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I've several versions behind but I getting a strange behavior. I created an assignment using the eco0 question bank. Later this assignment was passed to a class a semester later. The question bank eco0 was updated. As the instructor, using the review button on the assignment shows the new version of the question bank. As a student, the assignments are getting the old question bank question.  The students didn't start the assignment until after the questionbank change.(I think I'm using version 4.0.) 

My school deployed the application for examination purposes, got this app installed on a server and deployed. but question is this

1. when a student logs in with his or her id and click on the assignment link from a client system connected to the server and start attempting the assignment, at a time the question will stop responding, responding in the sense that one will not be able to next or back the question. and if such student close the assignment page and logs...

I tried to solve this problem. 

It is a Maple TA question, but I get my solution wrong.



There is given a linear equation system consisting of two equations with four unknowns.

-x[1]-2*x[2]+x[3]+2*x[4] = 8

How do I find find an invertible matrix P and the diagonal matrix D such that A=PDP. Are there a Maple command that can do that. I need it to an Maple T.A. exam.


(−3 0 6)
(0 -3 −6)
(0 0 3) 



I have an issue while permanently deleting students from the system, the MapleTA 4.0 enviroment report this error:

An unknown error occurred when uploading the roster file: "com.maplesoft.mapleta.persistence.service.profiles.exception.ProfileServiceProviderException: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute update query". Please see the roster.log file for more details. 

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