Question: Can Not logic move into this custom logic?

(Observeration, Hypothesis) = (then,if)

I want to use all logic with just a custom logic MP(A,B), simply notation as (A,B)

and convert all basic logics into above definition

A -> B = (B,A)  --- implication
(not (not A)) v B = (B,not A) -- Disj
not (not (A ^ B)) = not( (not A) v (not B) ) = not(not B, A) -- Conj

when i meet Disj and Conj

Is not(not B, A) = (B, not A) ?

if so, i am confused as it conclude Disj = Conj ?!

the reason i ask this is that Not logic make pattern not match

i have thought to make not(Prop("Go")) to become Prop("not Go") if not logic can move into proposition

if not logic has distributivity

i design this

(Observeration, Hypothesis) = (then,if)

because convenient of calculation

however, i do not understand not applied in not(Observeration, Hypothesis) if it can not move into bracket to become (not Observeration, not Hypothesis)


should it not(Observeration, Hypothesis) = (Observeration, not Hypothesis) ?correct?

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