Question: How do I solve these differential equations in Maple?

I know how to solve them in person but I just don't know how to do it with Maple. Please help.

Analyze the solution to the ode dy/dx = f(x,y), where f(x,y) is a 3rd degree polynomial that you will randomly generate where the coefficients are integers between -2 to 2.

a) Solve the general solution using dsolve (may be an integral).

b) Sketch the directional field.

c) Using the directional field, you will be able to identify where a constant solution may occur, then graph it using the phaseportrait command and any initial condition that satisifies the solution (hint: to find the exact initial value of y at x=0, you can use the solve command with poly=0 and solve for y(x). Then copy and paste it).

Thank you

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