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  • Hello everyone, I have written a procedure that makes some calculations for me, which I am calling repeatedly using a simple for loop. Basically what I am doing is using the for loop to change one of the several input parameters to the procedure and then use the result. Here is a quick example: > transmission0:=Matrix(1200,2): reflection0:=Matrix(1200,2): > for m from 1 to 1200 do > freq:=0.0416666666*m: > rcwa(31,0.0,0.2998/freq,6.0e-3,1.0,2234.950223+2237.186291*I,2.042123126+0.1633593958e-1*I,2234.950223+2237.186291*I,1.0,0.8333,18.0e-6,356.0e-6,18.0e-6): > transmission0[m,1]:=freq: >transmission0[m,2]:=te[M+1]:
    I tried to solve this eigen value problem. I have a complex trigonometric function, whose graph looks similar to a tan function curve. I cannot use fsolve to solve for all the solutions at once, since the function has jump discontinuities. I am able to plot the function for small ranges and then from the plot, I use the fsolve command to determine my range of solution. Is there a way I can automate this process, meaning, can I write a program wherein I can get all the roots of the functions (w/o the jump discont. being shown as a root)at one go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    I am using a thir-party package made for Maple called HPC-Grid which enables parallel distribution of Maple programs over several porcessors. I wonder if anyone has any experiece using HPC-Grid. I am having problem with distributing global variables over the computing nodes. Can someone give me a hint on how to do it? Thanks
    Maplesoft is providing an advance notice of changes to platform and operating system availability in the next major release of the Maple product family. Our current plans are to discontinue support for the IBM AIX, HP-UX, HP TRU64 , and SGI IRIX platforms and the Windows 98, ME and NT operating systems. Please see for full details.
    Maple shuts down when a 3d plot is left clicked. It produces an error log file which says: An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM. Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x692287D5 Function=atiPPHSN+0x187535 Library=C:\WINDOWS\system32\atioglxx.dll My ATI video cards are both (there seem to be both a primary and secondary) RADEON X800 XT Driver: ati2mtag.sys Wednesday, August 25, 2004 I'm not sure if I've done a 3d plot on this machine since I installed Maple 10 (and since updated to 10.03). But this has never happened before.
    hi , can anyone tell me what's wrong with my codes ?? THANK YOU > restart: > with(LinearAlgebra): > A:=Matrix(2,2,[[100,600],[200,400]]); [100 600] A := [ ] [200 400] > list2:='list2': > list1:=list1: > n1[0]:=200: n2[0]:=200: list1[1]:=[0,n1[0]]: > for k from 1 to 1000 do > alpha[k]:=n1[k-1]*(100*n1[k-1]+600*n2[k-1]); > beta[k]:=n1[k-1]*(n1[k-1]+n2[k-1]); > gammas[k]:=(n2[k-1]*(200*n1[k-1]+400*n2[k-1]))/(n1[k-1]+n2[k-1]); > five[k]:=n2[k-1]*(n1[k-1]+n2[k-1]); > alphahat[k]:=(alpha[k])/(alpha[k]+beta[k]+gammas[k]+five[k]);
    Hi, I have a matrix whose entries are polynomials in x. Is there a procedure/function in maple to find the element with the largest degree. I would liek this function to return 1. The largest degree 2. The element itself 3. The location [i,j] of this element in the matrix. Could anyone please help ?
    Hi All, Recently I performed a system restore, then I am unable to use Maple any more. When I ran Maple, I received a topup windown displaying "The license manager file could not be located" and an 'OK'. Reinstall Maple can solve the problem, but anyone has any idea to get it working without re-installation? some info: Operation System: WinXP SP2 Maple: Single user profile with a serial number in installation CD. Maple was installed in local disk D:\ while Windows installed in disk C:\. Only C:\ was set to have System restore function so D is actually not affected during system restore.

    Recently I met problems like these (shown  here in  minimal, stripped down examples no longer doing

    anything useful except illustrating the problem). Any suggestions about what is going on here would be appreciated. Thanks.

    > interface(version);restart;

    Maple 10.03 gets stuck on my machine (Mac OS X, version 10.6.4) evaluating  the  first execution group below,t hough in Maple 6 on Mac OS 9.1 one gets only some strange output  (?s, similar to those in output below). In the procedure f, the parameter W is intended to be a module exporting  a procedure  W:-m; the behaviour is not improved  by careful type declarations, so for simplicity I've left them out.

    Hi, I have a small problem about returning the result from dsolve from a function in a package. In principle the problem can be described as: Package[Function] := proc.... dsolve(differential equation in x(t),numeric,method=mebdfi); end proc; In Maple: solution := Function(....); odeplot(solution,[t,x(t)],t=0..1); The result is the error message: Error, (in odeplot) curve is not fully specified in terms of the ODE solution, found additional unknowns {x(t)}, which in some way depend on that if I write subs(solution(0.5),x(t)); I get x(t) as result, ie, not the value of x(t) in t=0.5 which happens if I run the same stuff only in Maple command window.
    How can I declare a matrix of boolean variables, and later perform logical operations.

    Since recently working under a restricted user account in Maple 10.03 (win XP) I experience the following weird???) behavior. When I first fire up Maple and a new document opens the TOOLBAR is missing. As soon as I close the document, it (the TOOLBAR) magically appears and stays there. Does not happen when working with an admin account. But as I said it wasn't there on the limited account from day one either. Anybody has a clue? TechSupport does not seem to, other than suggesting to do a reinstall, which other than burning time accomplished jack thanks dk
    Folks: I am developing an instructional material where one part I have to demonstrate the use of the sine law. While I have completed the material there is one aspect in my maplet code that I have to demonstrate how the given parts of a triangle such as side b=10, angle A=60, and angle C=75 are substituted into the sine law such a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C). However, my maplet code evaluates the expression a. I do not want maplet to evaluate the expression. I wanted my maplet code just to show the subsitution such a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). This is the desired outcome. I tried doing this in maple: b:='10'; A:='60'; C:='75'; a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C); Maple gave me this: a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). I wanted to replicate this maple code into maplet to produce the desired outcome. I have spent hours and hours to create the desired outcome in maplet but to no avail. Can someone at least give me a hint.
    FYI, Episode 2 of MapleCast has just been released. The feature interview is with Dr. Richard Gran who was a senior engineer with Grumman during the Apollo program in the 60's. He lead the design teams for the control systems in the lunar module -- i.e. the ship that saved the Apollo 13 crew's lives and made Tom Hanks millions of dollars :-) T4.

    With this Generation of MapleStudio you can also plot complex functions in 2D and also 3D. For doing this, MapleStudio uses the conformal and the conformal3d comands of Maple 10. The following example will show you, how it works.

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