Question: A bug in maple about Complex


i am investigating above numeric

when ln(-.733448502640020+0.*I);



it has Pi imaginary part


i try 

complex(1, exp(Pi)^3);

it return Complex(...) but not 1 + i*exp(Pi)^3


3 means 3 times come from recursively  using pattern ln(Re(ln(x) - 3.141592654*I))

3.141592654 in imaginary part appear 3 times

i use Round(Im(x), 8) during above operation


 actually i want to extract Pi imaginary part from -.733448502640020+0.*I


however, after minus exp(Pi) from it first time,

it is near the original number  -.733448502640020

is this elimination of imaginary part is just a illusion from log function?

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