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  • f:=sin(t)*x*(1-x);
    This blog entry was created essentially for a possibility to post pictures in comments (where attachments are not allowed.)
    OK, in posting a new blog, there is an "Attachment" section... So I could add the three GIFs. They don't show up in the preview, but they did come out when I actually posted...

    > sum((-2)^k, k=1..infinity);

    sum((-2)^k, k = 1 .. infinity) 

    > _EnvFormal := true;

    (Typesetting:-mprintslash)([_EnvFormal := true], [true]) 

    As moderator of the How Do I?? (Newbies) forum, I thought I would post some information for my viewers. As a somewhat "Newbie" to Maple myself, I thought I'd boast about how amazing I think Maple 10 is (and no... this is not just because I work for Maplesoft ;). My first experience using Maple was a year ago, when I started with Maple 9.5. As expected, like any scientific software, there was a learning curve that I had to conquer.
    I suppose I'll jump in to the world of the blog with a question: What do you consider to be a solid and accessible introductory textbook to calculus? By Solid I mean: No gaps in coverage that leave the reader at a disadvantage because of unclear text and examples or outright missed topics. By Accessible I mean: Written so the average student can expect to understand the concepts directly or with a small amount of help outside the classroom.
    Wen-Xiu Ma recently asked in the maple-assist group,
    How to color the following region?
    I just read this article on the Google Blog that talks about a use of Google Maps that they created which shows all of the locations that are using Google Minis to search their websites. Maplesoft has had a Google Mini indexing our websites for several months now, and just recently the search was expanded to include MaplePrimes. So if you can't find something on MaplePrimes using the built in search you can check out the Maplesoft Site Search.
    There are some "interesting" functions which I learned about in undergrad: the Weierstrass function is differentiable nowhere, and the 'Christmas-tree' function is continuous at the irrationals and not differentiable at the rationals.
    I noticed that the urls for forum topics are of the form: The url is formed from the title of the topic. What happens when there are multiple forum posts with the same title? I assume the software is smart enough to deal with, but I wanted to make sure. I was going to do a test, but I figured I'd just ask instead. Darin
    Is it possible to set a cookie to store my login information?
    Or would engineering be under "Applied Science"?
    I have added a new input filter as requested by Tom 4. When a new item is posted to MaplePrimes any hyperlinks that do not point to another MaplePrimes page will be modifed to open a new web browser window. For example, here is a link to and Wikipedia. Also, here is a link back to my blog. If you have any feedback on this feature, please comment on this post.
    Through Bill Page's post "Crazy Ideas", I was lead to a shopping site with the largest selection of math and other assorted "geek ware" I've ever encountered. The place is called CafePress and it's a general supplier of stuff to the student crowd. For those of you who want to declare your passion for all things mathematical, binary, or multi-threaded ...

    Well, I was quite pleaseantly suprised by how much some people at the Maple Conference 05 knew about Maplets:-Tools Set and Get. Unfortunately, DocumentTools GetProperty and SetProperty were designed to be completely different for no appearent reason. Well, a reason was given, but I didn't buy it... Anyway, here is DougsDocumentTools, which works just like Maplets:-Tools Set and Get:

    Early this season, after the Maplesoft team came out on the wrong side of a 13-6 loss, we were frustrated by the team's inability to score more runs. The previous year we averaged 14 runs a game. This started me wondering, just how many runs can our team expect with a given lineup? Suppose you assume that it takes three hits in an inning to start scoring runs. Now, let's assume you have five .500 hitters coming up to bat. What is the probability that you'll get 3 hits among those five batters, thus scoring one run?
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