Question: Gaussian elimination on matrix with exponential coefficients

Greetings folks,


I need to perform Gauss Jordan Elimination on a 7x10 Matrix, returning the row reduced echolon form. The matrix entries itself are sums of several variable products, where the variables itself are sometimes exponential. The link provides an excerpt of said matrix for illustration.

I tried solving this with MatLab Mupad, but to no avail, at some point the calculation runs out of memory. Simplification of the expressions didn't help either.

Tried the same with Maple. It doesn't run out of memory but looses connection with the kernel at some point.

I'd be glad about some suggestion about how to solve this problem. Basically I want to reproduce the process of the following paper:

The paper itself cites using the Gröbner basis package of Maple for reaching a solution so maybe I am missing something out.

Any help is greatly appreciated




Edit: Exponential functions reside in the lower part of the matrix. Path to Maple Worksheet

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