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  • Implement a compter program which decides whether a given matrix A e Mn is symmetric positive definite.
    Implement a computer program which, for a band matrix A eMn with p=3=q such that the non zero elements ofA appear in the main diagonal and in the diagonals on the boundary of the band only,for a vector b e Rn and for w e(0,2), e>0 given, approximates the solution of the system Ax=b by the relaxation with accuracy e.
    The feature which allows users to copy and paste the equations from Differentiation or Integration Tutor is disabled after i install Maple 10.03 update This feature is useful for lecturers as well as students. I wonder could Maplesoft enable this feature in the coming update. Thank you.
    Could anyone please suggest how to data cluster analysis? I have a large set of multi-dimensional data (300 children prefer 2-3g of sugar in their breakfast cereal, whereas only 100 prefer 1-2g, etc) and I want to break the data up into blocks that minimize the number of different types of cereal I should create, while capturing the maximum amount of the market. I expect there is some least-squares way of doing this, can anyone suggest a concrete example of how to this in Maple10? Thanx
    I remember, that similar bug was in the 10.0. Now I found it in 10.03. How to reproduce it: 1) Create new worksheet 2) Enter and execute next statements (using ctrl-L to enter referencies to formulas): >exp(-y^3/x)*y/x^(4/3); ... (1) >1-a*x; ... (2) >assume(y,positive); >inttrans[laplace]((1),x,s); ... (3) >inttrans[laplace]((2),x,s); ... (4) >inttrans[invlaplace]((3)*(4),s,x) ... (5) >plot(subs(x=1,a=1,inttrans[invlaplace]((3)*(4),s,x)),y=0..3)
    I have a maplet application stored in a single file, one of them a frontend. This single file is too long and very combersome to maintain. The frontend maplet has buttons that goes to a proc that displays another maplet depending on what button is pressed. Will someone tell me if it is possible to break down this single file into several files with one maplet each file so that when a button is pressed sysem goes to that file. If this is possible, please provide the maplet syntax. I tried ...function=c:\\..etc but does not work. Also when my application is broken into several files, how does it affect the exportation of this application with several files.
    Consider the following three problems: 1) given a list [a,b,c,d,e], return the list [a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5] 2) given a nested list [a, [b, [c, [d, [e]]]]] return the list [a,b,c,d,e] 3) given an integer in base 10, compute it's base b representation First I will show you what not to do:
    L := [a,b,c,d,e];
    M := [];
    for i from 1 to nops(L) do
      M := [op(M), L[i]=i];
    end do;
    Building up lists (and sets) incrementally is quadratic time, because each iteration of the loop allocates linear storage to hold the new list. The standard solution is a loop with a temporary variable, assigning to a table:
    I am new to Maple and I am looking for these examples and am having trouble. Could someone lead me in the right direction or tell me which Maple books to purchase? example: precalculus or calculus or one of the new user guide books. I can't seem to find much on "The Square Root Property" and factoring or Solvng Equations by completing the Square, Quadratic Formula and Discriminant. I know I basically need to just play with the applications but know there must be information somewhere.
    I was just wondering if anyone has taken the time to start on a wiki for maple. I have seen many other small wikis that work quite well for programming languages and environments, and feel that one for maple would be a great benefit for the community. If there is one, would someone please kindly point me towards it. If there is not one, is there anyone who'd be interested in starting one?
    It seems like the Beta distribution in the Statistics package doesn't work properly when trying to define a particular Beta distribution since Beta(a,b) also refers to a integral when a and b are fixed numbers. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a way to get around this problem other than to define your own Beta pdf? Jim

    With mapleSTUDIO you can plot functions in 2D and 3D. Animating your plots won't be a problem any time. This is the easiest way to plot your functions.
    You can use it here online on mapleNET or you can download it and run the worksheet on your Computer. For adding new components to this worksheet I will only change the file on mapleprimes, but the name and the URL will be the same. So you should bookmark the mapleNET-URL for using the newest version of mapleSTUDIO. You can also add my Blog to your Feed-Reader, so you will know, when a new version is available.

    The existing Maple10 "fortran" command generates Fortran77 code which differs considerably from Fortran95 code in several respects, especially in the syntax of "continuation" lines. It is suggested that a new command "fortran95" be made available that will generate code that obeys Fortran95 syntax.
    I'm working on entering in congruence for entering UPN (or UPC numbers)and maple does not acknowledge the first digit if it is a 0 entered. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
    I'm sorry, this seems like such a trivial question, but how do I input information into Maple on different lines without executing the execution group? For example: Rather than [> EntryGenerators[Add]("NumDigits",[["5", [5]],["10", [10]],["20", [20]],["50", [50]],["100",[100]]]); I would like to enter it as [> EntryGenerators[Add]( "NumDigits", [["5", [5]], ["10", [10]], ["20", [20]], ["50", [50]], ["100", [100]]]); But I can't seem to get a new input line without executing the group. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Joe
    Hi, I have an equation p*V/(W+V) - q*S = 0 where W,p,q are nonnegative constants and V,S are positive constants i.e. definitely not zero! I want Maple (10) to output p > q*S to show that this is the condition for the main equation to hold. How can i do this??? cheers gillersuk p.s. I have > assume(0 <><><><><><> constants := constants, (S, V); at the start of my document to define my assumptions and my constants. Perhaps this is why i'm having problems?
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