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  • Warning: this blog post contains strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Actually, it’s the posting in the Facebook group “Every time I walk into math class a little part of me dies” that contains the strong language. This group pulls almost 12,000 young students (mostly high school age) who share a common interest – the fear, loathing, and ultimately hatred of math.

    Being inept at math is almost a badge of honor for many today. In a social gathering, even an adult one, it won’t be long until someone (typically articulate and educated) blurts out “I’m a complete zero when it comes to math” with some pride. Funny though … you don’t hear many shouting “I can’t read a single word!” with the same enthusiasm.

    Is there a "getting started with mapleprimes" message somewhere?

    I usually post very silly messages that require no formatting whatever, but lately I've been trying to post maple output, pictures, and so on. I see these great posts with all this great stuff inserted, so I know it's possible to do all that. I'd like to learn how to do it too. I have managed to find the (I guess you would call it) "mapleprimes uploader", thanks to google, and I have also managed to upload files there, as the instructions on that page are very clear.

    Come January, a group of Maple experts will be heading to the American capital, not for the presidential inauguration, but to attend the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings. This year’s event marks the 115th annual meeting of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the 92nd meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). 

    Here is a stupid trick. Did you know that you can use maple as a scripting language in Unix? Here's a little example.

    Consider this problem in differentiation:

    d/dx [ sqrt(u^2) ],  where u is a differentiable function of x and u < > 0.

    The answer is:

    u'  (u/|u|),  where u' is the derivative of u with respect to x.

    This problem involves implicit differentiation & the chain rule.

    What Maple input will produce the answer above?



    I have used Maples' least squares capability to fit quadratic & cubic models without any problems.  However, the documentation includes this curious statement: "One can also specify nonlinear curves -- as long as the unknown parameters appear linearly."  What does this mean?  What would nonlinear parameters look like?


    While solving the following system of equations, i get the error message "Kernel connection has been lost".  I believe it is a memory problem.

    eqa := u[1]*u[2]*(B[1]-B[2]) = xi*(u[2]*E-u[2]*v[1]*B[1]-u[1]*E+u[1]*v[2]*B[2]);

    eqb := rho[1]*u[1]-rho[2]*u[2] = xi*(rho[1]*v[1]-rho[2]*v[2]);

    Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in Taiwan.  In my first visit to Taipei, I was astounded by the sheer scale of the Taipei 101 skyscraper.  At over 500m tall it dwarfed everything else in the skyline.

    Given the proximity of many active fault lines, tall buildings in Taipei have a degree of earthquake protection engineered into them with a tuned mass damper .

    Hello. I have the error displayed in the title. I get this error when I choose "solve for p" when hovering over the following expression:
    limit(sum(p^k*(1-p)^(x-k)*log2(factorial(x)/(factorial(k)*factorial(x-k))), k = 0 .. x), x = infinity)

    Did I type in my expression badly or is it just not solvable?

    Hello all,

    I have a polynomial having the form P(x) = a_n*x^n + ... + a_1*x + a_0; where all coefficients a_n have numerical values. I use the Maple's routine solve to find the polynomial roots (solve(P)). The obtained roots real and complex. The polynomial order n is between 6 and 20, depending on the specific implementation.

    My question is: what method is used in the solve routine? Similar post are discussed in

    I am student at RPI ( calc 1 , like having calc 2) trying to start a project and having a bit of diffcultly. Can anyone help ?

    I’ve always been fascinated with the relationships between math and music, since they are both fields in which I take a great interest. This week I’ve been delving into some of the history that links the two. For instance, the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (circa 569 - circa 475 BC) is probably best known for the Pythagorean Theorem. However, he also made significant contributions to music, the influences of which can still be seen today.

    The function pdsolve gives different answers depending upon the way the problem is posed. For example:

    > PDE1:=a*diff(u(x,t),t)+b*diff(u(x,t),x)-u(x,t)^2=0;
    > ans1:=pdsolve(PDE1);


    > ans1 := u(x,t) = b/(-x+_F1(-(-t*b+a*x)/b)*b);


    > PDE2:=a*diff(u(t,x),t)+b*diff(u(t,x),x)-u(t,x)^2=0;
    > ans2:=pdsolve(PDE2);

    which is the same problem but with u(x,t) replaced by u(t,x), gives:

    > ans2 := u(t,x) = a/(-t+_F1((-t*b+a*x)/a)*a);

    Both are actually correct solutions, as is easily verified by a call to pdetest.

    My query is:


    Generally maple runs smoothly for me but if I have a very large loop then I sometimes find the memory allocation increases & increases until I hit a limit after which maple crashes with a message about "losing the kernel connection".

    If a buy a new PC with more physical RAM (current PC has 2Gb) will the problem go away?

    I use old style command line maple & have increased the virtual memory allocation as much as it allowed me to.


    Does Maple support Ternary diagrams that can be used for exploring parameters like thee phase relative permeabilities


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