Question: Can I manually select parts of a plot to change the linestyle?


I am using Maple to plot steady state diagrams. 

Initially I just plot the diagram, then I work out stability, and want to change the linestyle - solid for stable, dashed for unstable. is there a way I can manually select parts of the line on the plot and change the linestyle, or do I need to do several different plots and combine with display?

Any suggestions on the easiest way to plot steady state diagrams in Maple would be appreciated.






So I have plotted my whole steady state diagram via implicit plot, so if I try and select parts of it I get the whole graph. My alternative seems to be to plot all the branches seperately, which is possible but just time consuming.



Sorry I don't think I made what I was asking for clear. I want to be able to select segments of the graph and change the linestyle on certain parts. 

For example if I had plotted x^2 between -2 and 2, I might want to put a dashed line when y is between 1 and 2 and x is positive. Is this possible without breaking it up into seperate plots?

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