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I wanted to investigate this sum. can someone please help me identify why my code is producing the erroraneous output of 1/2 for every number, despite everything aside from the final computation being as expected.


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .





array out of range 

according to book, is this calculation?

how to calculate like the book do?


i use function

but not work

A list must have only 7 one and 50 zeros

length of list is fixed and equal 57

how to list all combination above?

Dear all,

Can anyone help me to adjust the plot data containing (10^-xxxxxxxx)

EX: [3 10^-3967, 5 10^-1924, 4 10^-7315...................]

Thanks in advance.

I am developping an algorythm in which I need to obtain a 3D plot and its respective colorbars. As far as I know, Maple does not have a function with includes such a colorbar automatically (like Matlab, for example). So, I have had to get 3D plot and colorbar separatelly, as independent plots. It has worked fine, but now I need to export such graphics as EPS files, which imply merging them as a single graphic.

Here is a small example, where I try to put such graphics inside a table for then exporting it as EPS:



graph:= plot3d(x^2+y^2, x = -10..10, y = -10..10, colorscheme = ["zgradient", ["Red","Blue"]]):

grad_min, grad_max:= (min, max)(op([1,3], indets(graph, specfunc(anything, GRID)))):

colorbar:= densityplot(axis_z, axis_x = 0..0.1, axis_z = grad_max..grad_min, style = patchnogrid, size = [100,250], axes = boxed, tickmarks = [0,10], labels = ["",""], colorscheme = ["zgradient", ["Red","Blue"]]):

tab:= Tabulate([graph, colorbar], exterior = none, interior = none, weights = [4,1]):

 It has not worked, though. Can anyone suggest a solution for that? I need to export both graphics as one single file, preferably EPS, because of its high resolution.

Hello! I am using Trace procedure from LinearAlgebra package and I also want to use Trace placeholder in conjunction with evala (two different procedures with the same name). If I load the LinearAlgebra package, then the Trace placeholder will not work.

The only solution I found is to avoid loading the LinearAlgebra package and call each function like LinearAlgebra[Trace](Q). But this is very tedious (I use many functions in that package), and also if some other user uses my code, he might have already loaded the LinearAlgebra package.

Is there any way to rename a command inside the package when loading it, or any other workaround?

Thank you!


Suppose a sum of sines, each depending on a distinct variable x[i]:

>  S := sum(sin(x[i]),i=1..N);

Differentiating wrt to x[i]

> diff(S,x[i]);

should yield cos([x[i]) if i belongs to the interval 1..N, and zero otherwise, but Maple gives

> diff(S,x[i]);
                         /    cos(x[i])
                        i = 1          

which is wrong of course.


In a sum I would expect 0 when the minimum index is larger than the maximum index.

Yet Maple 2017.3 does this only for special cases:

> for i from 0 to 4 do
  end do;




Dear all,

I am new to Maple and trying to figure out the use of dataframes. The help files say you can use dataframes in plotting but I keep getting errors. I have the following code which uploads a short dataframe with column headers which include x and y. I use

mydat := Import("this:///Datafiles/greg.csv"); 


I receive the following error message 
Error, (in Plot:-DataPlot) invalid input: lhs received _m4754289856, which is not valid for its 1st argument, expr

Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance



How to generate any possible points projective plane for sets of numbers?

bonus is any possible field

Two questions. 

1/ Can we modify the output look of the Quiz question?  (ie change the size of the table that is created - make it smaller?)

2/ How to make an algorithmic question ie. for adding two different numbers using the Quiz command?  What I mean here is to randomly change the numbers each time.

I was trying something like

Quiz("What is ", a+b, proc () local a, b: a := rand(1 .. 20)(): b := rand(1 .. 20)(): end)

But the values don't get passed to a and b so the answer will only be a+b.  Any way to get values passed to the variables?

Does one of these stuctures have any advantage over the other?

I know the loop can be coded in a single statment but i am experimenting

Hi I need to know how to alter my input as to prevent certain things from being displayed in italics, but not others, for example,I type gcd(x,y) as input, I want the variables x and y to be displayed in italics but not "gcd".

I would like to to print the following equation in Maple:

I've run into several problems:

  • Using more than one equal sign in an equation.
  • Printing the " +...+ " without getting an error
  • Making sure that sum(x+1,n=0..N) is formatted like above and not printed as "sum(x+1,n=0..N)"

I've played around with different combinations of Atomic form, the Parse function, and the characters: < ' >, < ` >, < " >, but everytime I solve one of the above problems, I undo the solution to one of the other. This is the closest I've gotten:

Hi Users!

Hope you all are fine here. I want to draw a graphs like this





Please help me how to make this for x when y(x) on x-axis and y(x-0.8) on y-axis. I am waiting your positive response. 



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