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MaplePrimes Posts are for sharing your experiences, techniques and opinions about Maple, MapleSim and related products, as well as general interests in math and computing.

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  • We've already had a couple of very good tips and techniques posted by users. It would be nice to somehow pool these together and make it easy for users to "browse" ... at the beginning the moderators could make the call on what is a "great tip" but over time, there may be a more democratic mechanism ... any thoughts? T4.
    The new has a brand new membership system. If you have an existing MaplePrimes EMP account or a account, you will need to sign up again. Registration is easy, you only have to pick a username and tell the site your e-mail address. Everything else is optional. So please sign up.
    I just posted a small maple module assignment. I used the code tag to typeset the module, however, the result, at least as previewed, strips off the indentation, which is not convenient. Here's an example: someproc := proc() description "this does nothing useful"; "this line should be indented"; NULL end proc;
    Can you movie the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons? Maybe just below the "Body" box, above all the others (Input Format, Creative Commons, Attachments).
    How about the choices I make in "Creative Commons" remembered for the future, so I don't have to re-do them every time?
    Just yesterday this came up in a newsgroup. For me the default size 100% seems too small, but the 150% is overkill. Having a 120% as a standard choice would be useful.
    This forum is where you can suggest improvements for Maplesoft products. It will be monitored by Maplesoft staff who will record your input and in many cases, post appropriate responses. Please keep in mind that Maple is used be a wide variety of users with different needs. All comments will be read, taken seriously, and considered when making product decisions. This forum is moderated by Tom 4.
    Please use this forum to post any problems that you have with this website. Please also add any suggestions that you have as well. This forum is moderated by Will.
    Welcome! This forum is for talking about anything that has to do with Maple and mathematics. The moderator for this forum is Stephen Forrest.
    MaplePrimes is a place that allows you to do many things. A question that people may wonder is, “how do I start?
    Within MaplePrimes, you will have the ability to post applications, exchange applications, etc. The primary difference between MaplePrimes and the Application Center is really about quality levels. For the Application Center, there is a review process an some editorial interaction with the author before it is published and ultimately, Maplesoft makes the decision. Within MaplePrimes, your application, its quality, and all other elements of it, are your responsibility. Some may want to only show their best polished work while others may wish to solicit comments on incomplete works to assist in development.
    We want to be an inclusive community. As long as people participate within the community guidelines, we welcome them. As with all moderated communities however, difficult choices must be made occasionally to ensure the ongoing effectiveness and health of the site. Legally speaking, we do reserve the right to deny access to individuals whom the site moderators deem to be counter to the interest of the community. We will exercise this right sparingly.
    Often constructive criticism is essential for the health of an online community. We want open discussions. When criticisms go beyond the boundaries of being constructive and linger in the realm of flames, vents, and personal attacks, the moderators may deem it necessary to conclude the debate. In addition, there will be a "zero tolerance" policy for content that crosses the boundaries into illegal, libelous, and other forms of destructive content.
    MaplePrimes was the name that was used for our exclusive access site for our Extended Maintenance Program (EMP) sites. Maplesoft has launched a new program for maintenance – the Elite Maintenance Program. The EMP program will soon be launching a new website within that will replace the old MaplePrimes, but also will bring more benefits. The name MaplePrimes is now used for Maplesoft's band new user community. The new MaplePrimes will help to serve more Maple users. It allows all users, including those who are not EMP customers to interact together and get even more out of their use of Maple. MaplePrimes is a web community dedicated to sharing experiences, techniques, and opinions about Maple and related products, as well as general interest topics in math and computing. Using the framework of blogs, forums, and an open editorial policy, it provides a vehicle for enthusiasts to present their thoughts, and for inquiring minds to get answers.
    Anything officially sanctioned or funded by a corporation can be interpreted as a marketing ploy. Yes Maplesoft genuinely hopes that MaplePrimes is a positive influence on the market and that people will learn more and continue to support the Maplesoft business as a consequence of their experiences on this site. However, we have taken great pains to establish suitable distance from corporate policies and the editorial elements of the site. Our goal is to establish a truly community-driven site. However at the outset, in order to achieve critical mass of participants, MaplePrimes will initially have greater direct participation by Maplesoft staff.
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