Question: How to make a color mapped scatter plot

Let me first explain what I mean by 'color mapped scatter plot'.

Suppose we have a three dimensional coloum data like

[[1, 1, 0],[1, 2, 2],[1, 3, 3],[2, 1, 1],[2, 2, 4],[2, 3, 5],[3, 1, 2],[3, 2, 1],[3, 3, 3]]

The first two numbers are independendant variables, and the 3rd ones indicate 'values' at the given two independent variables.

Then, for example, if I use Origin 8.5, I can make a so called color mapped scatter plot which gives me a plot like usual two dimensional scatter plot but the color of the symbols are determined by the values in the third column.

I show an example from the Originlab,,

An example of the color mapped scatter plot made with Origin


I looked into the manual, etc. but I could not find a way. Because data are not evenly and homogeneously spread over x-y plane, and not dense, typical contour plot cannot be used.


Does anyone have a quick idea?







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