polygons. Is there a way to do this? I've tried using polygonplot3d and listplot3d, but neither provide the graph I want.

    Hello; I am not sure how to graph a sinusoid. Example: y=A+B sin (theta - D) How do you make a theta? graph: y=10 +5 sin(0theta+30degrees) graph: y = 2 - 3 cos( theta - 45 degree) Thanks; MC
    It would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for superscripting and subscripting in text mode like those of math mode in Document format. (Maple 10.03, OS X 10.3.9)
    Hello, I am trying to plot a surface with Maple and could not figure out the right way. The surface consists of two pieces seperated by a inequality and it is defined by the following given functions and inequality: x = f(s) y = g(s) if y
    Global Optimization with Maple An Introduction with Illustrative Examples --- An interactive electronic book --- Written by János D. Pintér Published and distributed by Pintér Consulting Services Inc., Halifax, NS, Canada and Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. Waterloo, ON, Canada © Pintér Consulting Services Inc., 2006 ISBN 1-897310-15-3 Electronic version available by download (from Maplesoft) or by e-mail (from the author). Single user price: USD 99.00; group and site licenses are also available. Please contact the author
    that location loads extremely slow - even using a very fast connection it may need over 20 sec to load (and with a modem it is sometimes messy ...)

    it seems it had become slow over the last weeks
    I kept seeing in the help pages for linalg that it is being superseded by LinearAlgebra, so I have tried to work with LinearAlgebra. However, it turns out that LinearAlgebra is very clumsy and annoying for symbolic computations. LinearAlgebra was clear meant to be a numerical calculation package. Unfortunately, the desiderata for numerical calculations are not the same as for symbolic calculations. The main feature of LinearAlgebra which causes this clumsiness is the requirement that all elements of a Matrix be defined. To do symbolic calculations this means assigning a symbol to use with an index for the undefined elements of the Matrix. The name of this symbol has to be different from that of the Matrix itself, and the indexed symbol is not an array or a table or a Matrix. Already then you have two names for essentially the same thing. ==> First Problem. Now, lets say you do some calculations with these Matrices and end up with expressions that that contain the indexed symbolic names. To assign other values to these indexed symbolic names in the resulting expressions, you have to assign the indexed symbolic names new values and you cannot use matrix operations for that since these indexed symbolic names are not arrays or Matrices or even tables. ==> Second Problem. Now if you want to unassign the symbolic names again or assign new values and have these values show up in the original Matrices, you have to reassign the symbolic names and reassign the values in the original Matrices. (Matrix elements cannot be unassigned.) In other words, do the job twice. ==> Third Problem.
    If you ever wanted to be able to download the manuals for Maple and other Maplesoft products, you now can download PDF versions of the manuals. Manuals include; Maple, Maple T.A., and MapleNet User Manuals, Maple 10 Quick Reference Cards, Maple Introductory and Advanced Programming Guides, and more. Download them all from the Maplesoft Documentation Center.
    This book entry describes a method, using text files and preprocessor macros, to measure the timing and memory usage of Maple procedures. Attached are the source code and compiled library for a small Maple package that does the actual measurements.
    It seems that Edit|Remove Output|From Selection just stopped working. Any ideas what happened? I don't know of any option that affects this that I could have changed unknowingly. However, From Worksheet works fine. I am working in standard worksheet mode with either 2D or 1D math input.
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