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  • How can I evaluate this vector correctly using the package ScientificErrorAnalysis ? I need of your orientations. Thank you ahead of time The all time that I used the package ScientificErrorAnalizis, even loading it with Calling Sequence “with
    Folks: I have a maple code that appears to work but when translated to maplet I was not successful. b:='10'; A:='60'; C:='75'; a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C); Desired outcome in maplet is: a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). I have spent hours and hours to create the desired outcome but to no avail. Can someone at least give me a hint. Thank you PV
    Hello world! Please help! I have two approximations for Fmax, one an implicit (for FmaxI) and one explicit (for FmaxE) , (with effectively the same one variable, md)and want to plot the percentage error between them? So far Ive been using implicitplot to plot FmaxI like so: plots[implicitplot](eqFmaxI=0,md=0..500,FmaxI=0..1E-3); all of the other plots ive tried dont seem to work any help would be much appreciated, this is for my 3rd year engineering project. Thankyou, Mark.
    Hello world! Please help me; How do i make my embedded button, autoexecute the whole worksheet? Or a section of code(does it need a string name) This is for my 3rd yr engineering degree project, any help much appreciated!
    Hello everyone, I am having problems using matrix constructions to augment/stack matrices together using Maple 9.0. The types of matrices I am combining are not huge, perhaps only 4 256x256 matrics into 1 512x512 matrix, although they do contain complex numbers that may be beyond hardware precision and therefore using arbitrary software precision. My main issue is with the speed this takes. If I use the old "augment" or "stackmatrix" constructors from the "linalg" package then this takes about 15 secs on my pc (1.4GHz 512MB) which seems unnecessarily long to me in the first place. Furthermore, if I use the new constructors from the "LinearAlgebra" package ("
    Hello World! Please help!! Im trying to make my equation solving user friendly and im having real issues getting to grips with the Get/SetProperty commands for my embedded components. Im trying to set a text box(component_name?) so that the value (value??) within it is set as the desired parameter (attribute_name???) which is then substituted into my equations and solved for. Can you send me a simple example or have a look at mine, all the tutorials are too complex and tricky for me to figure out! I've read about DougsDocument tools but will the end user need this installed to use the utility if it's posted on maplenet?
    I installed maple 10 on a 64bit linux machine (gentoo & ubuntu). The installation went fine with the graphical (java based) installer. Afterwardss it was possible to start maple on the console. But when I try to start xmaple or maple -x nothing happens, no error, just nothing.

    Hoping it was a well know bug (?) I updated (with the 64bit update) maple 10 to maple 10.03. But still the same problem.

    Due to the fact xmaple is a java based program, could it depend on the 64bit java shipped with the software?

    I found in the forum two postings with exactly the same problem, without a satifying solution:
    Hi, I imported some data from a csv file, and it's a big 2x1000 matrix, and it's assigned to a variable A, if I input A[1,1], it can't show the correct content in the matrix. On the contrary, if I input a matrix by hand, say a 3x3 matrix,and assign it to B, then I input B[2,1], I can get the correct number in the matrix B. Can anyone show me what's wrong? Also, how can take out one column or one row in a matrix and do calculations in the future? (say assign them to seperate variables and calculate and plot....) Thanks, Vic

    One for the Maple bugkeepers. There seems to be a problem with DEtools[initialdata] -- in some circumstances the output initial data is wrong -- missing "D" operators. For instance, suppose one has a PDE system with dependent variables u(x), v(x,y). Then initialdata works. But if the PDE has dependent variabls u(x), v(y,x) then initialdata returns incorrect results.

    To any maplet expert: The following maple code works and want to upgrade it using Maplet[Element](action(function=)) p1:=plot([[0,0],[15,0],[24.50,9.69],[0,0]],filled=true); t1:=textplot([0,0,"Angle A"],align=BELOW); t2:=textplot([15,0,"Angle C"],align=BELOW); t3:=textplot([24.50,9.69,"Angle B"],align=ABOVE); display({p1,t1,t2,t3}); However, I am having difficulty translating the above maple code into maplet using maplet[element](function=__). Or is this even possible? Thank you for what ever assistance you may provide. pv
    I used to be able to do this copy/paste ... Here, I got an integral, then copied the output and pasted onto the next line. I wanted Maple input format, of course. Is it a change for Maple 10.03? for Mac? Or what? Have I got some setting wrong?
    Dear colleagues: I am interested on taking some data from serial Port (Com 1) to process them with Maple. Can you give me some suggestion, library or anything that could help me? Greetings Somos4maple
    FYI, Maplesoft has launched a podcast series called MapleCast starring yours truly. The first episode has an interview with Keith Geddes (Maple co-inventor) among other things. There will be a new episode every two weeks. Tell me what you think. T4.
    I've been using Maple 9.5 on my mac for a while with no problems. Then last week my delete key stopped working. I can still highlight and delete but I can't delete straight text. Does anyone know what's going on with my Maple? Thanks!
    It would be really nice if some basic "less" (as in the program, as in an improved "more") functionality was added into the maple online help (as viewed from the terminal). I find myself having to constantly re-open documents just to get back to the top. These would be very helpful: 1. Returning the terminal to previous state when help is closed. I'm not sure this is clear, but try opening less on a document, when it closes you're left right back at the prompt where you can see where you left things off. Compare this to the current scheme where you can only
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